Geneva: The Core Of Time-the Source Of Swiss Watch Culture’ Exhibition Won The 13th (2015) National Museum Top Ten Exhibitions Exhibition Promotion International And Hong Kong, Macao And Taiwan Cooperation Awards –

The winning results of the 13th (2015) National Museum Top Ten Exhibition and Exhibition Selection Awards organized by the China Museums Association and China Cultural Relics Press were held at the opening ceremony of the ‘International Museum Day’ in 2016 ——Inner Mongolia Museum announced.
   [May 18, 2016, China] The results of the thirteenth (2015) National Museums Top Ten Exhibitions Exhibition Selection Awards were announced at the opening ceremony of the 2016 International Museum Day. The exhibition ‘Geneva: the core of time-the source of Swiss watch culture’ selected by the Capital Museum won the International, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Cooperation Award.

   The 2016 International Museum Day was sponsored by the State Administration of Cultural Heritage and the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Government. At the opening ceremony, the winners of the 13th (2015) National Museum Exhibition Exhibition Top Ten Selections were all announced. The exhibition ‘Geneva: the core of time-the source of Swiss watch culture’ stands out from 82 application exhibitions, becoming one of 24 candidate exhibitions, and finally won the international, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan cooperation awards. The award further affirms the successful hosting of the exhibition in China and its extensive influence.
   Organized by the Capital Museum and the Geneva Museum of Art and History and co-organized by Vacheron Constantin, the exhibition ‘Geneva: The Core of Time-The Source of Swiss Watch Culture’ was held in Beijing from April to August 2015. As the first time since the opening of the Capital Museum, it is also the largest Swiss watch theme event in China. This exhibition showcases about 350 exquisite exhibits including antique clocks, pocket watches, watches and clock making tools and equipment. , And reproduce the 18th century Geneva Loft Workshop watchmaking scenes restored from the oil paintings of Christophe François von Ziegler in the Geneva Museum of Art and History. The watch culture exhibition attracted more than 500,000 visitors on a journey of timepieces across time and space (average of more than 5,000 people per day), to experience the cradle of Swiss watch culture-Geneva’s rich and diverse and long history of fine watchmaking culture.

   Vacheron Constantin assisted in organizing the exhibition ‘Geneva: the core of time-the source of Swiss watch culture’. In addition to exhibiting many dazzling collections of watch collections, the brand’s artisans, including watchmakers, sculptors, machine engraving masters, jewelry inlay masters and enamel masters, were invited to the exhibition site, allowing visitors to have a chance From the experience of the masters of the art masters, appreciate the endless charm of watchmaking arts and crafts that have been passed on in the production workshop for centuries.

   The exhibition ‘Geneva: the core of time-the source of Swiss watch culture’ reflects Vacheron Constantin’s persistence in inheriting Swiss watchmaking culture. At the brand’s historical headquarters in the Geneva Centre, Vacheron Constantin has always protected the tangible and intangible assets that the brand has accumulated over 260 years. It is responsible for the preventive protection and improvement of these valuable historical assets in order to increase the public’s understanding of relevant history. Opportunity of assets. In addition to the collection of handwritten and picture files, there are many antiques and tools that have witnessed the brand’s centuries of baptism.
   The award-winning exhibition ‘Geneva: the core of time-the source of Swiss watch culture’ underscores the great appeal of Swiss watchmaking culture and Geneva’s fine watchmaking tradition. Vacheron Constantin, as a watch manufacturer that has been continuously producing for more than 260 years, has played a pivotal role in the long history of watchmaking in Geneva. Its spirit and tradition of pursuit of superb technology and high quality will also be in the long history of fine watchmaking. Continue to shine bright light.

