Watch Strap Maintenance And Cleaning Methods

Wearing a leather strap is very popular now, because it is relatively soft, comfortable and comfortable, and it also avoids the allergic reaction caused by the exudation of nickel metal like wearing a stainless steel strap, and then Those who appear high-grade. Therefore, people who pay attention to the general preference for leather strap.
   Leather straps come in a variety of colors, including Crocodile, Lizard, Cow Cow, and Ostrich. The most common is a leather strap. To be sturdy and durable, leather straps are definitely not as good as metal straps. The life of a normal leather strap is 2-3 years, so it may be considered a ‘consumable’. But one thing is for sure. As long as you wear it normally and do careful maintenance, you can greatly increase its service life, which is the same as wearing leather shoes.
Maintenance method
   Like other leather things, the most taboo of leather strap is water. If you immerse in water for a long time, the leather strap will immediately harden and become brittle, including human sweat. Therefore, you should never wear a leather watch to swim (or do things that have been in contact with water for a long time), long-term sweat soaks, and it can also make the watchband moldy. If you are a person who particularly likes to sweat, it is not suitable to wear a leather strap. In addition to the hot season, it is more suitable to wear a leather strap, so many people have two straps of metal and leather, suitable for epidermis in the cool, and metal in summer. There are more careful people who will take off the original imported strap of the watch, and usually use other domestically-made straps to replace it, which is a clever move.
   Long-term strong sunlight will discolor the surface of the leather strap, and also accelerate the aging of the leather. Certain chemical reagents will also discolor or discolor the surface of the strap. When you wear it, you pull it too hard. The fixed position is also prone to cracks (the greater the bending rate of the strap, the easier it is to break), so you should wear the strap carefully and slowly.
   For a better strap, both edges of the strap are sewn with thread; the lower-end ones are basically glued with glue. After the strap is stained with sweat (sweat) or mildew, which is the easiest place to glue. If you find any glue or cracks on the surface, replace it immediately to prevent losing the watch.
   Belts are hard to wear. When the leather strap is worn for a long time, in addition to producing odors, ‘hardening’ is also a common symptom. If the strap is often in a humid environment, it will accelerate its hardening speed, sweat stains will also erode the leather, deforming, hardening or even breaking the strap, somehow causing the watch to be lost or injured. Therefore, in addition to the usual maintenance, it is absolutely necessary not to twist the strap when it is hardened, and to replace the strap in time. For a little money in exchange for a beautiful and pleasant appearance, but also to avoid unnecessary losses, why not do both?

   Don’t wear the watch all the time. If you have more than two watches, you can replace them. The leather needs to breathe, and the ventilated environment can extend the life of the strap. Wearing different straps (bands) can not only reduce the risk of human injury, but also allow the strap to get sufficient rest. In addition, the wearing of the belt watch itself is a process of continuous wear and tear. If you don’t exercise it every day, it will naturally accompany you for a longer time.
Cleaning method
   To clean the leather strap, you can use a moist and soft cloth to soak the ‘washing spirit’ to wipe the surface of the strap, and then quickly replace it with a cloth moistened with water to dry, and then air-dry in a cool place. Normal leather oil can be used for the maintenance of leather straps. It is best to wipe the straps every one or two months, and then use ‘Bi Li Zhu’ (a common leather protectant) to do some maintenance.
   Sweat hurts the leather strap as much as possible. Do not wear it when you sweat. It will shorten the life of the strap very quickly. So except to keep it dry in a ventilated and cool place and use a toothbrush when the leather surface has a strange smell Toothpaste clean the inside of the belt. Wipe it with a dry cloth immediately after a few quick wipes. In addition, you can wipe it with vinegar and gently pass it through the cloth several times with an iron.
   But the generation of odors on the strap is the biggest problem for belt wearers. When the watchband produces a strange smell, use a toothbrush to apply a little soapy water, quickly scrub the dirt, and then wipe it with a slightly damp cloth. To prevent soapy water from penetrating into the cortex, it is best to complete the process within 20 seconds. In addition, consumers can also apply some leather oil on the strap. The leather oil has a protective effect on the watch, which can make the maintenance work more complete.
   Do not wash with water. If the strap is often in a humid environment, it will accelerate its hardening speed, sweat stains will also corrode the leather, it will deform, harden and even break. Wipe the inside of the toothpaste and toothpaste cleaning belt quickly with a few wipes, and then wipe dry with a dry cloth.

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