Hublot Releases The First Big Bang Ferrari Magic Gold Watch In Collaboration With Ferrari

To celebrate the debut of the first BIG BANG FERRARI watch with Ferrari in Hong Kong, Hublot specially held a reception and exhibition in the Atrium of The Landmark, Central on October 22 (Monday) meeting.


 Hublot, a Swiss watchmaker, announced in November last year that it had formally formed an alliance with Ferrari, a well-known Italian automaker, to become an exclusive watchmaking partner. To celebrate the debut of the first BIG BANG FERRARI watch with Ferrari in Hong Kong, Hublot specially held a reception and exhibition on October 22 (Monday) in the atrium of The Landmark Central.

(From left): Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO of Hublot, Donnie Yen, Emil Klingelfuss, Chairman of Swiss Prestige Ltd, Eddie Lee, General Manager of Dickson Watches & Jewellery

 Mr. Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO of Hublot, shared the common concept of the brand and Ferrari for the guests. The BIG BANG FERRARI MAGIC GOLD watch, which was first displayed in Hong Kong, attracted celebrities in the city, including Zhuang Simin, Guo Yongcong, Wang Jiaen, Yun Weiyi, Gong Yan Wait for support and visits to experience the charm of Hublot’s entry into the Ferrari world. Among them, film superstar Zhen Zidan also came to support and share his love for watches and sports cars.

HUBLOT Chief Executive Ricardo Guadalupe, Yang Luoting

Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe, Donnie Yen

Gong Yue

Guo Yongcong

Wu Shirong, Wang Jiaen

 The BIG BANG FERRARI watch is the first watch of the brand to cooperate with Ferrari. Every place is designed and manufactured according to the basic principles in the DNA shared by Hublot and Ferrari: sports, performance and technology. The entire watch has no useless parts, and its design must fully comply with functionality and rationality. The watch is not only embossed with the Prancing Horse emblem representing Ferrari, but also reflects Ferrari’s characteristics in terms of materials and colors. The new material developed by Hublot is MAGIC GOLD. The case is made of 18K gold with scratch resistance It also corresponds to the characteristics of Ferrari’s advanced technology.

Yun Weiyun

Donnie Yen

 Implementing the theme of ‘Hublot and Ferrari alliance’, in addition to the new Basel watch series and the BIG BANG FERRARI watch this year as highlights, the same day, it also showed the famous Ferrari parts and car models rarely seen in the field, bringing BIG BANG The inspiration for the design of the FERRARI watch is one by one.

Zhu Wenxin

Zhuang Simin

 Mr. Ricardo Guadalupe, Chief Executive Officer of Hublot, said: ‘Hublot and Ferrari have many common ideals. Therefore, for the two world-renowned top brands, this comprehensive agreement and new partnership are important for both parties. Milestones. We are very happy to use this event to let friends in Hong Kong and around the world to experience the world of Hublot and Ferrari and appreciate Hublot’s innovative high-tech and unique watches. ‘