Richard Mille Wins The Silver Cup Silver Cup In Sotogrande

Richard Mille Polo Team won the Silver Cup Silver Cup at the 40th BMW International Polo Tournament International Polo Championship held at the Santa Maria Polo Club Polo Club in Sotogrande. Ten-goaler Pablo Mac Donough scored a decisive goal with a 40-yard penalty in the final seconds of the game and defeated Ayala 9-8.
The Richard Mille Polo Team polo team will enter the final and most prestigious stage of the game, the Gold Cup, whose final will be held on Saturday, August 27. Patrons and 2-goaler P.M. Bahar Jefri, 5-goaler Valerio Zubiaurre, 3-goaler Oliver Cudmore and 10-goaler Pablo Mac Donough played their first match on Friday, August 19.
Every player on the team will compete on the court wearing a Richard Mille-designed watch for them. This limited edition RM 010 watch is equipped with a unique ‘all black’ DLC-treated case and red dial. The official uniform of the team is the same color.

The team made its debut at the Cowdray Park Polo Club in May this year and successfully participated in the UK’s most prestigious games, the Queen’s Cup and the Gold Cup in the first season. Winning the Silver cup at Sotogrande marks the team’s first victory in an official high-level event.
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Athens Launches New Original Nautical Astronomical Watch

Since the brand was founded, Athens Watch has always adhered to the personalized development line. In order to highlight this style, Athens has launched an original nautical astronomical watch exclusively for the brand store.

   This watch is limited to 99 pieces worldwide. The 45mm stainless steel case is coated with ‘asphalt’, which fully considers the individual design concept of wear resistance. The coating is made of high-tech amorphous carbon, making the case stronger and more durable. In addition, the ‘asphalt’ coating treatment avoids metal allergic reactions that may occur to the wearer. The dark case design is not only amazing, but also effectively prevents scratches. It is an ideal choice full of energy and enthusiasm for urban Junya. The watch is also carefully configured with other attractive elements, such as a red rubber crown to make the winding easy, and the luminous display on the dial is easier to read at night.

   The new original nautical astronomical watch is equipped with the UN-118 self-winding movement designed and developed by Athens, which is also a symbol of the revolutionary breakthrough of watchmaking in Athens. From relying on DiamonSil technology to make anchor escapement with polycrystalline diamonds and silicon crystals, to its own balance wheel and patented hairspring, the UN-118 movement is definitely an innovation breakthrough in Athens.

   This original nautical astronomical watch also demonstrates the past glorious nautical history of the Athenian watch and the brand’s courage to forge ahead, and to take the initiative to take the lead, and bring the Athens watch’s fame to a new height. By introducing the concept of exclusive watch in the store, it also once again demonstrated the brand’s solemn commitment to itself-a rare and glorious value concept.

