Raymond Weil Enters Printemps Haussmann, Paris

The golden autumn of 2011 is the warm and warm spring of Swiss watch company RAYMOND WEIL. In late 2010, RAYMOND WEIL returned to the country of fashion and luxury in France, and now has a place in the world-renowned Paris spring department store Paris (Printemps Haussmann).
Last October, RAYMOND WEIL opened in Galeries Lafayette Haussmann’s flagship store at Galeries Lafayette. This new counter opening will strengthen the brand’s influence in the French high fashion industry.

The first floor of the Paris Spring Department Store was built in the early 20th century, perfectly embodying the Art Nouveau style of the time.
Since 2010, the Paris Ottoman Main Store has opened a highly innovative decoration area for the most elegant watch brands. Hundreds of highly prestigious high-end watches compete with each other, demonstrating the top level of Paris’s high-end watches, providing boutique lovers with a unique place to enjoy and enjoy in their spare time.
Original source: www.raymond-weil.ch