Tasting ‘the Art Of Fusion’ Hublot Watch Shanghai Shangzhi Zhenhui Hui

Today, Hublot, a Swiss top watch brand owned by LVMH, a world-renowned luxury goods group, officially landed in China’s fashion capital, Shanghai Hublot, with the theme of ‘Fusion Art’ in 2012. The classics and the new collections all debuted: the sizzling Big Bang series, the King’s Supreme series, the classic fusion series and the latest new products at the 2012 Basel International Watch & Jewellery Show. The Shanghai consumers once again experienced the uniqueness of Hublot. The extraordinary charm has witnessed the perfect fusion of traditional superb watchmaking skills and modern innovative technology.
    From May 15th to May 22nd, 2012, Hublot, a Swiss top watch brand owned by LVMH, a world-renowned luxury goods group, officially landed in China’s fashion capital, Shanghai, on the theme of ‘Fusion Art’ in 2012. Hublot classics and new collections all unveiled: the big Bang series, the King’s Supreme series, the classic fusion series and the latest new products at the 2012 Basel International Watch & Jewellery Show. The Shanghai consumers once again enjoyed Hublot The unique charm of the watch has witnessed the perfect fusion of traditional superb watchmaking skills and modern innovative technology.
   HUBLOT stands for ‘Porthole of a Ship’ in French. As the most courageous and bold leader in the Swiss watchmaking industry, Hublot, known for its ‘art of fusion,’ has never stopped in the history of traditional watchmaking. Bold innovations in raw materials have made Hublot the first top luxury watch brand to combine precious metals and natural rubber as raw materials; it has highly integrated traditional watchmaking technology with modern unique aesthetics, and Independent research and development has made this brand a subversive legend in the watch industry.
    Not only has it been sought after by many royals around the world, Hublot has also been favored by many luxury watch enthusiasts. Since its official landing in China in 2009, Hublot has achieved remarkable development in just three years. At the 2012 National Touring Exhibition in Shanghai on the theme of ‘The Art of Convergence’, Hublot China Brand Director Loic-Biver shared with Shanghai consumers every Hublot watch. The meaning of fusion: the fusion of different innovative materials; the fusion of traditional watchmaking technology and high-tech design, the fusion of the past and the future!
    Since its inception, Hublot has adhered to the ‘focus on diversification’ concept in marketing and selected partners in various fields such as football, F1 competitions, skiing, sailing, and polo. As the official timekeeper of the two FIFA ™ World Cups in 2010 and 2014, and the exclusive official watch of Formula 1 ™ Formula 1 worldwide, Hublot leads the way in greenery and roaring tracks. The strategic cooperation between 2011 and Ferrari, the world’s top racing car, made Hublot stand out. As the ‘official watch’ of Ferrari, the ‘official watch’ of Ferrari, the ‘official watch’ and ‘official watch’ of F1 ™ Ferrari team and the ‘official watch’ of Ferrari Challenge, the cooperation between Hublot and Ferrari is deep and meticulous. It reflects the supreme respect of the two top brands for ultimate quality.
   This year, as another masterpiece of Hublot and Ferrari, the new ‘Big Bang Ferrari’ limited edition watch combines sports, performance and technology. The entire model is inspired by Ferrari, with details. Burst of time and speed and passion. In addition, Hublot will also special research and development, the groundbreaking ‘magic gold’ in the field of watch materials-gold and ceramic composite precious metals for the first time used in Big Bang Ferrari materials, equipped with Hublot’s independently developed UNICO machine Core, making this watch once again the pinnacle of cooperation between the two parties.
    The Hublot “Art of Fusion” 2012 National Exhibition Shanghai Station will be open to the public in the atrium on the first floor of Shanghai Hang Lung Plaza from May 15 to May 22. Since then, it will also land in Chengdu, Xi’an, Xiamen, Shenyang and other cities, bringing Chinese consumers an extraordinary journey to see the top-notch watches.

Radar D-star 200 Series Sponsors Tennis Tournament

Radar D-Star 200 becomes the official timing of the London AEGON Championship
 Swiss watch RADO will become the official watch partner and timer of the AEGON Championship. This grass tennis tournament is one of the world’s top tennis events, and a key warm-up match for the Wimbledon Tennis Open in the four major events. The AEGON Championship will be held at the Queen’s Club London from June 11-17. The D-Star 200 series automatic watch is the official designated timer for this important event. Its brand-new unique sports style and innovative material’s wear-resistant and practical characteristics have precisely timed the unveiling of this top event.

