Guo Pinchao Incarnates The Ocean Ambassador Appears At Hsinchu Dayuanbai Omega Famous Store

Environmental Conservation Plan officially starts OMEGA cares about the ocean and saves the earth
    Since OMEGA launched the first diving watch Marine in 1932, OMEGA has forged a deep relationship with the ocean for nearly 80 years. In addition to continuously breaking the innovative diving watch technology, OMEGA is also committed to a number of public welfare activities that give back to society. Following the establishment of the ORBIS Eye Hospital, it provides the highest quality medical services for patients with eye diseases in remote areas of the world. OMEGA took advantage of the launch of the 2011 Hippocampus Planet Ocean series of diving watches, and invited the well-known French environmentalist photographer and director Yann Arthus-Bertrand to produce and direct a film about the beauty of the earth and the ocean. In the film, OMEGA deeply understands that human sustainability should coexist with the conservation of the earth, hoping to further awaken people’s attention to marine conservation, so as to support and convey the concept of marine conservation.
    The film ‘Planet Ocean’ is the world’s first documentary filmed entirely on the ocean. This film was shot in more than 20 countries around the world. There are no actors performing at all. It only uses voice-over narration and sound effects to show the mystery and magnificence of the ocean. This evokes the public’s recognition and attention to life and the environment. As a member of Good Planet’s world-renowned environmental protection agency, Yann Arthus-Bertrand has devoted his entire life to environmental advocacy activities, expressing marine emotions accurately through his keen awareness of photography.
    In response to this meaningful marine conservation event, OMEGA has specially launched a watch of the same name, the Seahorse Planet Ocean 45.50 mm Tier 5 titanium watch, and performed for the first time in Hsinchu. At the scene, Mr. Guo Pinchao was invited as an event guest. The fashionable and stylish Guo Pinchao immediately appeared and immediately attracted the attention of the audience. His dark complexion and fit figure fully showed his sunny and energetic side. I wore this model once and admired that ‘the mechanical watch could be so lightweight! The blue ceramic bezel shows a more fashionable design and is really an indispensable fashion item for water sports.’ This is of profound significance and fashion This model not only represents the actual actions of OMEGA caring for the ocean, but also hopes that the public can attach importance to ecological protection and work together to protect the only beautiful ocean.
    One of the most eye-catching designs of the Hippocampus Planet Ocean 45.50mm five-level titanium watch is the design aesthetics that incorporate many innovative materials. The 45.50 mm case is made of Titanium, Grade 5 metal, that is, the ultra-light element ‘titanium’ is mixed with a small amount of aluminum and vanadium, which makes it extremely hard but extremely light. In addition, compared with other grades of titanium, grade 5 titanium can also be polished to create a brighter gloss. The combination of the blue ceramic of the new Planet Ocean five-grade titanium watch and the ‘Liquidmetal (R)’ liquid metal is also a world pioneer. The excellent hardness of the materials means that these two innovative materials will always maintain an exquisitely beautiful appearance. This watch’s impressive exterior features also include a blue lacquered dial, which perfectly matches the blue ceramic bezel and blue rubber strap.
Great leap forward in movement, stable and reliable overall performance
    One of the key points of OMEGA’s new Planet Ocean upgrade last year was the heart of the watch-the movement. The new Planet Ocean five-level titanium models, in addition to all equipped with a revolutionary coaxial escapement made by OMEGA-8500 or 9300 chronograph movement, these movements also have Si 14 silicon crystal springs, so With extremely stable and reliable overall performance, OMEGA can confidently provide up to four years of international warranty service for all new Planet Ocean watches.
Unique design details for deep sea timing
    Inheriting the hands and dials of members of the Planet Ocean series, in order to facilitate divers’ easy timekeeping in the deep sea, the dial is inlaid with scales and three-dimensional beveled rhodium-plated polished hands, which have been treated with Super-LumiNova, which looks white in daylight. However, in low-brightness environments, blue light is emitted; as for the minute hand and the diving bezel dot scale, green light is emitted. These clever designs can help divers easily judge their diving time at a glance without being confused with watch time. In addition to well-designed fluorescent treatment, to be fully prepared for underwater adventures, each Planet Ocean diving watch is equipped with a unidirectional rotating bezel and helium exhaust valve, which is waterproof to a depth of 600 meters and can accompany the ocean Explorers or professional divers set records and achievements.
Hippocampus Planet Ocean 45.5mm Grade 5 Titanium 9300 chronograph
Blue rubber strap Titanium case with blue ceramic and liquid metal bezel, equipped with unidirectional rotating bezel and helium exhaust valve, waterproof to 600 meters. 45.5 mm diameter, blue lacquered dial with blue rubber strap. It is driven by OMEGA’s self-made 9300 coaxial escapement chronograph movement, and is equipped with Si 14 silicon crystal balance spring, which has an international warranty of four years.