Nomos Black Frame Watch Introduction

The unique black frame of the Norma series is fascinating, because it has the extreme ‘rd’ 惑 charm, so that it is afraid of the coming of daylight
 Tangente, Tetra, Tangomat: What could be stronger and more indomitable than these watches? What better way to show simple beauty?

 So far, no competitors have emerged–except for unadorned, naked wrists. But now, the above-mentioned NOMOS series watches will provide a new series of dark black and smaller size, matte bezel case, the watch meets the existence of the goal, it seems to be naturally unsatisfied with the idea of ​​’rdquo; ( (From Jean-Paul Sartre, Master of Philosophy). These new products, like other NOMOS Glashutte models, perform as well as they can, but the difference is that the black dial is decorated with a deep black from beginning to end, and the ‘black’ is precisely emphasized to be this watch Personality and point out: the watch is an appliance, the best helper to accompany a lifetime.
 The black case frame coating is attached to the fire-treated stainless steel material, which makes the coating material harder and firmer. It uses a carbon-nitrogen compound called titanium aluminum alloy. The use of this material is not only beautiful, but also necessary. Take more risks: This additional coating is produced by special processing and measurement of PVD deposits, and the thickness is less than one thousandth of a millimeter. Usually this material is generally used on some tools, such as milling cutters. Cutters and drills prevent wear and tear on these tools.

 The prototypes of these watches were hung on the wall of the cellar or in the alcove of the storage room, and were used as industrial machinery to measure water, electricity, and gas consumption. However, during the day, you will realize that these wrists The exquisiteness of the watch will make you unable to hide your love for these watches, and accurately display the rules of measurement and calculation with details. Why are Tangente, Tetra, Tangomat black new names named Norma series? Like the NOMOS brand name, it conveys the spirit of ‘rigorous’ and ‘organization’. Manually wound Tangente Norma and Tetra Norma use NOMOS to develop their own alpha movement. Automatic winding Tangomat Norma uses the epsilon movement. All three watches have a sapphire crystal back cover.