Omega And Miranda Vinci Museum Of Technology Reached A Five-year Cooperation Agreement

Recently, Omega officially announced a five-year cooperation agreement with the space and astronomy section of the Miranda Vinci Science and Technology Museum. Omega President Stephen Urquhart and Apollo 17 astronaut Eugene Cernan (the last person to leave footprints on the moon) personally attended the opening ceremony of the space astronomy section and exhibition.

Omega President Stephen Urquhart and Apollo 17 astronaut Eugene Cernan at the opening ceremony

   Also on display with the Omega Space-Themed Watch is a lunar rock that Eugene Cernan brought back in December 1972. ‘I am very proud to be able to bring back a rock specimen on the last moon landing of Apollo 17, and now we store it in the Miranda Vinci Museum of Technology and share it with visitors from all over the world. Image Ambassador Eugene Cernan said, ‘The opening of the Space Astronomy Zone will attract and inspire more young people to bravely pursue the dream of space exploration.’

   Omega’s relationship with space began in 1962, and astronauts Leroy ‘Gordo’ Cooper and Wally Schirra chose to wear an Omega Speedmaster chronograph to accompany their space journey. NASA then conducted a series of rigorous tests on the Omega Speedmaster and announced on March 1, 1965 that it met the requirements of NASA’s space manned mission.

   On July 21, 1969, the Supermaster series won the reputation of ‘The Moonwatch’ because Omega’s iconic chronograph completed the first historic moon landing with astronauts. In fact, Omega watches can be seen in six astronauts’ landings on the moon.

   Stephen Urquhart said, ‘The Miranda Vinci Museum of Science holds an important position in the Italian astronomical science community, and Omega is honored to be able to enter into a partnership with it. Participation in the six lunar landing plans and the achievement of this cooperation demonstrate Omega’s courage to forge The spiritual concept of Eugene Cernan has played an important role in the process of space exploration and is the last person to leave footprints on the moon, and we are glad to witness this historical moment with him. ‘