Extraordinary Creativity Parmigiani Tonda Metrographe Watch Tasting

Everyone wants to have a timepiece with both functionality and design. As a key magic weapon to master efficiency and time, it is both beautiful and practical, and provides a good direction for its time planning and action. Parmigiani is aiming at this goal and needs to continuously improve its watchmaking and design methods. The classic timepieces manufactured by it have been widely praised, and every timepiece is addictive. In 2016, Parmigiani Tonda set sail again, and designed a stylish new Tonda Metrographe series watch. Among them is the vibrant ‘8’ blue plate shown by the watch editor today. Chronograph. (Watch model: PFC274-0000600-HC3142)

A classic watch with extraordinary creativity in the ‘8’ style chronograph

Watch ‘8’ chronograph design style display

   As one of the most representative new models in the Tonda series, the new generation of the TondaMetrographe watch is more dynamic and incorporates classic watchmaking techniques; it inherits the classic style of the urban style and publicity, and readjusts the chronograph display ratio to make the watch more consistent Modern people have aesthetic characteristics. The new timepieces everywhere highlight the classic elements of fine watchmaking and become the most perfect companion for modern people on the journey of searching for the meaning of life.
   The design of the ‘8’ chronograph is a unique design of Parmigiani, and the two discs are ‘layer-to-pan’ and have a layered sense. Many of the models in the Tonda series are designed for this style, showing the brand’s unique watchmaking and design style from the side, highlighting the fearlessness of Parmigiani as an independent watch brand.
Intriguing classic design

Watch display
   In previous models, Parmigiani usually used monotonous gray, black and white as the main color of the dial. This year’s new blue dial adds color to this series and makes people look bright. The ‘8’ style chronograph dial design, oval-shaped chronograph button, and unique drop-shaped lugs are all highlights of the watch.

Watch case display

   The polished 40 mm stainless steel case has a thickness of 11.7 mm. The lines are smooth, the hand feels more delicate and soft, showing the very detailed details of the watch everywhere, adding color to its viewing.

Watch dial display

   The classic dark blue dial has rhodium-plated hour and minute hands and scales and is covered with a fluorescent coating. The chronograph dial uses the ‘8’ design to show the unique charm of the watch. With practical functions such as timekeeping and date display, show the outstanding practical performance of the watch.
Elegant details

Oval timing button display

Watch crown display

   The stainless steel crown and the full-colored stainless steel chronograph buttons complement each other. They are also polished and have smooth lines and soft feel. The crown is designed with non-slip texture, which makes the operation of the watch more convenient.

‘Drop-shaped’ lug display

   Another feature of the brand watch is the drop-shaped lugs, which are smooth and delicate, which enhances the watch’s recognition and adds its unique charm. The processed lugs emit a unique light and are very beautiful.
The originality of Parmigiani

Watch movement display

   With back-through technology, the movement of the movement can be observed through the transparent back cover. Equipped with Parmigiani’s own PF315 self-winding movement with elements of the Vaucher movement factory. This movement has two barrels and a power savings of approximately 42 hours.

Watch strap display

   With a tensioned Hermès leather workshop carefully crafted calfskin strap, the texture is soft and comfortable to wear. The strap is connected with a folding clasp to ensure the safety of the watch between the wrist and not fall off easily.

Watch overall display

Summary: As one of the very few independent watch brands with their own full production network, its work has always maintained freshness and vitality, just like this exquisite, operational dark blue classic timepiece, such as: The ‘drops’ lugs and ‘8’ style chronograph dials all have many of Parmigiani’s most distinctive brand DNA. Those who like this watch may wish to enter the brand’s physical store for details. Watch price: RMB 98,500