Panerai Enters Zhengzhou For The First Time And Brings 2012 New Watch Series Display

Officing Ceremony for Panerai Zhengzhou Dennis Department Store
From right to left: Mr. Huang Junyi, general manager of Panerai China, Mr. Tan Li’an, executive director of StarChase (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Mr. Wang Rensheng, chairman of Zhengzhou Dennis Department Store Co., Ltd., Mr. Wang Shaoqian, managing director of Panerai Asia Pacific, Zhengzhou Mr. Jiang Yingtao, Manager of Renmin Road Store of Dennis Department Store, and Ms. Song Mingyu, General Manager of Fashion Department of StarChase (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Mr. Jean Sebastien Gerondeau, Managing Director of Panerai Asia Pacific
On August 23, 2012, Italian luxury watch brand Panerai officially unveiled its first dealership on the first floor of the Dennis Shopping Center in Zhengzhou. I hope that more local watch enthusiasts can experience the charm of Panerai watches at a close range. . The elegant store design creates a comfortable and comfortable shopping atmosphere for visitors, where you can admire the classic watch series and rare special edition collections.
The distribution store covers an area of ​​62 square meters. The design of the store is full of simple and classic Italian style, highlighting the brightness and transparency of the store. The materials used are carefully selected, and the design inspiration is inspired by the history and traditions of this Florence brand. The details of teak, steel and porthole-shaped windows show the brand temperament of Panerai Seafood; the overall design highlights the superb craftsmanship and superior quality that Panerai has always maintained as a supplier of precision instruments to the Royal Navy of Italy.
To be serious, Mr. Jean-Sebastien Gerondeau, Managing Director of Panerai Asia Pacific, came to the scene and invited Mr. Wang Rensheng, Chairman of the Dennis Department Store Co., Ltd., Mr. Jiang Yingtao, Manager of the People’s Road Store of Zhengzhou Dennis Department Store, and StarChase (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. executive director Tan Li’an and Ms. Song Mingyu, general manager of the fashion department cut the ribbon together, while bringing the 2012 new watch series display. These Luminor and Radiomir watches, reinterpreted with the latest technology and materials, reproduce every bit of Panerai’s development.
θΏ›ε…₯ Since entering the Chinese market in 2005, Panerai has been favored by more and more watch enthusiasts and collectors for its highly recognizable appearance, military watch history and excellent watchmaking skills. Constantly innovating and following traditional features, has always been unique in the high-end watch industry. At present, the brand has 42 stores around the world, of which 16 are in the Asia-Pacific region, and 4 stores in China are located in Shanghai Hang Lung Plaza, Shanghai IFC Center, Shanghai West Nanjing Road and Beijing Intime Center. As the central city of the Central Plains economy, the Zhengzhou market has gradually become a deeply cultivated place for the strategic expansion of major luxury brands. The opening of the new store has undoubtedly become an important step for the brand distribution network to expand to the Central Plains region in mainland China, which fully reflects Panerai’s confidence and expectations in the market.

Panerai Zhengzhou Dennis Boutique’s latest 2012 and classic models displayed in the Panerai Zhengzhou Dennis Boutique Exterior

Panerai Zhengzhou Dennis boutique interior view