 The cooperation between Radar and the Queen’s Club AEGON Championship is based on the remarkable talents of both parties in pursuit of first-class standards and for exemplary status. The AEGON Championship is the second-longest lawn tennis tournament in the world. The Queen’s Club was founded in 1886. It is the world’s first multi-purpose sports club. The first patron was Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom. Li Sijin, deputy general manager of Radar Taiwan, said that the cooperation between Radar and such an important event with a long history represents that the watchmaking technology of Radar is highly recognized, and the official designated chronograph D-Star 200 series watches are also the same. It has historical significance. In 1962, the inherited brand launched the world’s first anti-wear watch, DiaStar bloodline, and brought the audience the most exciting exciting event with a brand new attitude, telling the moment of the difference of seconds.

 The Rado D-Star 200 series watch is equipped with an ETA automatic winding movement, set with 25 gems, a power reserve of 38 hours, and a water resistance of 200 meters. Its appearance inherits the essence of DiaStar, the world’s first hard-wearing watch, with an oval case on the front and a round bezel, and extreme cuts on the sides. The distinctive lines add a level of beauty to the watch. Underneath the clean sapphire crystal is a blue three-pin surface full of summer sports wind, and the unidirectional rotating blue high-tech ceramic bezel brings the imagination of infinite ocean. While fans appreciate the world-class exciting events, the radar D-Star 200 series watches will also prepare for the accurate timing of the event.
Radar table (RADO) D-Star 200 series automatic table
 Movement ETA 2824-2 automatic winding movement, set with 25 gems, 38-hour power reserve
 Case Hardened stainless steel case with stainless steel crown, 200 meters water resistance
 Unidirectional rotating blue high-tech ceramic bezel
 Case back Stainless steel back with transparent sapphire crystal
 Mirror Sapphire Crystal
 Dial Blue surface with 11 white columnar hour markers
 Automatic radar watch with automatic lettering and swinging anchor symbol symbolizing automatic watch
 Date display window with magnifying mirror at three o’clock
 Hands Silver hands with white luminous and blue lines
 Three-row stainless steel straps with matte and shiny finishes and titanium safety buckle
 Size 42.0 mm wide x 46.0 mm long x 11.0 mm high

Gucci Watch Launches Three New G-frame Square Ladies Watches

At the Baselworld 2018, GUCCI Watches will launch three new G-Frame watches. The new watch has a small square case with a diameter of only 18 mm and comes in stylish colors.

   The classic G-Frames watch is made of steel or gold with a black strap or dial and strap decorated with the iconic GUCCI watch. Three new watches with mother-of-pearl dials and silver hour and minute hands, each with a stainless steel hour marker at 3, 6, 9 and 12 o’clock, with ‘Swiss Made’ printed at 6 and 12 o’clock (Switzerland (Manufactured) and GUCCI.

   In addition, the crown is decorated with the GUCCI “Double G” logo, while the back is engraved with the cat head symbol. Equipped with Ronda quartz movement with time-division display function. Three new watches come with blue, orange and pink satin straps that complement the dial.

Elegant And Moving To A New Realm Bai Di Shi Rose Gold Watch

The Swiss women’s watch brand Bucherer’s Pathos women’s watch series is graceful and graceful, with its unique style. The latest rose gold style is lustrous, lustrous, gorgeous, and exquisite and elegant.
   The Bucherer-Baudes poetry series has a unique personality and is full of beauty. The new white rosie rose gold style combines luxurious charm and luxurious style, and it is fascinating.
Perfect design and glamorous
   The Bettich series appeared on the table in 2014, and its distinctive design was widely praised; the latest debut of the Bettich rose gold style is made of the glamorous and precious 18K rose gold, and the unique design of the Bettich series hollow gold ring The setting is even more prominent; the hollow gold ring and the case are integrated into one, the facets are exquisitely crafted, and the pleasing glory blooms from different angles.
Elegant and timeless
   Like every lady, Bai Dishi has many aspects of beauty and unique personality. The new rose gold style is also beautiful and changeable. The side of the case has two characteristic designs of hollow waves or bird’s nest. The dial has two designs of bright mother-of-pearl or fine pure white texture. Gold case design with diamond setting available.
   The rose gold bracelet and the case are in one go, beautiful and harmonious. A new realm of elegance in the Bucherer-Bettich rose gold watch.

Betsy Diva Rose Gold Collection
Technical Specifications:
Model: 00.10580.
Movement: CFB 1963 self-winding movement, diameter 20 mm, thickness 4.8 mm, 25 stones, power reserve 38 hours
Functions: Date, hour, minute, second hand
Case: 18K rose gold, set with 54 TW vvs diamonds (0.7 ct), anti-reflective curved sapphire crystal, sapphire case back, water-resistant to 30 meters, diameter 34 mm, thickness 9.65 mm
Strap: 18K rose gold, 18K rose gold folding clasp
Other models:
00.10580. no diamond style
00.10580. unique texture style

Betsy Queen Rose Gold Collection
Technical specifications
Model: 00.10550.03.75.21
Movement: CFB 1969 self-winding movement, diameter 17.5 mm, thickness 4.8 mm, 25 stones, power reserve 38 hours
Functions: Date, hour, minute, second hand
Case: 18K rose gold, anti-reflective curved sapphire crystal, sapphire crystal back, water-resistant to 30 meters, diameter 26.5 mm, thickness 9.08 mm
Strap: 18K rose gold, 18K rose gold folding clasp
Other models:

00.10551.03.75.31, set with 38 TW vvs diamonds (0.5 ct)
   The above is the cutting-edge information prepared by the staff at the front of the Watch House for the 2015 Basel International Jewellery & Watch Fair. In the future, we will continue to provide more and more intuitive exhibition reports for everyone, so stay tuned.