Lv Watch Ladies Emprize Series, Black And White Crocodile Leather Strap K Gold Watch

LV Lady’s Emprize series, black and white crocodile leather strap K gold watch. The luxury of LV has deeply penetrated into every product of LV, and the LV watch reflects the beauty of this quality. The design of LV watch gold rose gold and white gold three-color gold is different from the exquisiteness and charm.
  LV Lady Emprise Gold Watch
  This LV Louis Vuitton Lady’s Emprise gold watch has a white crocodile leather strap, 22mm long and the article number is Q321WO. Emprise is a watch series designed by Marc Jacobs. The details are inspired by the traditional Louis Vuitton bags, combining fashion and elegance. This LV watch is a city of gold with a white dial, which is very delicate and feminine. LV watch with gold case and white dial.
LV Lady Emprise Rose Gold Watch This LV Louis Vuitton Lady Emprise rose gold watch has a black alligator strap with a length of 22mm. This LV watch is made of rose gold, with a black dial, made in Switzerland, case size 22 * ​​22 mm, rose gold case, black dial, shiny alligator strap, quartz movement, water resistance up to 50 Meters, sapphire crystal surface with double-sided anti-reflection coating, calendar window is set at 6:00.

Explore The True Meaning Of Time Cartier Watch Masterpiece Debuts At The ‘clocks And Miracles’ Exhibition

As the first high-end watch industry event in Asia, the ‘Watches and Miracles’ exhibition will be held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from September 25-28, 2013. Palace jewelry brand Cartier will also participate in it, and present a number of latest watch masterpieces.

The ‘Clocks and Miracles’ exhibition gathers more than a dozen fine watch brands including Cartier. With its outstanding craftsmanship and remarkable achievements in the field of watchmaking, Cartier will be one of the most focused spots in the exhibition.

In this exhibition, Cartier will display classic timepieces, fine jewelry watches, fine watchmaking, master craftsmanship series and the newly launched men’s watch series. These unique timepieces reflect Cartier’s long and rich history of watchmaking, unparalleled watchmaking craftsmanship, and innovative watchmaking concepts.

Each Cartier watch series showcases the brand’s achievements and insistence on watchmaking technology and art with unique designs: The fine jewelry watch series embodies Cartier’s ‘Emperor’s ‘Jeweler, jeweler’s emperor’ status; the master craftsmanship series presents the world’s unparalleled creativity with rare and rare traditional craftsmanship; and the fine watchmaking series shows the amazing master of watchmaking with sophisticated and sophisticated mechanical structure Creativity and ingenious craftsmanship.

 In addition to the latest watch collection, Cartier will also share the brand’s more than 100 years of watchmaking history and unique style legends in this exhibition, and explore the source of its design aesthetics and the fine craftsmanship of fine watchmaking with guests. As its name suggests-‘Clocks and Miracles’, Cartier will unveil the mysteries of time and explore the true meaning of time in this representative event of the watch industry.

Earl Grey Launches A New Mythical Journey Series

Some journeys will change our lives, and some journeys are like reincarnation. All the bits and pieces in the journey will be deeply engraved in my mind, and I will pay attention to it. The journey is always full of adventures, adventures, surprises and unpredictable things. Piaget’s A Mythical Journey series is inspired by the most wonderful journeys and the most famous routes, leading everyone away from reality, walking in the dream country built on the Silk Road and the Spice Road, and enjoying in the poetic world full of beauty, charm and enthusiasm. soar.

 This amazing and obsessed collection brings together the enthusiasm, commitment, talent, creativity, expertise and whimsy of watchmakers, jewellers, designers and craftsmen, and begins between Asia and India An epic marvelous journey. The Piaget A Mythical Journey series, which was born under the full cooperation of the masters, opened the door to art and sensuality for us. Adhering to Piaget’s consistent tradition of excellence, the bold and perfect combination of art and top craftsmanship made this unique And an unforgettable adventure.

15% Price Reduction In Mainland China. Hublot Starts Next Month With The Same Price In Beijing And Hong Kong

The domestic watch market continues to weaken, and Swiss high-end watches have begun to cut prices to cater to mainland Chinese consumers. Hublot, a high-end watch of the Louis Vuitton Group (LVHM), said that it would implement the same price policy in Hong Kong on February 1 and reduce its price by about 15%.

