Parmigiani Parmigiani Emerald ‘fantasy’ Super Three Questions

PARMIGIANI extends the latest creations of haute horlogerie to symbolic cultural themes. In Greek mythology, the maze was first invented by architect Daedalus to confine Minotaur, a monster with a bull head. As time goes by, the meaning of the maze in different cultures is constantly expanding, but its mysterious nature is still fascinating. Because the charm of the maze is not just to solve its mystery, it is even more valuable to explore itself.

The newly launched Toric Quaestor Labyrinth is set against the emerald green, and the minute repeater device presents an extraordinary and pure minute repeat melody in a variety of unique designs. First, the integration of the movement with the case is more stable due to the addition of an additional fixing point. There is a small part below the chronograph to connect the chronograph pawl to the case, which ensures the stability of the chronograph and makes the echoing sound unaffected by vibration. Secondly, this movement has a major innovation, which is equipped with a flywheel. In addition to ensuring continuous energy supply to the mainspring, this device also allows the minute repeater to operate without any noise. In the past, similar devices needed to rely on the violent vibration of the gears to function, while the speed regulating wheel can ensure that the machinery is silent and silent, and only the beautiful time signal sounds on time. Finally, the specially-designed large platinum case can make the sound oscillation frequency just right, providing perfect sound effects.

The design of the Toric Quaestor Labyrinth dial is based on the maze concept, and consists of two layers. The bottom layer is a circle of extremely precious Burmese jade, superimposed with a hollow gold plate surface, showing a comprehensive labyrinth design. This layer of platinum disk surface is first processed by a computer numerical control (CNC) machine and then finished. The whole process takes more than 35 hours. Each section or contour of the maze is chamfered by hand. The 52 inner corners show the depth and beauty of the maze. The labyrinth is a baffling structure. Once we enter, we lose all perceptions of direction, time, and the outside world, but we can also put ourselves into a state of calm thinking. This is an exploration to find ourselves.