   For more details, please click the live feature of Basel International Jewellery & Watch Fair:

Chao Faner Walks Up: From Star-chasing To Watch-watching, No One Can Be Less

The word ‘fashion’ is very popular. Fashion in English is almost always hanging on the lips of some people and appears frequently in the press. The pursuit of fashion seems to have become commonplace, and when the general public is at a loss, they will focus the visual focus on the stars. Each type of male star will have a lot of followers, whether it is a pure young man or a mature man control. The following will let the Watch House take everyone to take a look at the types of watches that these male gods like, which is convenient for star chasing little whites to choose.

  Andy Lau: TANKMC Hollow W5310026 Watch

  Andy Lau is the perfect male god in countless hearts. Fashion, maverick, continuous innovation but loyalty to his own make Mr Andy Lau the best performer of Cartier timepiece series. He has the courage to break through the limitations and get rid of a single acting style, which confirms the motto of the Tank series-Tank, which never stops. Mr. Andy Lau has participated in more than 130 films and has won many awards, fully showing the brilliance and power of the Asian film industry.

  Cartier never follows the rules. While everyone used it as a trend vane and speculated about its new exotic orientation, Cartier unexpectedly turned his attention to the battlefield: the most powerful new weapon in World War I, the French Renault tank, inspired Inspired by Louis Cartier, in 1919, he created a revolutionary watch-Tank, with a perfect square. At this time Cartier Shanghai time art exhibition, Andy Lau attended the event again, showing his perfect fit with Cartier.

TANKMC skeleton W5310026 watch
  Cartier TankMC skeleton watch is a classic in Cartier’s work, using a palladium case, classic sword-shaped blue steel hands are elegant and unique, accurate time. This watch combines a masculine case with a contemporary hollow skeleton movement. Through the sapphire crystal glass surface, the wearer can feel Cartier’s superb watchmaking skills. After this innovative design, the hollow structured bridge interprets the Roman numeral time scales with exquisite methods, with a retro charm. The octagonal crown is set with a sapphire, and every detail of the case is unparalleled. In terms of power, the TankMC skeleton watch is equipped with a refined manual winding mechanical movement created by Cartier Watch Workshop-9611MC type movement, achieving rare treasures.

  Yifeng Li: Rolex Submariner Calendar Series 116613LN Watch

  Li Yifeng, known as the ‘National School Grass,’ won high popularity with his clean campus temperament and warm, jade smile on his debut on the national stage. Since the launch of ‘Gu Jian Qi Tan’, Li Yifeng’s popularity has been high, and his fans have grown tens of thousands. The young boys of that year are now increasingly becoming male gods. At the meeting, Li Yifeng made a handsome appearance with a red shirt and black trousers, with a simple and stylish style. In the interactive part, Li Yifeng was a quiet and quiet image of Baili Tusu in the anti-drama. Not only was the smile full, but also the ‘cold humor’ carried to the end, and the endless stream of cold jokes caused the scene to burst into laughter. The combination of its appearance and watch attracted more attention from fans.

(Picture from the web)

  Compared with niggas, more elegant than green ghosts, Jinjin Lao is a model of sturdy, reliable and comfortable sports timepieces, whether on the sea floor or at a dinner party. It will add a lot of color to the wearer on any occasion. Rolex continues to innovate on the submersible type. The new triangular pit bottom cover is tightened by Rolex watchmakers with special tools to completely seal the case. Added rotating scale outer ring for accurate calculation of diving time. The black dial of this watch contrasts with the luminous hands and hour markers, making it easier to read. The pure and elegant design and excellent functions quickly made it a classic.

Rolex Submarine Calendar 116613LN

  The submersible watch has a water-resistant depth of 300 meters. The rotating outer ring is the main feature of the watch. The specially designed pit pattern allows the wearer to easily operate even when wearing gloves or in water. Its progressive scale allows divers to accurately calculate dive time. To ensure safety, the outer ring can only be rotated in a counterclockwise direction, so miscalculation of the watering time and the remaining oxygen consumption can be avoided. In addition, the bright markings on the scale’s outer ring provide some visibility, even in any environment that lacks a light source. The textured 18K yellow gold-steel strap is integrated into the overall design, injecting a touch of dignity and elegance into the watch, while also highlighting the men’s exquisite quality pursuit.