记者 Beijing Business Daily reporter was informed that the same price in Hublot watches was mainly affected by the China-Switzerland Free Trade Agreement and the reduction of luxury goods tariffs. It is understood that the price of the brand watches ranges from 100,000 to 1 million yuan.

负责 The head of a Swiss watch brand in China believes that Hublot’s cut in the mainland price is its strategy to compete in the mainland market. From the perspective of brand communication, the communication efficiency of such explosive news is much higher than that of brand advertising. Moreover, its market share in the Mainland is not high, and price adjustments will not have a serious impact on its net profit.

A Hublot distributor in mainland China said, ‘I hope this price adjustment can boost sales in the mainland.’ Regarding whether Hublot’s behavior can serve as a vane in the watch industry, Conwell, a watch industry expert, said that it depends on the sales performance of Hublot in the first half of this year in China and Hong Kong.

Talk To Jacques Rodriguez, Vice President Of Hong Kong And Macau, Wen Jiahui

Wen Jiahui: Customers’ understanding of the brand is getting deeper, and the service requirements of specialized stores are higher than five years ago. Therefore, we must introduce more intimate services to make customers feel that in addition to special stores Besides shopping, I also remember to meet up like friends every time I come to Hong Kong.

   When did Jacques Dro’s first store in Hong Kong open? How many stores are there now?
   In November 2010, the first Jacques Delo store opened in Peking Road, Tsim Sha Tsui. In August this year, it opened a second one on Russell Street, Causeway Bay.
   How do you see the changes in the Hong Kong retail market in recent years?
   In terms of sales staff, because of the rapid growth in watch sales over the past few years, and the addition of many international brands to open specialty stores or even flagship stores in Hong Kong, many young people are eager to enter the industry, and the industry has become younger. Because of the rapid growth of the retail industry, the brand of traditional shopping districts has also been upgraded. I remember when I attended the company’s global retail conference in Switzerland last year, the big boss described Hong Kong as China’s super large shopping mall. I think this is a very concrete illustration of the development of Hong Kong’s retail industry in recent years.

Interior view of Jacques Dro Causeway Bay Russell Street store
   What else do you think the Hong Kong retail market needs to do to get a more engaging and satisfying shopping experience?
   If Hong Kong is likened to a super-large shopping mall, it can be a lot more concrete to develop the retail industry. For example, for street planning, you can refer to the design of the shopping mall, more casual pedestrian areas, and take a break with food and retail. Take a break and stroll again. You wo n’t be too tired. You can return to the hotel early. We often emphasize shopping experience, but the level is not only smile and politeness, but more importantly, customer relationship maintenance. Imagine what customers haven’t imagined before, so that they will feel that there is always a surprise in your store and an urge to return to the store.
   How do you think Chinese customers are different from Western customers?
   In fact, it is not possible to classify Hong Kong and domestic customers across the board, because the north and south of the river are very different. North China alone, there is a clear difference between central and southern China. Columns are the same size as watches, and some customers say they are too big like men’s clothing, and some customers say they are too small like women’s clothing. Another example is our classic large second hand series. Some customers think this is a classic, but others think it is too fashionable. The biggest difference should be the material of the watch. Hong Kong customers like the platinum or steel style, but domestic customers prefer the rose gold watch.

Jacques Russell Street Store
   Any suggestions for customers visiting Hong Kong for the first time?
   I am afraid to use the word ‘blood fight’ to describe shopping, because I think that shopping is not only a comparison of quantity or cost-effectiveness, but also quality. Enjoy the shopping environment, talk to the store staff about the characteristics of the brand, so that every time you use the goodness you bought during your trip, you will have a happy memory. Therefore, if you are shopping for the first time in Hong Kong, you may wish to go to those large shopping malls with specialized stores first. In addition to the goods, the furnishings and special edition designs there are also very attractive.
   (Apart from your own brand) What are your favorite shops or your favorite shopping places in Hong Kong? why?
   Causeway Bay and Admiralty are popular shopping areas, and recently Prada and Miu Miu shoes and bags.
   When was the last purchase?
   Cream for autumn and winter, last week.
   What is the most precious purchase?
   A pair of Tahiti black pearl earrings I bought on my honeymoon with my husband are now worn out every year on their wedding anniversary.
   What is luxury?
   Extravagance is the icing on the cake of life and a little reward for yourself.

