L.U.C Quattro Extraordinary Classic Revival

In 2011, Chopin launched the new LUC Quattro watch. The movement that powers this watch is one of Chopard’s most brilliant achievements to date: it is the famous LUC 1.98 four-spring barrel movement. This elegant and exquisite watch adopts the new aesthetic concept of the L.U.C series. Whether it is a devout believer in fine watchmaking or a person who knows how to appreciate noble and excellent watch works, he will be full of heart.

   In 2010, to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Chopin, the brand launched four new timepieces, namely LUC Louis-Ulysse-The Tribute Watch, Engine One, Watch, All In One Watch and 1937 Watch. Show the world the new aesthetics of its own LUC collection. Today, along the trail of these pioneers, new works of the L.U.C series are constantly emerging. These include of course the famous L.U.C Quattro series. This world’s first watch has two patents, of which the standard clock-style Regulator (4R) version has been awarded the 2004 ‘Best Watch’ award by the professional jury of authoritative watch magazine Montres Passion and Uhrenwelt.

Unique movement and patented technology

   The manually wound L.U.C 1.98 mechanical movement is the first movement in the world to be equipped with four spring barrels stacked in series and in two groups. This patented technology ensures that the L.U.C Quattro watch can operate independently for nine days and maintain a constant accurate time, so it meets the strict requirements of the Swiss Precision Timepiece Testing Center COSC. The L.U.C 1.98 calibre also received the famous Geneva mark Poinçon de Genève, which proves its impeccable level of quality and refinement. All the splints of the movement are decorated with straight Geneva stripes.

New aesthetic design

   The most significant change in aesthetics appears on the dial of the L.U.C Quattro, which is a completely new indicator. The shape of the new pointer is evolved from the ‘Prince of Concubine’ type indicator that has been adopted in this series. After redesign, it is more elegant and precise from a technical point of view to reflect the impeccable quality of the L.U.C. The fonts of the L.U.C series have also changed, and the traditional Roman numerals influenced by the style of the 1960s have also appeared in a new face.

   All details of the rose gold case have been fine-tuned to create an elegant and timeless look. The new curvilinear outline adds a masculine modernity to the redesigned lugs. The diameter of the case has also increased generously from 39 mm to 43 mm. The middle part of the case is brushed and satin-finished, while the bezel and case back are polished. The brown hand-stitched alligator leather strap completes the elegant new look of the L.U.C Quattro watch.