  Nicholas Tse: Oris Time Master Calendar 0176176914054

  Swiss century-old watch brand ORIS is proud to announce that the well-known Asian actor and entrepreneur Nicholas Tse will continue to be the spokesperson for Greater China. The two sides will work together to inspire more sparks. In the new advertising image, Nicholas Tse explores his innermost self in the restless Hong Kong city, and all kinds of images directly point to ORIS ‘brand concept of loyalty to himself.

(Picture from the web)

  Perfectly presenting the bustling and gorgeous light and shadow flow of the city of Hong Kong, Nicholas Tse and ORIS launched a brand new advertising shoot, wearing the latest Artix analog moon phase watch this year. Capture the delicate balance of pulling between ambition and loyalty; showing the endless pursuit of perfection and authenticity for brands and actors. Nicholas Tse is not only an outstanding actor, but also has multiple roles such as singer, director and producer. Regardless of his role, Nicholas Tse is full of self-confidence, and maintains a professional spirit of perseverance and perseverance, which is echoing the brand philosophy of ORIS.

  Oris Time Master Calendar 0176176914054
  This watch perfectly matches the temperament of Nicholas Tse, showing the masculinity of men. Viewed from the outside, the black dial with a black leather strap, the moon phase display on the outer ring and the calendar display ring on the inner ring form a concentric ring, chic and elegant. At the same time, the nickel hour hand and minute are embedded with fluorescent material.

  In terms of power, the Oris Master’s analog monthly calendar uses the independently developed 761 movement, which is a witness of Oris’ technological innovation and continuous improvement of watchmaking technology. In addition to the traditional calendar display function, the watch hands can also display the moon’s operating cycle. The monthly calendar pointer moves every half a day, which can accurately indicate the moon’s running position, which is different from the previous moon phase display, allowing you to experience the sky on your wrist at a close distance.

  Qi Qin: Fiyta Aerospace Series GA8602.WBW

  This summer, the third quarter of the highly anticipated ‘Good Voice of China’ finally made a strong appearance on the screen. Qi Qin, a pop music senior from Treasure Island Taiwan, joined the camp of good voices as the audience expected. As one of the longest acting mentors, Qi Qin has a wealth of stage experience and a clear and round voice. On the journey of good sound music, Qi Qin and his students have brought countless unforgettable excitements to the audience. time. On the stage of good sounds, the oldest Qi Qin still maintains the youngest mentality. The watch he wears is also a sports model, and it is also Fiyta’s Chinese space watch!

  Since the show was broadcast, Yang Kun’s white vintage printed suit, Na Ying’s luxurious embroidered shawl, and Wang Feng’s black shirt have left a deep impression on the audience, while Qi Qin has been appearing in white short T, and careful audiences are not difficult to find, Qi Qin spent his mind on both hands. Various dazzling bracelets and simple appearance Fiyta watches won the favor of love song masters. When the song resounded on the stage of ‘Good Voice’, the Fiyta aerospace watch that entered the world that year was silently on Qi Qin’s wrist, recording this emotional moment he brought to us.

  Fiyta Aerospace series GA8602.WBW, this watch looks quite tough, the bezel and case are made of titanium alloy material, the surface is dark gray, and the small seconds dial at 3 o’clock is carved There is a ’10’ in honor of the successful launch of Shenzhou 10. The mirror is made of single-sided anti-glare sapphire glass, which makes it better for reading. At 3 o’clock is the AM / PM display and calendar display frame of the watch. Its timekeeping function is also very unique. It uses 45 minutes as a unit, supplemented by blue and green arcs as a warning to achieve ‘feature timing’ to meet space. Task’s need for time control.

  The GA8602.WBW watch is equipped with a Fiyta automatic multi-function mechanical movement that supports the watch to achieve powerful functions. At the same time, this watch can also withstand the test of high temperature difference, strong radiation and instant vacuum in space, as well as a water resistance of 100 meters, which is very practical. This watch is a ‘Shenzhou Ten Commemorative Model’. It is limited to 999 pieces and was launched on the launch of the Shenzhou 10 spacecraft. The market reference price is 13,800 yuan.
  Gu Tianle: Photographer Series GA8482.WCW
  In July, Fiyda’s new season advertising campaign once again invited Gu Tianle, the brand spokesperson, to shoot, and the love of time quietly bloomed on the wrist. In the filming, Gu Tianle repeatedly ran up and down the stairs in order to achieve a pursuit shot. This not only reflects Fiyta’s pursuit of perfection, but also reflects Gu Tianle’s dedication and persistence in his career. He was promoted from adolescent idols to be a star of strength, and joined hands with Fiyta in a series of acting films such as ‘Antidrug’ and ‘Escape from Born’.