Oris Ruf Ctr3 Limited Chronograph Stopwatch

Oris is proud to be the official watch partner of German supercar manufacturer RUF. This partnership has set a key milestone for the Oris racing series, and it is expected to release two new 2009 limited edition watches that are highly anticipated.
New Oris RUF CTR3 Limited Chronograph Stopwatch: Lightweight and aerodynamic perfection.
   The RUF CTR3 is one of the fastest road sports cars in the world, and the Oris RUF CTR3 astronomical watch is an exclusive limited edition watch specially created for sports car buyers. Each watch will be engraved with the same number as its sports car number. And this watch will be carried in a special sports car set, which is only available to a handful of hand-crafted sports car owners who are lucky enough to drive a value of 500,000 euros!
   In addition, the second limited edition model: Oris RUF CTR3 chronograph stopwatch, debut simultaneously! The original model of CTR3 is reduced in proportion to the original size, and is presented in a special combination with a limited watch certificate. And only 3,000 RUF fans will have the opportunity to experience moving dream moments with Oris.
Both models are equipped with the finest and finest materials: titanium alloy case, carbon fiber dial, and exquisite leather strap.
   In addition, in order to launch two new dynamic watches, Oris held a unique preview presentation last week at the German RUF car factory. At the scene, the VIPs had the opportunity to witness the production process of CTR3 and experience the top car-making technology.
   Oris CEO Ulrich Herzog said, ‘Oris has been introducing racing series models for almost 40 years. We are confident that we can bring the highest technology and design elements to Oris-RUF watches. These sophisticated limited edition models have won the wrist. The support and love of watch collectors also reflects the most prestigious craftsmanship aesthetics of both parties. ‘

Iwc Schaffhausen Join Hands With The 2017 Beijing International Film Festival To Support The New Generation Of Films To Help The Future Of Chinese Cinema

March 28, 2017, Beijing-In 2017, the Swiss watchmaker Schaffhausen IWC will join hands with the Beijing International Film Festival (BJIFF) for the fifth time, Honored as the designated watch brand and official timepiece partner of the 7th Beijing International Film Festival. As the two parties enter the fifth year together, IWC and Beijing International Film Festival further upgrade their cooperation to support the new generation of Chinese films. During the Beijing International Film Festival, IWC, which has deep connections with film art, will once again host a filmmaker’s night with the theme of “Time Passing on • The Movie of the Love of Cinema” as an important long-term support for the Chinese film industry. section.

In 2017, IWC will join hands with the Beijing International Film Festival for the fifth time and become the designated watch brand and official timepiece partner of the 7th Beijing International Film Festival.