Completely Xposed Prototype Revealed Athens Watch New Subversion

Athens watch established in 1846 has always played a pivotal role in the watchmaking session. The early Athens originated in the sea and was famous for producing accurate marine clocks. Since then, Athens has created a gold signboard for itself with high-end craftsmanship and complex functions. Enamel, three questions about the puppet, and the fantastic tourbillon have been popular Cousins ​​love. In recent years, great changes have taken place in Athens. After being acquired by Kering Group and the adjustment of brand strategy, the Athens brand is now becoming more and more avant-garde and cutting-edge, and it is sailing to regain its glory. Ulysse Nardin’s first flagship store in China was unveiled in Shanghai on July 2, 2019. The first flagship store in China in Athens was unveiled in Shanghai Xintiandi. I do n’t know if the location of the new flagship store will create a new world, but it is certain that the main tone of Athens in recent years is to subvert tradition. As Mr. Patrick Pruniaux, the CEO of Athens Watch said, ‘Athens Watch’s roots are from the journey of the sea of ​​stars, and now more like a hero Ulysses, it continues to subvert the extraordinary with innovative works that break the tradition. The opening of the flagship store is the development of Athens Watch in China. Since then, we can provide Chinese consumers with higher quality exclusive services and a full range of high-end watches, showing consumers the pioneering ideas of Athenian watches. ‘Mr. Patrick Pruniaux, the chief executive of Athenian Watch, together with the guests Celebrating the opening of the flagship store of Xintiandi in Athens (from left to right: Mr. Zhang Han, actor Zhang Chi, president of Athens Watch China and North Asia, Mr. Lu Ning, managing director of Great Eagle Group China, and Mr. Patrick Pruniaux, chief executive of Athens Watch , Ms. Cai Jinqing, president of Kering Greater China, actor Mr. Xiang Zuo, actor Ms. Zhang Jiani and Mr. Chao Chao) actor Zhang Han wore the Athens watch to debut at Ulysse Nardin Athens watch Shanghai Xintiandi flagship store, the actor Xiang Zuo wore the Athens watch to Ulysse Nardin at Athens Actors Zhang Jia Ni Pei, Shanghai Xintiandi Flagship Store Opening Ceremony Athens Watch debuts at Ulysse Nardin, the new flagship store in Shanghai’s Xintiandi flagship store, the shark main vision and the mysterious code at the entrance. The style of the new flagship store is full of modernity. When you walk into the store, you see a huge letter X, and If you turn around carefully, you will find that the store is full of X elements. X stands for unknown and exploration, but it is also the core spirit of the brand. The mysterious coordinates on the entrance floor are the geographical location of the brand’s headquarters. The main vision in the ‘Shark in the City’ seems to connect time and link the past and present of the brand. The flagship store also prepares three flagship store-limited orphan watches, the Athens watch FREAK VISION, the Athens watch Genghis Khan tourbillon four-hammer minute repeater watch and the Mega Yacht pilot ship watch. Next, at the Beijing International Trade Center, the second flagship store of Athens Watch will also open in full bloom. Some of the watches displayed in the store held a grand celebration party at the Shanghai Ship Museum that night. The party scene was created into a mysterious world, and every guest turned into an explorer. I have seen cool stunt bike performances. When you walk into the hallway of the venue, you will see your skeleton projected on the wall of the hallway. Creatures roam among them, and one Athenian watch in a row, like a treasure in the deep sea. Stunt bikers at the entrance enter the party under ‘X-ray perspective’. The Athens table ‘Completely Xposed’ reveals the mysterious runners jumping out of the hole at the party scene, the dynamic street dance, and the DJ on the platform. During the disc performance, everyone celebrated this historical moment. Mr. Patrick Pruniaux, Chief Executive Officer of Athens Watch, appeared at the Watch Tower. Mr. Patrick Pruniaux, Chief Executive Officer of Athens Watch, and his guests celebrated the opening party of the flagship store of Xintiandi of Athens Watch (from left to right: Mr. Zhang Chi, President of Athens Watch China and North Asia, Ms. Françoise Bezzola, chief marketing officer of Athens Watch, actor Mr. Zhang Han, Mr. Patrick Pruniaux, chief executive of Athens Watch, Mr. Xiang Zuo, actor Ms. Zhang Jiani and Mr. Chao Chao) Mr. Patrick Pruniaux, chief executive of Athens Watch, looked like a captain that night Appearing on the tower, and sincerely hope that as the captain, he can lead the great watch of Athens to the upside and start a new era. The best WeChat account and watch consultant for professional watch media, which is founded by Bai Yingze, a watch culture expert of ‘Watches and Clocks’, who knows watch information. Add WeChat: watchtraveler to follow the watch and watch at any time Sina Weibo: @ 钟表 游 WatchTraveler 钟表 游 Today’s headline: Watch and Watch

Chopin Will Launch A New Brand Watch

According to Watch House, the famous watch brand Chopard will launch a new luxury watch brand based on the current brand. This brand is also a Swiss watch manufacturer and top watchmaker. The perfect product of combination. Of course this new brand will be named La Chronométrie Ferdinand Berthoud, who is also from a famous watchmaker.

 Ferdinand Berthoud was born in Plancemont in 1727. This place is located in the Swiss canton of Val-de-Travers. He is Swiss like the famous Louis Breguet and moved to Paris to work in the watchmaking industry. The clocks they produce and manufacture in Paris are used in all aspects of life, military, technology and even science. In 1753, Ferdinand Berthoud was officially awarded the title of master watchmaker in Paris.

 In fact, the iconic Swiss clocks have been used in many fields such as marine timers, decorative summary watches, and watches dedicated to measuring time accuracy, and have achieved remarkable results. At the same time, Ferdinand Berthoud also wrote 4,000 pages of related books, and many of his works are still the highlights of the auction.

 Ferdinand Berthoud as a watchmaker, his life is still very bizarre, he survived during the French Revolution, and then his talented watchmaking skills and brilliant achievements have received a lot of respect. He was elected to the French Academy and was responsible for the production of naval timepieces during the reign of Louis XV and Louis XVI. In 1804 Napoleon awarded him the title of Knight of the Legion.

 This time Chopard chose to withdraw from the new brand. More details will be officially unveiled in the summer of 2014, so stay tuned.