  Gu Tianle is wearing a photographer series, model GA8482.WCW, with classic red, black and gray tones. The watch’s special black inner circle design is inspired by the shape of the edge of the camera lens. The three lines aligned at 1, 5, and 9 are like the bayonet lines on the camera lens. The surface of the disc is made of straightened sand to increase the mechanical metal texture. In the design, a double ring structure is used, and Arabic numerals are embedded in the gray ring to present the three-dimensional effect of the camera lens. As if wearing a miniature retro camera on your wrist. For a long time, Fiyta has continued to pay attention to the photography culture and explore everything related to time. The elegance of this watch reveals its sharp edge, revealing the stability after years of ups and downs.

Photographer series GA8482.WCW

Summary: With the trend of fashion, more and more stars like to wear accessories, watches are a very eye-catching match, not just for men, many female stars also like to bring watches, the style of watches can always be in To some extent, it reflects the temperament of the wearer. Each watch brand upholds different ideas and different corporate cultures, just like everyone has their own aesthetics and styles, so different brands will look for stars that fit the company as spokespersons, and different stars will also be based on their own Style to choose the right watch, the two will always reach a meeting point. It is undeniable that many brands now have a star effect, but this is not the only selection criterion. As long as you like it, the one that suits you is the best. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Diver Automatic Winding Dive Watch

The Royal Oak Offshore DIVER self-winding diving watch is water-resistant to 300 meters and can withstand the pressure of deep-sea diving. It belongs to the exclusive diving watch in the distinguished sports series, and is well received by swimmers and deep-sea exploration. Favored by professionals, it is also the best companion for diving enthusiasts. Even watch lovers who are not engaged in diving will praise its cutting-edge watchmaking technology that is strong, precise, pressure-resistant, shock-proof and magnetic-proof. The new DIVER self-winding diving watch is in the same vein as the Royal Oak offshore series, and is indeed a model in sports watches.
Technical data
Royal Oak Offshore Diver Automatic winding diver’s watch
Model: 15703ST.OO.A002CA.01
Case: stainless steel
Movement: Audemars Piguet Cal. 3120 self-winding movement, 40 rubies
Functions: hour and minute display, diving time timing, date display
Kinetic energy: 60 hours maximum power reserve
Swing frequency: 21,600 times / hour
Crown: black rubber crown
Diameter: 42 mm
Thickness: 13.75 mm
Caseback: Royal Oak Offshore engraved
Water resistance: 300 meters in depth
Dial: black dial
Inner ring: chronograph rotating inner ring for diving
Time scale: fluorescent time scale
Hands: Platinum fluorescent three-dimensional faceted hour and minute hands
Strap: black rubber strap with stainless steel oversized standard buckle
     According to the Swiss International Standard for Watches and Clocks (NIHS), a watch must meet certain specific standards before it can be called a ‘diving watch’. The NIHS 92-11 (ISO 6425) standard stipulates that diving watches must have safety devices to control diving time. In addition, in order to prevent misinterpretation, the device must also have a design to prevent inadvertent rotation. The Royal Oak Offshore DIVER self-winding watch is equipped with a diving chronograph rotating inner ring engraved with detailed minute scales. The unidirectional rotary pawl device that controls the rotating inner ring is connected to the crown at 10 o’clock. The wearer must first unscrew the crown before turning the device. Since this is a rotating inner ring rather than a rotating bezel mounted on the case, the middle layer of the case can also act as a protective barrier. The rotating inner ring is marked with a minute scale, and a very prominent mark is displayed every 5 minutes, which fully meets the requirements of the NIHS 92-11 standard.

    The indications of time, diving inner ring timing, movement movement, etc. must be clearly legible at a distance of 25 cm from the dark sea floor. In order to meet this requirement, Audemars Piguet has redesigned the dial of the Royal Oak Offshore DIVER diving watch: the rod-shaped scale and the minute hand are both stereo faceted and fluorescent treated. Add a fluorescent edge on each side. The fluorescent second hand makes it easy for the wearer to confirm that the watch is functioning properly. The above display is more eye-catching and easy to read against the Royal Black’s unique black ‘Méga Tapisserie’ oversized checkered decoration. In addition, the diving chronograph rotating inner ring is close to the dial, which not only reduces the risk of accidentally changing the diving time, but also makes it easier to read the diving chronograph.

Waterproof and resistant to salt water erosion
    In order to ensure a water-resistant depth of 300 meters, case components such as waterproof pads, bottom covers and mirrors have been adjusted accordingly, mainly to increase thickness. The NIHS 92-11 standard stipulates that the case of a diving watch should be waterproof to a depth of more than 100 meters. Bottom cover screws, middle bolts and Hexagonal screws of the Royal Oak Offshore logo are locked up and down to lock the case tightly, like a submarine’s porthole. In addition, the Royal Oak Offshore DIVER diving watch also successfully passed the salt water immersion test. There is no change in the case, and the movable components can maintain normal functions.

