Jacques Droz Jaquet Droz New Micro-painted Enamel Watch Condensing Hundred Years Of Skill

Jaquet Droz combines exquisite craftsmanship to fix the beauty of nature on the ivory enamel dial, so that it will bloom forever. The new masterpiece of micro-painted enamel-35 mm micro-painted blue bird and micro-painted koi hour and minute dial watch, full color, delicate strokes, meaning auspicious, draw on the Chinese painting style to condense centuries of skills, showing nobility Elegant.
35mm micro-painted blue bird hour and minute dial
Nature has always been Jacques Dro’s inspirational muse, and the tit from the founder Mr. Pierre Jacques Dro’s hometown, the Jura region of Switzerland, is the eternal theme that Jacques Dro strives for. This year, the watchmaker used a new creative approach to draw on the essence of Chinese painting to create a 35mm micro-painted blue tit bird hour and minute dial. The delicate and beautiful enamel painting technology is applied on the large ivory large-fire enamel dial, which delicately outlines the muscle lines of the blue tit, shiny feathers, and buckles, which is fantastic. The tits entwined on the crunchy tender branches or spread their wings to fly, or sing lightly and sing, the posture is lifelike. The overall picture of the dial is fresh and elegant, the white space of the large space and the bright color of the blue wings and yellow belly of the tits perfectly blend and complement each other. The watch’s bezel and lugs are set with sparkling diamonds, which add a touch of luxury to the woman who wears it.

35mm micro-painted blue bird hour and minute dial, limited edition of 28 pieces

Micro-painted Koi hour and minute dial
Jacques Dro’s watchmaker draws inspiration from the koi swimming in the summer lotus pond, and vividly draws a beautiful picture of ‘Suddenly listening to the sound of koi hitting the water, leaping into the clear water’ with vivid and beautiful colors and delicate strokes Painting. On the dial, the rich and rich color of Koi and the water-lily water lily are exquisite, the mood is quiet, and even the treatment of flowing water is very layered. Since ancient times, there has been a saying that ‘the carp jumps over the dragon gate’. Yu Renfei flew Huang Tengda. And ‘the mud is out of the mud but not stained, the lotus flower is not a monster’ is a symbol of elegance and bright festivals. Today, Jacques de Lo presents this beautifully embellished painting on the dial, and the more noble wearer brings the blessing of ‘good luck with you’.

Micro-painted Koi hour and minute pin dial, limited edition of 28 pieces