Burber Fifty Fathoms Conquering The Deep Sea Continue To Write Legends

Blancpain’s unique technical features and product characteristics have steadily established its pioneering position in the diving watch industry, with both safety, reliability, ruggedness and readability. Many leading advantages such as anti-magnetic and aesthetics make its achievements in the industry still unmatched by others. The Blancpain series of Fifty Fathoms is not limited to the original achievements, but has conquered one after another steadily. The pinnacle of diving watch development.

   Its handsome design has created the outstanding appearance of the Fifty Fathoms watch, and has been rated as the most fashionable wild watch by fashion magazines at home and abroad for several years. Every step forward, every technological innovation, every innovation and achievement is a shining pen in the development process of Fifty Fathoms, and it is also a glorious legend in the development history of human diving watches.

   Blancpain knows ‘only real understanding can stimulate passion’. Blancpain has long supported many important marine scientific research projects.
National Geographic
Geographic) jointly implement the ‘Primitive Ocean Expedition Plan’ that combines exploration, research, and protection. It aims to continuously explore the vast and mysterious underwater universe, show people the mystery and magnificence of the primitive ocean, and let more people Feel the extraordinary charm of the ocean, thereby guiding people to spontaneously respect and protect this azure territory belonging to all humankind.

   After several generations of innovative research and development, Fifty Fathoms, with its unique technology, has been deeply imprinted with the industry’s first, most professional, and most luxurious modern diving watch in terms of movement and appearance from the day of its birth. It has achieved historical achievements that are hard to reach and has an unshakable industry status.

Double The Price In 2 Years, Jaeger-lecoultre 8-year Warranty, Plum Blossom Launches Its Own Movement, These Are The Big News Of This Week’s Watch Circle