IWC joins hands with Beijing International Film Festival again: focusing on young filmmakers • helping the future of film
   In China’s fast-growing film market, the unique perspectives and creativity of the new generation of film will undoubtedly inject unlimited vitality into the Chinese film industry and shape the current and future of film art. This year, IWC once again joined hands with the Beijing International Film Festival to focus on the younger generation of Chinese filmmakers, extend the beauty of time and art from a new perspective, and tap the new talents of the Chinese film industry with unlimited potential. At that time, IWC brand ambassadors, brand friends and well-known Chinese and foreign filmmakers will appear at the filmmaker’s evening banquet to witness the birth of ‘IWC Outstanding Young Filmmaker of the Year’. Building a dream road and a dream journey, IWC and the future filmmakers go forward side by side, and then climb the artistic peak.
   Looking back over the past four years, IWC’s filmmaker’s night has become a shining movie event during the Beijing International Film Festival. Since the first cooperation between the two parties in 2013, IWC has awarded the ‘IWC Outstanding Filmmaker’ award to Chinese filmmakers who have made outstanding contributions to China and the international film industry every year. So far, this heavyweight award has been awarded to Zhang Yimou, a well-known Chinese director and the fifth generation of directors; Feng Xiaogang, a famous Chinese director and screenwriter; Chen Kexin, a famous Hong Kong director and producer; and Qin Yi, a legendary filmmaker and a famous performing artist in China.
IWC supports global film industry development
   Adhering to its passion for film art, IWC collaborates with several well-known international film festivals to present the cause of film industry in various countries with the grand ‘IWC Filmmaker’s Night’ and praise the outstanding achievements of outstanding filmmakers.
   Globally, IWC spares no effort to support the future development of international young filmmakers. In 2014, IWC partnered with the Tribeca Film Festival in New York to provide two talented young filmmakers with $ 100,000 in grants and professional support. In 2016, IWC teamed up with the British Film Institute and announced for British filmmaker Hope Dickson Leach. ‘IWC New Filmmaker Award’ and sponsors a prize of 50,000 pounds to assist its future film career. In addition, there are many shining stars in the Singapore International Film Festival, Zurich International Film Festival and Dubai International Film Festival supported by IWC.
   At the Beijing International Film Festival in 2016, IWC brought together many Chinese and foreign filmmakers to look back at the beginning of the screen and pay tribute to the glorious century of Chinese film. This year, ‘IWC Filmmaker Night’ will lead us to the future of film art and follow China. New directors and young filmmakers enjoy a feast of fine watchmaking and the light of the screen.

The Jade Emperor Obtains The Exclusive Agent Right Of Richard Mille China

Jade Dynasty (00970) announced that its Yaolai Watches and Jewellery acquired Richard Mills for a total cash consideration of 5 million yuan. The intangible property rights of the ‘MILLE’ brand are used in China.

The two parties also signed a contract for consideration on July 9th. Yaolai Watches & Jewellery was appointed as the exclusive Chinese agent for ‘RICHARD MILLE’ brand watches.
The Saitama Dynasty plans to expand the ‘RICHARD MILLE’ brand from Beijing to other cities in the Mainland.
According to the sale and purchase agreement, Yaolai Watch & Jewellery agreed to acquire and Richard Mill (Asia) agreed to sell the entire registered capital of the target company, and the two parties agreed to use HK $ 5,000,000 as the consideration amount. Pursuant to the license agreement, Richard Mills (Asia) granted the exclusive and non-transferable intangible property rights of domestic use of Bright Watches and Jewellery at a one-time consideration of HK $ 6,000,000. Based on the directors’ understanding and reasonable checks that have been made, Richard Mill (Asia), Mr. Tan and his associates are independent third parties.

Secretive And Timeless—beauty’s Timepiece For The Father

Different fathers have different personalities, enthusiastic or deep, and express deep emotions. Father used to hide his sincere love in his heart with an implicit and restrained attitude, turning it into precious wealth, which he passed down to future generations. It is just like the concept that Baodi has been adhering to, inheriting the classics, pioneering and innovating, and welcoming the attention of the world with an elegant attitude. Since the beginning of the creation of the brand in 1775, Breguet has focused on winning the world’s recognition for its exquisite watchmaking technology and innovative design. Classic elegance and timelessness are the consistent evaluation of Breguet. Choosing the best timepieces for your father is the perfect choice for your father.
Yong Yong Shen High-end men’s choice

   The 5497, the first complication watch from the HÉRITAGE series, has a low-key appearance, and the dial is decorated with engraved patterns, adding a touch of retroness and elegance to the model. The timepiece itself is proud of its exquisite design: the dual-axis curved surface fits the wrist better, and the case, as a feature of this series, has become a constant challenge for Breguet watchmakers and engineers. The double-curved surface created by this exquisite craftsmanship is also applied to the dial.
   On the finely crafted silver-plated gold dial, the tourbillon first appears, and the aesthetic details are clear at a glance, highlighting the technical characteristics of the timepiece. The hour ring is carefully cut, like a layer of light lace on a hand-engraved curved dial. The layer of Roman numerals with embossed lace, which is carved in one piece, delicately fits with the edges, strengthening the structure of the watch. The tourbillon cage also emerged as a time marker at 6 o’clock. The Breguet 187 basic movement has been improved to better meet the strict requirements of timepieces. Choosing such a profound timepiece for my father just matched the able temperament of his father’s overall elite.
Extraordinary creativity