Magnetic, shock and temperature resistance
    The case of the Royal Oak Offshore DIVER Dive Watch ‘Solid Golden Soup’ is equipped with anti-magnetic protection device. The extremely sensitive balance spring can be protected from magnetic fields, vibrations and temperature changes, thereby ensuring the watch’s precise movement. In addition, after testing the watch for temperature changes, no steam condensation was found.

External force bearing characteristics
    Watch connection components should be able to withstand external forces up to 200 N. To this end, Audemars Piguet has increased the size of the standard buckle. The rubber strap and its connecting links also ensure that they can withstand such high external forces.

Pragmatic and simple self-winding watch
    Audemars Piguet’s new diving watch is pragmatic and simple, with no complications beyond the automatic winding function. The watch is equipped with an exclusive Audemars Piguet Cal. 3120 self-winding movement. This movement has been continuously improved, and its reliability is second to none. To ensure accurate travel time, the core components of the movement adopt an adjustable weight balance that vibrates 21,600 times per hour. Eight small weights make the movement adjustment more accurate and stable, and can maintain stability for a long time. Since the horizontal-to-horizontal balance wheel bridge plate is fixed on both sides of the machine plate instead of one side, the shockproof effect is better. The direct-driven central seconds hand prevents chattering when the seconds hand moves.

    In addition, in order to make users feel comfortable, Cal.3120 movement has the function of instant date change and quick adjustment, and has a power reserve of up to 60 hours. When the wearer pulls out the crown to the set time position, the second hand stop device can be activated, and the second hand is immediately stationary, making time adjustment easier.

    However, the finishing touch of Cal.3120 movement is its delicate manufacturing process. The movement components are hand-assembled at the Le Brassus watch factory, ensuring excellent quality throughout the production and precision decoration process. The bridges are carefully chamfered and polished to give a sharp and shiny ridge. The edges of the ruby ​​assembly hole are polished with diamonds, the wheel arms of the gears are chamfered, and the edges and surfaces are polished with diamonds. The grooves of the screws are chamfered. All decorations are done by hand, polished on both sides of the machine with pearl dots, and the bridge is decorated with Geneva waves. The 22K gold plate made of gold bullion is engraved with the words AP and Audemars and Piguet family crests.

Highlight the essence of sports watches
    The superb technical performance and perfect shape design give the Royal Oak Offshore DIVER diving watch a masculine and extraordinary style. The exclusive octagonal case of the Royal Oak offshore has long been synonymous with sports watches. The new watch inherits the stainless steel case of the ancestor of the Royal Oak series, but it is quite ‘blue is better than blue’. As early as 1972, Audemars Piguet introduced the first Royal Oak Royal Sports Watch, boldly introducing stainless steel, which sits on par with the precious K gold. But until 1992, the Royal Oak Offshore watch was launched, with its classic octagonal case extended to the field of extreme sports. The Royal Oak offshore model is first made of rubber, with steel or K gold. Its dial is decorated with a unique ‘Méga Tapisserie’ oversize check pattern. The Royal Oak Offshore DIVER diversifies these classic elements and subtly interprets them. The stainless steel case with a matte finish and a bright finish interlaced is more lively and vivid, with sharp contrast. The crown at 10 o’clock gives the watch its superb technical features. In addition to the above features, it is worth mentioning the classic appearance of the octagonal bezel fixed with eight hexagonal polished screws. The black rubber under the bezel echoes the black rubber on the crown and strap.

A Great Example Of Timepieces. Taste Breitling Bentley’s New B06 Chronograph Watch

In the previous article, I have revealed for you the two major watches in the new Bentley series Three Musketeers launched by Breitling in 2013. . Let’s walk into the last watch of the Three Musketeers today, the Bentley B06 chronograph (Bentley B06). Although this watch only has the function of timing, it is equipped with the world’s unique ‘variable speed measurement’ Technology ‘, curious people please follow the article to find out!

 Modern British style, superb Swiss craftsmanship. The Breitling for Bentley watch perfectly combines the best of both, creating a new art of living. However, these three models brought in 2013 can become benchmark designs for wrist watches.

Appearance articles:

 The watch is the same as the two previously introduced. It also uses a large diameter of 49 mm. The material is available in stainless steel and 18K red gold. The water resistance of the watch itself is also 100 meters.

 The exquisite rolling pattern engraved on the rotating bezel of the two-way gear structure is inspired by the iconic radiator grille of the Bentley sports car. In addition to the visual beauty, the watch also has another exclusive global technology-‘variable ‘Speedometer’, the average speed can be easily measured by rotating the bezel, and it is not limited by time, distance or speed, unlike traditional fixed speedometers that can only measure speeds within 60 seconds.