# Jaeger-LeCoultre 8 Years Super Long Warranty # According to Jaeger-LeCoultre’s official news, from May 15, 2019, you can purchase watches and register on the official website and join the Jaeger-LeCoultre Care plan to add watches The warranty period is extended to 8 years for free. However, it is worth noting that although it is free, this time Jaeger-LeCoultre’s warranty extension is conditional. Cousins ​​must log in to the Jaeger-LeCoultre official platform, actively register and join the Care plan, the warranty period will become 8 years, otherwise it will still be implemented in accordance with international standards for 2 years. The latest information, as long as the watch is still within the original ‘international limited warranty’ works of Jaeger-LeCoultre, you can register online for the Jaeger-LeCoultre Customer Relief Service Plan to apply for an extension of the warranty period. Equivalent to watches purchased after May 15, 2017, can be turned into 8-year warranty. # 罗伦斐 全新 运动表 # The most popular styles of watch circles in recent years are ‘sports models’. The leading Rolex, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, and Richard Miller make everyone feel that they can be sold as long as they are sports watches. If you fall, you may even have to raise prices in the secondary market or fall into a long queue. Especially high-end sports watches, there are fewer competing products. In 2010, watchmaker Laurent Ferrier launched his own name under Patek Philippe. In the year the brand was launched, the Galet Classic won the Geneva Men’s Watch Award for Best Men’s Watch. This award has opened the visibility of this young brand in the global market. However, the brand was in danger for a while, almost stopped eating, and later got an investment of 500,000 Swiss francs to survive the crisis. Facing the huge market, the former Danish watch brand Urban Jürgensen launched its first luxury sports watch in March, and today Laurent Ferrier is also closely following. This Grand Sport uses a 44mm steel case and a rubber strap. The dial is a smoky gradient brown. The long waterdrop-shaped scales and hands are made of platinum and filled with eye-catching orange and yellow luminous light. In order to make a name for itself, the first batch of the tourbillon movement only sold this time, limited to 12 pieces, priced at about 1.15 million yuan. Monochrome, a foreign watch and clock media, ran to take pictures of the real thing. # 江 诗 丹 顿 美食 三 问 万年历 #Phillips will auction a rare Vacheron Constantin watch Ref.3620 on May 11, with a three-question, retrograde perpetual calendar, which is considered to be one of the most important in the history of Vacheron Constantin brand. Antique watch. In December 1935, Vacheron Constantin received a letter from the Spanish retailer Brooking, a Spanish businessman named Francisco Martinez Llano wanted to customize a complicated watch. In the end, he set several requirements: a barrel-shaped case, three questions, retrograde display, perpetual calendar, and enamel lettering on the back cover. The most special thing is that the start lever of the three questions function should be set on the right side of the case, and Not the regular left. At the same time, he also required the dial to be concise, so he deleted the leap year display of the perpetual calendar. In addition, for accessories, Llano ordered two dials ‘one radium luminous numeral and another enamel black Breguet character’. And six extra belts because Llano lives in hot Madrid. For this watch, Llano paid 3750 Swiss francs at today’s price, which is about 1.2 million US dollars. After receiving the order, Vacheron Constantin found Nicole as the three-question movement, Victorin Piguet as the simplified perpetual calendar, and Stern Frères as the dial. After 4 years, Vacheron Constantin delivered the watch in January 1940. Its owner, Llano, wore it for the next seven years until his death in 1947. The watch was then placed in a vault for more than 60 years. Because it is an orphan and hidden in the vault for many years, everyone knows little about the public information of this watch. Most people have only seen a black and white photo in the book, and even the material of the case of this watch is unknown. . In 2011, Alex Ghotbi received an anonymous message online, and some people claimed to have this Ref. 3620, which had disappeared for many years. Just when Alex Ghotbi was so excited, the man disappeared again. It was only recently that Alex Ghotbi reconnected with him and learned that he was a descendant of Llano. Over the years, the enamel black Breguet characters of that year have been lost, and the radium luminous figures have long been worn out. This Ref.3620 was returned to the original Vacheron Constantin factory. In addition to repairing and maintaining the movement, it was also equipped with a dial remade in the style of the 1930s. The final transaction price was 740,000 Swiss francs, or about RMB 5 million. # 最 繁 的 凤凰 丹尼斯 作品 # On May 11, 2019, Phillips will auction a piece of George Daniels George Geneva’s work in Geneva, Switzerland, which is known as ‘the greatest contemporary watchmaker’. And this pocket watch with three questions, perpetual calendar, tourbillon, coaxial escapement, thermometer, time equation, moon phase, power reserve, hour, minute and second display is also the ‘most complicated clock’ made by George Daniels. Mentioning George Daniels’s name may be strange to some of his cousins. However, the ‘coaxial escapement’ he invented became famous after being promoted and used by the watch brand Omega. George Daniels was born in England in 1926. In 1944, at the age of 18, he entered the British Army. At that time, he had already become interested in clocks, so he taught himself to repair and did some simple repairs for friends in the army. In 1947, George Daniels retired, purchased some tools with a £ 50 retirement fee, and officially started his watchmaking career. After more than a decade of hard work, George Daniels opened his first watch repair shop in London in 1960. The machinery is interlinked, and when designing watches and clocks, George Daniels was also involved in the maintenance of vintage cars. During this time, he met a close friend ‘Sam Clutton’ who played an important ‘turning point’ in his watch career. Sam Clutton not only likes vintage cars, but also collects antique clocks and has a lot of connections with European high-end watch collectors. So through Sam Clutton’s matchmaking, George Daniels was fortunate to have access to a large number of fine antique clocks, including the works of the French watchmaker Breguet in the eighteenth century. Even more rare is that as a technician, George Daniels can disassemble and maintain Breguet’s work, instead of simply looking at the appearance. Over time, George Daniels became an expert figure studying Breguet. In 1969, George Daniels made his first pocket watch by hand, thus starting his ‘watchmaking’ career. The area where George Daniels excels is ‘escapement’. The invention of the ‘Co-axial’ coaxial escapement has influenced the world watchmaking industry. Therefore, according to the different escapements, George Daniels’ watchmaking career was divided into three stages: Detent Observatory escapement, 1969-1976. Double Impulse escapement from 1976 to 1979. Co-axial escapement, George Daniels died from 1979 to 2011. This Grand Complication pocket watch not only has three-question, perpetual calendar, tourbillon, thermometer, time equation, moon phase, power reserve, hour, minute, and second display functions, and more importantly, it uses Daniels proud Co-axial Shaft escapement. This Grand Complication has remained with him since it was made in 1987 until the death of Daniels in 2011. It has never been sold in his life, showing its cherishment. After his death, Daniels’ collections of watches and clocks for decades belonged to the George Daniels Education Trust. In 2017, Sotheby’s auctioned 134 of them and raised more than 8 million pounds to help students obtain higher education in the fields of horology, engineering, medicine, and architecture. This includes the Grand Complication, which was sold at a price of 918,450 pounds, or about 8 million yuan. The final transaction price on May 11, 2019 was 2.42 million Swiss francs, or approximately 16.31 million yuan, which doubled in two years. # 百年 梅花 发布 自 制造 机 # In 1919, Swiss Fritz Schluep founded a new watch brand called ‘Felco’, which was later renamed ‘Felca’. However, it is embarrassing that, whether it is the old name or the new name, I think most people have no impression at all, and they do not know it. But when it comes to ‘Titoni Plum Blossom’, many Chinese are particularly familiar with it. In fact, ‘Titoni plum’ is a watch brand derived from ‘Felca’. This year is exactly the 100th anniversary of this family business that has been passed down for 3 generations. To this end, the brand launched the first self-produced movement T10, which provides a 68-hour long power reserve, and will be first installed in the brand’s new Line 1919 series. As China’s largest market for plum blossoms, this grand conference was naturally held in China. congratulations! —END —

