How To Maintain And Repair Zenith Watches

Zenith watches are very precious luxury products. Therefore, how to keep the watch in the best condition and prolong its life has become our special concern. So we need to learn how to maintain and repair Zenith watches.

 First of all, when you buy a Zenith watch, you must remove the protective film from the back cover to prevent sweat or other corrosive liquids from remaining in the middle and erode the back cover of the watch. Zenith watches are as delicate as baby’s skin. Be sure to avoid contact with various chemicals, and once in contact, clean it in time to avoid discoloration, shedding, or even other losses of the coating; in case of water ingress (air), immediately send it to a maintenance point for cleaning to prevent the core from rusting.
 Secondly, the strap is also an important part of Zenith watches. When we wear them, we must avoid contact with moisture and moisture, otherwise the strap will easily change color and deform; we cannot expose the watch strap of Zenith to sunlight for a long time. Otherwise, it will cause discoloration; it is also not allowed to contact the watch with greasy substances for cosmetics, because the leather strap of the watch in Zenith and its easy penetration will leave unlovely colors for your watch.
 In addition, we also need to do regular maintenance for Zenith watches, that is, to perform a water resistance test once a year to clean the appearance; to maintain the mechanical movement every 3-5 years.
 If you do this, you can effectively extend the life of the Zenith watch, make it look new at any time, and shine all the time.