Performance Of Watchmaking Technology Seeing The Infinite Universe Gp Girard Perregaux Brings A Number Of Classic Watch Masterpieces To Explore The Mysteries Of The Stars

The boundaries of the earth can never limit human curiosity. Entering 2019, which is 13.8 billion years after the birth of the universe, Girard Perregaux watched the endless dark universe to explore its light, shadow, and mystery. The dark universe is full of human imaginations, and everything that humans cannot imagine. These unfathomable secrets bring endless inspiration, inspiring this high-end Swiss watch brand to transcend the boundaries of time and space. The new spirit, with the theme ‘Earth to Sky’, recreates a series of classic watch designs that the brand is proud of.
   1966 Series Skywalker Watch

   Girard-Perregaux was inspired by the 149 million kilometer journey between the earth and the sky, redesigned the classic 1966 series watch, and used the number ‘149’ to represent this fantasy journey as a limited number. This classic watch inherits the characteristics of the original noble and elegant, while cleverly using blue and black tones, it leads the wearer and the viewer across the galaxy to the universe sky. Black is the main color of this classic. It has profound depth and unlimited potential. Whether it is the DLC-coated sandblasted stainless steel case, the alligator leather strap, or the date display window is as dark as the night sky, there is a shining light penetrating the vast darkness. The delicate curved dial is made of azure blue, echoing the origin of the earth’s alias ‘water polo’. The almost translucent blue is also reminiscent of a series of stunning works created by the brand’s founder Jean-François Bautte with blue Geneva enamel.
   Bridges Cosmos Watch

   The symmetrical arrangement of the double spheres on the Cosmos watch is a reflection of order and aesthetics. This model comes from the iconic Bridges Golden Bridge series. It combines the tourbillon under the black titanium bridge, the day and night display of the earth, the sky map, and the complication of world time. It is a perfect combination of romance and machinery. The watch is equipped with the brand-new GP09320-1098 movement developed by the brand. The movement beats vigorously, causing Cosmos, the ‘universe’, to precisely run on orbit. The twelve constellations are highlighted with a liquid luminous element, so that the Cosmos watch can fulfill its astronomical duties even in the dark night. In addition, a sphere cleverly displays this constellation that is invisible to the naked eye at noon on the dial, and displays the constellation that is visible to the naked eye at midnight on the case back. Cosmos watches provide interpretations from two perspectives: the interstellar space seen from the surface of the earth, and the blue earth seen in the atmosphere of the earth. This duality is reflected in the light characteristics of Cosmos watches. Its night is quite different from its day. The dazzling beauty of the stars glows in the dark, carrying a deep connotation. Such a mechanical device achieves such a dazzling night, it is incredible.
   Laureato Laurel Collection Absolute

   The creation of the legend comes from a cosmic force, which induces the infinite pursuit of extraordinary excellence, thereby affirming the meaning of life in the world. The Girard Perregaux Laureato Laurel Collection Absolute watch, designed for today’s men who adore vitality, combines the unique elements and new design of the Laureato Laurel Collection, including a 44 mm diameter case and black PVD titanium with an iron blue bezel Metal case and water-resistant to 300 meters. The sun-dial dial fades from the dark blue in the center to the dark black on the periphery, and the white inner bezel of the luminous element makes the matte black hour indexes more three-dimensional. Walking in the blue and the darkness-Laureato’s Laurel Collection Absolute watch and GP Girard Perregaux’s 2019 theme ‘Skywalker’ fit seamlessly.
   Laureato Laurel Crown Skywalker skeleton watch

   The mysterious black universe combined with the earth’s azure color, and ceramic enveloping the charming hollow movement, create a sculptural outline, forming a contemporary, masculine, charming and confident and unique style. The Laureato Laurel Collection “Skywalker” skeleton watch not only possesses high-level complex functions, but also embodies exquisite Art Deco accomplishments. It has a black ceramic case with black ceramic links on the strap and a matte and brushed interlaced surface. The structure of the movement is therefore prominent, and the lines are thoroughly displayed, achieving a masterpiece in watchmaking style and structure. It is rich in content but light and transparent, with straight lines and arcs interlaced, blue inside corresponds to black outside. All this constitutes the Laureato Laurel series ‘Skywalker’ skeleton watch.
   Bridges Golden Bridge Neo Bridges Skywalker Watch

   The new Bridges Golden Bridge series Neo Bridges automatic winding watch subtly blends tradition and innovation, reinterpreting the movement structure more than 150 years ago in a flexible and vivid way. This mechanism keeps pace with the times, and today it has become one of Girard-Perregaux classics. This year, as one of a series of ‘Skywalker’ -themed watches, the device was once again made of titanium, with a black DLC coating on the 45 mm case. The contemporary modification process highlights the construction style of the movement structure. For example, the clockwork box cover and the miniature balance wheel are coated with blue PVD coating, while the delicately curved bridges and bridges are processed with black PVD coating.
   Bridges Quasar Watch

   The contradictory combination of light and darkness is exactly the true portrayal of Girard-Perregaux Quasar. Quasar means ‘quasar’, the unusually bright area surrounding the black hole in the center of the galaxy. This case was released this year at the ‘Watches & Wonders’ 2019 in Miami, USA. The transparent sapphire crystal case showcases the complex and delicate internal structure of the tourbillon movement, bringing almost no weight. The hollow structure of the GP9400-1035 movement is perfectly displayed, like the stars you can admire from a telescope-clear and delicate, fresh and alive.
   Cat’s Eye Celestial Night Sky Moon Phase Watch

   The crescent moon, the surplus moon, the waning moon, or the full moon, the moon phase is profitable, and the cycle is recurring. The moon is a special existence in human imagination, and it is also the source of many forces. The dome design of the Cat’s Eye Celestial moonlight watch creates a sense of the sky, and the aura is fully interpreted to shine the starry sky-beside the moon phase display and on the mother-of-pearl disc, you can enjoy its bright starlight, adding to the entire design A deep mystery. Equipped with a patented movement, this model inherits the fine watchmaking tradition in design, development, manufacture and decoration.