Breguet heritage series TRADITION CHRONOGRAPHE INDEPENDANT 7077 chronograph
   The chronograph, as a separate and complex function, already has a place in the watchmaking industry. In order to prevent the timing function from interfering with the operation of the main gear train, Breguet has adopted two sets of independent gear trains in the Heritage Chronographe Indépendant 7077 series: one set for driving the hour and minute hands, and a pendulum with a frequency of 3 Hz Wheel adjustment, with a 55-hour power reserve; the other set of gear trains for timing functions uses a 5 Hz high-frequency balance wheel to ensure timing accuracy, and cooperates with the gear train responsible for time display.
   Breguet’s watchmakers have designed a special-shaped clockwork to ensure that it is always fully curled and flexible enough to provide extra power when the insurance is released. This application brought a series of related innovations to Breguet. The eccentric gear train is connected to the leaf spring to offset its torque, thereby ensuring that the amplitude and swing speed of the timing device remain stable. Breguet has applied for a patent for the spring and gear train. This gear train adopts a new shape that can stably output power after changing the previous bending range. In addition, the timekeeping function of this Breguet Tradition watch is controlled by two screw-in waterproof buttons. Unlike ordinary chronographs, one of these two buttons controls the start of timing, and the other controls the time reset to zero and resets the timing function. It is the latter’s return-to-zero function that tightens the leaf-shaped springs and stores power for the next time. The titanium balance wheel is also equipped with two braking devices on both sides. The first one is mounted on the cam. The balance wheel is released when the timing starts and the balance wheel is fastened when the timing stops. This design ensures that the balance wheel is always in the ideal position and can reach normal amplitude quickly. The innovative device has been patented, making it a model for innovation. Another feature of the Tradition series watches is the use of a transparent case back to display the main parts of the movement. Therefore, in order not to affect the overall appearance, although the frequency of the two balance wheels is different, Breguet chose the same size, and Aesthetic considerations use a symmetrical mounting position. The design is low-key and restrained, but it also enjoys watching. For mechanical enthusiasts, this is a perfect match.
Classic renovation, the first choice for elegant gentlemen

Breguet CLASSIQUE 7147
   At the 2016 Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Show, Breguet launched the classic series Classique 7147. This model is inspired by the decoration specifications of the early period of watchmaking. The appearance is simple and the design is exquisite. The masterpiece of carved flower skills is a classic of Breguet timepieces. The watch contains a 2.4mm ultra-thin mechanical automatic winding movement with an eccentric balance wheel. The manufacturing process of the ultra-thin movement is relatively difficult. Due to the extremely high precision, a slight impact may damage the wheel train. If you want to make an ultra-thin movement, you must consider it from the beginning of the entire design. It is also a challenge for watchmakers. The sapphire crystal caseback on the back of the watch gives a clear view of the precise mechanical structure of the timepiece.
   It is particularly worth mentioning that the decoration technology of the watch has the beauty that cannot be diluted by time, which is the indelible mark of the Breguet brand. The purpose of the watch decoration was originally to ensure that the function is intact, to prevent premature corrosion of metal materials, and to protect smooth or polished surfaces that are prone to nicks, scratches, or other external damage. In order to continue the glory, Breguet reinterprets traditional decoration techniques in the new Classique 7147 watch. The main dial is decorated with a ‘Paris spike’ pattern, and the small reverse dial at 5 o’clock is decorated with a wave pattern. Breguet-style blue-steel hands gently rotate around the Roman numerals to clearly indicate the hours and minutes. The 12 o’clock digital hour sign is etched with Breguet’s invisible signature on both sides, highlighting the authentic Breguet pedigree of the watch. Classic elegance, this is the best choice for the gentleman’s father.