 The color of the face is divided into royal ebony black and storm silver. The hollow pattern on the dial complements each other. Through it, you can see the high-performance ‘engine’ style. Personally, I will prefer the black plate in comparison. It always feels that only black can convey the unique charm of the Bentley series.

 Through the transparent sapphire case back on the back of the watch, the 360-degree meticulously carved wheel-shaped rotor has an unobstructed view. The design of these details can be said to be a fatal attraction for Bentley fans.

 The watch is equipped with a leather strap, a crocodile leather strap, a rubber strap, and a Speed ​​race metal bracelet. It can be said that in terms of choice, you can definitely find one that suits you. This one brought to you today is a leather strap with roses. Gold pin buckle.


 This model is equipped with an extraordinary ’30-second chronograph’ system, which is derived from Breitling’s patented invention in 1926. The central chronograph hand can make a circle around the dial in only 30 seconds, and the timing accuracy is as high as 1/8 second. The three o’clock position is 15 minutes and the six o’clock position is a six-hour cumulative timer.

 The timing function is still controlled by the two o’clock and four o’clock buttons, and the material is rose gold. At the same time, it was mentioned above that in addition to the powerful timing equipment, this model also has another global exclusive technology-‘variable speedometer’.

 The slightly complicated dial has a date display window at four o’clock. Although it is only a simple functional design, it does improve the practical performance.

Movement articles:

 The watch is equipped with Breitling’s self-made 06 automatic winding movement, certified by the Swiss Official Observatory (COSC), with a high swing frequency of 28,800 per hour; 47 gemstone bearings inside, with a power reserve of more than 70 hours after full winding and a timing accuracy of 1 / 8 seconds, with 30-second, 15-minute and 6-hour cumulative timer.

In summary: I believe this watch will be a favorite of many timing controllers. Although the individual is not so chasing the timing function, the Breitling 06 self-winding movement is equipped with this watch that has a very tempting appearance. With a strong heart, 2013 is very worthy of the most recommended a powerful chronograph.

Panerai Launches New Official Publicity Image

Panerai launched a new official promotional image. In this image, the brand watch will emit a more dazzling light than ever before, becoming the focus of attention. This high-end sports watch brand will detail its unique design, historical origins, technical connotations and traditions.
The new promotion was conceived and designed by Milanese advertising agency Hi! Comunicazione, and the campaign was shot by Raffaello Benedetti Br & agrave ;. In the advertisement, Panerai watches will play an important role, under different themes, the interpretation of Panerai’s elegant features, showing the core value of the brand. The new image is full of epic style and atmosphere, and it is unforgettable. Coupled with short promotional statements, the classic charm that transcends time and space is vividly presented.
The first stage of the campaign was centered around two themes. The first theme is the history of Panerai. The advertisement reflects the brand’s origins with Florence, its birthplace in the second half of the nineteenth century, and its history as a supplier to the Italian navy. The ad uses a fictional scene to tell Panerai’s legendary past: Navy commandos in the 1930s and 1940s, wearing Panerai watches to perform tasks. The image background is dominated by the sea. Through all the visual elements, it fully expresses the courage, perseverance, and heroism of the brand.
A new Panerai ad with a legendary historical theme
Another theme is the perfect combination of design and technology embodied by Panerai watches. The design elements of Panerai watches have always advocated the unique image of simplicity, harmony and precision. Panerai’s self-developed movement in the Neuch & acirc; tel plant has a complex and advanced structure and appears in the image background. It is like showing the inner soul of a watch. Although it is hidden in the case, it is extremely important.

Another theme performance Panerai The watch is design The perfect combination of technology and technology
The two themes are expressed in innovative ways through different models of watches. The same theme will continue to advance over time, gradually exerting the influence of brand advertising, especially the birth of the brand in Florence, and its close connection with science and international classical sailing. The new publicity image is launched in an independent form. For this brand with a unique style, a solid position in the main international market, and a specific positioning, it can easily be adjusted according to the different needs of the brand.

   Panerai English in advertising Promotion One of the slogans: & ldquo; Strength and Honour
Panerai’s global advertising will use the English slogan (& ldquo; Strength and Honour & rdquo; & ldquo; No Power to Inherit Glory. & rdquo ;, & ldquo; Design and Uniqueness & rdquo; & ldquo; Superb design, Unique. & Rdquo ;, & ldquo; Art and Science & rdquo; & ldquo; The perfect combination of art and technology. & Rdquo ;, & ldquo; History and Heroes & rdquo ;, & ldquo; Continuing history, rebuilding legends. & Rdquo; etc. & hellip; & hellip; Form-based, it can adapt to various pre-selected themes, link the concepts and values ​​to be expressed, and highlight the brand characteristics of Panerai-a perfect combination of various independent, complementary and contiguous elements: such as Italian style and Swiss Watchmaking skills, tradition and creativity, simplicity and uniqueness.
   A brand new advertising image designed for print media (magazines and newspapers) with quarter-page, single-page and brand new tried-out spread ads. Suitable for digital media will be launched in the next phase.

