Glasutti Original Series Carding 20th Century Retro Series

When it comes to watches, the first country people think of may be Switzerland, and the second country that they think of is Germany, and now only German watchmaking can compete with Switzerland. length. In fact, the German watchmaking industry is not inferior to Swiss technology. Our previous generations know that the most common horseshoe and pocket watches are German goods, which are not only accurate but also durable. In fact, Germany may not have been the world’s largest or most influential watchmaking industry center, but it was definitely one of the first countries to produce watches. It is because of war and politics that Germany’s impressive watchmaking industry has almost disappeared. It was not until the 1990s that the watchmaking industry was reborn and found the lost throne in the world watch market. Speaking of two brands that German watch brands have to mention are Lange and Glashütte, all of which are made of precious metals, so the threshold is slightly higher, and Glashütte obviously has a lot of affinity for the price. It should be noted that Glashütte is a rare watch brand that uses all its own movements in the entire line. This is very valuable today. Today I will introduce the Glashütte brand to you and summarize it. A 20th century vintage collection under the Glashütte watch brand.

Now Glashütte is mainly divided into 5 major series, 20th century vintage series, Pano series, Lady’s series, Senate series and SportEvolution sports series. Among them, the Senate series is most familiar to everyone. I divided them up, and each series is divided into many small series. Today I will summarize the 20th century vintage series and the star products in the small series below.

20th Century Vintage Collection

In fact, in the original Glashütte references, the 20th century vintage series was integrated into the Senate series, but from the information available today, Glashütte has completely separated the 20th century vintage series from the Senate series, so here we will also The century vintage series and the senate series are illustrated separately. Of course, today we mainly explain the 20th century vintage series.

The 20th century vintage collection was inspired by Glashütte’s two epochs in the 20th century, and continued to show creativity and purity, that is, the 1960s and 1970s. These two generations have changed the whole world with creativity, music, architecture and design, so the 20th century retro series will be divided into 60s retro series and 70s retro series.

1960s vintage

Retro watches from the 1960s can be discerned at a glance. This era has changed everything, and still lives in the movies, music, architecture and design we admire. The original Glashütte watch from the 1960s inspired many contemporary models, combining the unparalleled essence of traditional mechanical watchmaking with the nostalgic retro 1960s design.

Since the 1960s retro collection first debuted in 2007, it has always been very popular. In the following years, new models have been launched successively. At the Basel 2013, 2 new wristwatches were launched Watches appear in midnight dark blue. 1960s retro watches mainly have these 4 styles, ordinary models, ordinary enlarged calendar models, ordinary plus chronograph models, and square case chronograph models. The following introduces these 4 watches and explains the main characteristics of this series.

1960s ordinary models



This is the latest 1960s retro watch launched by Glashütte at the 2013 Basel Watch Fair. I believe everyone still has a very big reflection on it. All 60’s vintage watches have retro modernity and independent flavor. In the minute circle of the ordinary model, the Arabic numerals of the same style are displayed on the 3, 6, 9 and 12 o’clock scales. Slightly curved white gold hour and minute hands with super luminous paint, the 60’s retro watch’s mirror and case back are all proprietary arched sapphire crystal glass design, can be said to be clear at a glance, this wrist The reference price of the watch is 59,500 yuan.

Large 1960s ordinary calendar



This is also the latest model launched in Basel in 2013. It can be said to be a pair of watches with the above watch. The biggest difference is that the diameter of the watch is changed from 39 mm to 42 mm. At 6 o’clock, a large calendar display window with Glashütte characteristics is added. In other respects, there is no difference in the design of the dial, face, and needle. Of course, the cores used are definitely different, so the price of this watch is much higher, the reference price is 81,000 yuan.

Regular plus timepiece



In the 1960s retro chronograph model, there was no change in design. It just added a chronograph function to the watch. If you only remove the start / pause button and zero reset button of the chronograph from the picture, the 2 small seconds dial erased, this is a basic model of the 60s retro series. Of course, the price of the timekeeping function must be mentioned, and the domestic price of this watch is 75,500 yuan.

Square case chronograph



I think this watch is the most modified one compared to the previous ones. The watch has changed the original round case to a square case, although the dial is still a round dial. If only from the shape of the watch’s case and the traditional 60s retro, but the watch still retains the basic characteristics of the 60s retro watch, double-sided arched sapphire crystal glass and case back, luminous The rod-shaped hands and special time-marking characters mark that it is completely flowing with the blood of Glashütte’s 1960s retro series. The domestic public price of this 60’s retro series square case chronograph watch is 80,500 yuan, compared with the ordinary timepiece, the more design, the more value.

Special section



The first thing you think of when you see this watch is not the 60s retro series, but the flying tourbillon at 6 o’clock. The flying tourbillon device was invented in the 1920s by Alfred Helwig, a well-known German watchmaker and professor at the German Watch School in Saxony. Different from the traditional tourbillon design that must clamp the entire structure from the balance wheel by the splint, Helwig invented a cantilever-like board structure, making the tourbillon look like flying, very ornamental and hence the name.

This 60’s retro series watch with a complex flying tourbillon is a star model launched by Glashütte at the Basel 2011, which can be said to be one of the most dazzling watches of the year. It is classified as a special model because this watch is significantly different from other 60s vintage series watches, and the watch is limited to 50 pieces. Each watch has its own independent number and will not be produced again. It only exists in legend. The home price of this watch is 946,000 yuan. In fact, I personally think that if it is designed as a round case, it should look better.

1970s vintage

After talking about the 60s retro, let’s understand the 70s retro. Compared to the 60s retro, the 70s retro watches are much simpler. The 1970s also had its charm. An exciting new worldview has inspired a generation of young people to set sail to explore the entire planet. Sci-fi and space-themed expeditions quickly shaped the shape of daily necessities. Cars, chairs, and watches all have a streamlined aerodynamic look with soft edges.

The 1970s retro watch is much easier to say. It is not as different as the 1960s retro watch. It has a total of 3 dial watches, and each dial is equipped with 3 different straps and steel straps. , Rubber band and crocodile leather strap, there are 3 models, so the 70s retro series has a total of 9 watches, so it is easier to understand.







Glashütte’s 70s vintage collection was launched to pay tribute to this decade of adventure and vision and to promote German design. The 70s vintage series watches have significant 1970s features. The curved curve on the streamlined stainless steel case reveals the charming design spirit of the 1970s. Another proud feature is the three-dimensional hour markers and white gold or rose gold hands.

The 70s retro series has three versions: silver-plated, gray-plated, and blue-plated. The gray-plated dial is engraved with radial sun patterns. The silver-plated version has a beautiful classic charm. With light and dark changes. There are also many details that need to be carefully observed. In addition, these three versions are equipped with different straps. In addition to alligator leather straps, there are also steel and rubber straps to choose from.

As for the movement of the watch, I will briefly mention that all Glashütte models are equipped with self-produced movements. The movement model is also very simple. The first 4 numbers of the watch model are the movement of the watch. Model, so as long as you know the watch model, you also know the watch’s movement model, and then want to find the movement information is much more convenient.