Perfect Watchmaking Technology Brief Comment On Lange 1815 Up/Down Watch

The 1815 watch produced by Lange is a low-profile masterpiece at the pinnacle of watchmaking. The number ‘1815’ in the name of the watch represents the birth year of Ferdinando Adolf Lange, founder of Saxony Precision Watchmaking, and the inspiration for this watch’s design comes from his legendary pocket watch. Today, the Watch House brings you this new 1815UP / DOWN watch. The official model of the watch is: 234.026.

  The new 1815UP / DOWN watch is the latest watch launched by Lange at the 2013 Geneva Watch Fair. The operating principle refers to the patented design of Ottolange. Alto is the grandson of the founder of the watch factory. He The planetary gear system was invented especially for slim watches. This device, combined with the movement, can advance the display without taking up additional vertical space. Lange used the same technology when producing the 1815UP / DOWN power reserve display.


The new 1815UP / DOWN also adds a blue steel hand at 8 o’clock, showing the time remaining before the watch needs to be wound again. The AUF and AB indications indicate that the mainspring is fully wound and fully released. This patented device dates back to 1879 and is one of Lange’s watchmaking traditions.


The watch is made of 18K white gold case, the watch’s ring is polished and polished on the inside, and the inside is brushed. The texture is obvious, which is beautiful and fashionable.


The black crocodile leather strap on the watch is soft and comfortable to wear. The buckle is made of 18K white gold with a pin buckle, which is safe and convenient.


On the other side of the watch, the thickness of the watch is 8.9 mm, which makes it a good choice for formal wear.


The small seconds dial is located opposite the UP / DOWN power reserve indicator. Sweep hour and minute hands, blue-steel hands in two sub-dials, central recessed sections, Arabic numerals, and rail-type minute rings are all typical designs of early Lango pocket watches.


The watch comes with a black alligator leather strap and a pin buckle in 18K white gold.


The watch is equipped with Lange’s self-produced L051.2 manual winding movement. The movement consists of 245 carefully modified parts, showing many features of Lange’s watchmaking skills, including Polished edges, 3/4 plywood with Glashütte ribs, gold sleeves secured by blue steel screws, polished end piece of escapement plywood, and winding gears found on the plywood.


The engraving on the balance plate is like a fingerprint, making each Lange watch unique. The sculptor hand-drawn floral patterns on the small parts. A gooseneck lever with lateral micron screws is another characteristic feature of the movement. This device can precisely adjust the amplitude of the watch. The classic screw balance helps control the amplitude of 1815UP / DOWN. All four screws are adjustable. Adjust the watch in different positions to achieve the best timekeeping effect. Tighten the screws to slightly increase the speed of the watch and loosen the screws to slow it down. This device can also correct minor imbalances.

 Blue steel screws In the final assembly process, the first fixing screw will be replaced by a flawless blue steel screw. Slowly heat the screw to about 300 degrees Celsius, and the screw will appear a unique hue. This process covers the steel surface with a thin layer of magnetite (Fe3O4), and the blue luster of cornflowers is formed due to interference.

Summary: The 1815UP / DOWN case and pin buckle are made of 18K white gold, and both are equipped with a silver-white solid silver dial. Black digital time scales and blued-steel hands make the reading clear. The 1815UP / DOWN is also equipped with rail minute scales, Arabic numerals, and small dials arranged symmetrically to show the power reserve and running seconds, respectively. These elements reflect the design style of Lange’s famous pocket watches and are integrated into the watches in a modern way. The current price of this watch is 212,000 yuan.

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