Beauty Marie-antoinette Pocket Watch On Display In Taiwan

From November 20th to 30th, 2014, Breguet held a grand exclusive exhibition in the brand’s boutique in Taiwan. The famous Mary-Antoinette “super complicated” pocket watch in history ( Marie-Antoinette “Grande Complication” pocket watch N ° 1160) was also included in the exhibition and became the star of this exhibition.

  In 1783, a mysterious admirer customized a luxurious timepiece to Breguet’s workshop as a gift to the queen. This is the legendary Marie-Antoinette ‘super complicated’ pocket watch. The modern reproduction of this exhibition is also named because it is one of the most complicated watches in the world today.

  The history of this watch and its story are as epic as legends, spanning centuries. As a self-winding pocket watch with hour, minute and minute repeater, the new Marie Antoinette pocket watch features amazing complexity, including perpetual calendar, power reserve display, time difference display and bimetal temperature display, etc. Wait.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Series 40th Anniversary

On April 19, 2012, Oscar’s Best Actor Winner Adrien Brody, Scala and Bolshoi Ballet Chief Russian Actress Svetlana Zakharova and Formula 1 driver Jarno Trulli attended the dinner to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the birth of the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak series.
Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 40th Anniversary Exhibition in Milan
    Oscar winner Adrien Brody, Scala and Bolshoi ballet chief Russian actress Svetlana Za on Thursday, April 19, 2012 Svetlana Zakharova and Formula 1 driver Jarno Trulli attended the dinner to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the birth of Audemars Piguet’s Royal Oak series.
Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 40th Anniversary Monograph
    Ms. Jasmine Audemars, Chairman of the Audemars Piguet Board, Mr. Philippe Merk, Chief Executive Officer of Audemars Piguet, and Mr. Franco Ziviani, Chief Executive Officer of Audemars Piguet welcomed up to 150 guests, including Mr. Massimo Baggi, Consul General of Switzerland in Italy and Royal Oak Royal Oak) designer Evelyn Genta, the widow of Mr. Gerald Genta.
Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 40th Anniversary Milan Station Exhibition Live Workshop
    Local sports, design and fashion celebrities, as well as foreign guests and media, enjoy dinner at the Old Fashion Café garden in the center of Parco Sempione in Milan. A total of 130 guests attended the feast on the day, tasting dishes specially prepared by the chef selected as the Michelin-starred restaurant Da Vittorio, as well as wines from Château Malartic-Lagravière and Laurent-Perrier ) Champagne. At 11 pm, more than 300 guests attended a dinner party and were intoxicated by the music played by DJ Graziano della Nebbia.
Ms. Jasmine Audemars, Chairman of the Audemars Piguet Board of Directors, addressed the dinner
Master the Routine, Create Innovation
    To celebrate the 40th anniversary of its iconic Royal Oak collection, a unique touring exhibition organized by Swiss watch brand Audemars Piguet from Le Brassus has begun in New York in March. The second stop of the Milan exhibition was held at the design resort La Triennale di Milano from April 17th to 22nd. At the same time, the Milan Furniture Fair (Salone Internazionale del Mobile) will also begin. At that time, many design professionals and enthusiasts will attend these two annual events.
(From left to right): Mr. Murphy, Chief Executive Officer of Audemars Piguet Group, Mr. Quayola, Mr. Sebastien Agnessens, Ms. Svetlana Zakharova, Ambassador of the Audemars Piguet brand and Chief Ballet dancer of the Bolshoi Theatre. Group photo with Oscar actor Adrien Broudi.
    The Audemars Piguet Manufacture brings together three unique 21st-century artists: designs by Sebastien Leon Agneessens, Quayola, and Dan Holdsworth , Photography and audio-visual works, with 100 special watches on display under special arrangement, vividly show the roots, craftsmanship and aesthetics of Audemars Piguet. In addition to 100 classic watches and many precious commemorative works from the early 1970s, visitors have the opportunity to visit the watchmaking area with dial engraving machines and get a close look at the superb skills of Audemars Piguet.
Oscar Actor Adrian Brady attends the 40th Anniversary Exhibition of the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak in Milan.

    Following Milan, the 2012 touring exhibitions will be held in Paris (June 6 to June 10), Beijing (August), Singapore (October), and Dubai (December).

Exhibition Name: 40th Anniversary of the Royal Oak Series: Past Avant-garde Design, Immortal Imprint Today

Date: April 17, 2012 to April 23, 2012

Venue: La Triennale di Milano

Address: Viale Alemagna, 6

Free admission