Legend Of Birth: Roger Federer Wears Rolex Datejust 41 And Kisses Wimbledon Tennis Champion Gold Cup

On July 16, this year, after an exciting battle, Rolex brand spokesperson Roger Federer won the second Grand Slam title this year at the Wimbledon Tennis Championships. He wore the same legendary Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust 41 to collect the trophy, congratulating himself on breaking the record and returning to the peak of his career.

   Roger Federer’s tennis career continues to be exciting and award-winning. He won the Champions Cup this time, his eleventh promotion to the Wimbledon (Wimbledon) finals in the eighth singles championship, also laid the title of the god of grass for him.

The Wimbledon Tennis Championships (The Championships, Wimbledon) is the oldest and most prestigious open tennis tournament. The tournament, which is usually held from the end of June to the beginning of July, is the third event of the annual tennis Grand Slam, after the Australian Open and the French Open and before the US Open. Photo © Rolex / Chris Trotman

Roger Federer won his eighth Wimbledon tennis championship this year, setting a tennis record. Photo © Rolex / Jon Buckle
   The Swiss champion is also a Rolex brand ambassador. After defeating Marin Cilic, he was tied with Pete Sampras for the men’s singles award in the Open era Player. This victory allowed Federer to collect 19 men’s singles Grand Slam titles, surpassing other male players. This record has been extended when winning the Australian Open Awards for the fifth time in January this year, and Federer reached the Australian Open Men’s Singles Final for the sixth time, the first time after defeating Andy Murray in 2010. Return to the Australian Tennis Court. This time, he defeated his rival Rafael Nadal 6-3 in the fifth set and won a historic victory.

Swiss player Roger Federer is a generation of tennis legends with superb skills and outstanding performance. He has topped the world ranking for more than 300 weeks, a record-breaking achievement. He also won 19 Grand Slam honors. Roger Federer is one of the few tennis players to achieve the Career Grand Slam®, including the Australian Open, the French Open, the US Open, and the Wimbledon Championship. His outstanding achievements are based on his extraordinary style, tenacity and perseverance, which coincide with Rolex’s unremitting pursuit of perfection. Photo © Rolex / Jon Buckle
   A tennis career that has been shining for almost two decades, this year is of special significance to the 35-year-old evergreen, especially after he broke Andy Murray at Wimbledon in 2012 for five years, he won two majors a year Singles champion. Tennis superstar Roger Federer has collaborated with Rolex since 2001 and is among the greatest players in the world with legendary Rod Laver. In his outstanding professional performance, he has held the world championship throne for a total of 302 weeks, including 237 consecutive weeks in February 2004 and August 2008.

The deep roots of Rolex and tennis can be traced back to 1978, when the brand became the designated timepiece for the Wimbledon Championships. For nearly forty years, Rolex has played an important role in Wimbledon’s history, and over the years has witnessed countless historical moments and the birth of the king of tennis. Photo © Rolex / Jon Buckle

In addition to Federer winning the eighth Wimbledon men’s singles championship, another Rolex brand ambassador, Garbiñe Muguruza, won the crown of the first Wimbledon championship in his career. Dazzling tennis. Following the 2016 French Open Open Championship, she won her second Grand Slam gold cup.
   However, these dazzling figures and achievements do not fully represent the story of the king of the ball. Off the pitch, his deeds are equally exciting. Since the year he first won the Wimbledon Championships in 2003, the Roger Federer Foundation has sent love to his mother’s hometown of South Africa and other corners of the world, and has also contributed to public welfare. Federer and his ever-winning Wimbledon Championships, as well as the Australian Open, which he called the ‘Happy Grand Slam’, are all related to Rolex. In 1978, Rolex became the designated timepiece for the Wimbledon Championships. This oldest tennis tournament continues to glorify tradition, model and innovation. The Rolex brand’s partnership with the Australian Open dates back to 2008.

Oyster Perpetual Datejust 41-Model 126303 904L stainless steel case, 18ct yellow gold bezel, diameter 41 mm, hours, minutes, seconds, date, 3235 self-winding movement, power reserve 70 hours, sapphire crystal glass, waterproof 100 Meters, gold steel (a combination of 904L stainless steel and 18ct yellow gold).
   Rolex is proud to be able to travel with Federer all the way, congratulations on his 18th and 19th Grand Slam titles in 2017.