Eta 7001 Template For Manual Movement

It is perfect to describe a movement that has been discontinued but still has considerable influence in the industry as a ‘template’. Of course, calling ETA 7001 a ‘template’ is not only because of its influence, but also because it uses the simplest structure and the fewest parts to complete the wonderful presentation of a manually wound movement. ETA 7001
Basic information:
Manual winding, power reserve for 72 hours, functions: hour, minute indication and constant moving small second hand, diameter 23.3 mm, thickness 2.5 mm, 17 rubies, swing frequency 21600 times / hour
As an administrative region of Neuchâtel, Peseux’s name is not well known, but it is now a household name for its previous product Cal.7001 movement. That’s right, the 7001 is exactly this 7001. After being acquired, this movement was named ETA. ETA7001 has also become a pivotal model in the field of manual winding movements in the industry today.
随着 In the 1920s, with the development of the watchmaking industry, small studios producing semi-finished watches and clocks in Peseux began to form alliances, and gradually formed a certain climate. However, at that time, the name of Peseux was not transmitted as an official brand name, but rather as a comprehensive description of ‘origin’. Therefore, it is not surprising that few people know the name of Peseux today. Incidents also appeared in the quartz revolution of the 1960s and 1970s. Although it is quite large, the Peseux movement production group still does not have enough strength to survive the crisis, and was eventually acquired by the Swatch Group’s ETA and became a business unit of the group.
7001 was officially published in 1971, and since 1985, it has officially changed its name to ETA 7001. It is rumored that before the official name change, the 7001 was already well-known. In just over ten years, the output had reached more than 2 million, becoming one of the largest manual winding movements at that time. The brilliance after the name change is self-evident. With the powerful thrust of the ETA name, the ETA 7001 has become one of the most widely used manual winding movements in the watch industry. Due to historical reasons, ETA 7001 has encountered discontinued production. However, in view of its simple and reliable characteristics and excellent reputation in the industry, ETA reopened the production line in 1993 and continued production. However, it was eventually discontinued across the board in 2004. Although it has been discontinued, the huge circulation of ETA 7001 in the market and the good reputation accumulated in the industry make the influence of this generation of famous machines continue to this day and continue.
After ETA 7001 exited the stage of history, ETA continued to use 2801 and 2804 instead. The dimensions of these two movements are slightly larger, with a diameter of 25.6 mm (the diameter of the ETA 7001 is 23.3 mm), and the structure is a three-pin. However, overall performance still cannot be compared with ETA 7001.
Nomos ‘modified automatic winding device breaks down Nomos’ modified innovative escapement
Speaking of ETA 7001, we can’t help but talk about Nomos. Long before the ETA 7001 was announced to stop production, there was a rumor that Nomos would speak out, and that the self-produced movement would be fully adopted after the 7001 was discontinued. From the basic ETA 7001 that was slightly polished to the later use of sandblasting technology, 3/4 plywood, and precision adjustment methods (Nomos used to indicate the movement of the letter combination TSP is German precision adjustment Triovis Feinregulierung, stop seconds Alpha from Sekundenstopp and Glashütte 3/4 Platine / Plate (only the main splint of ETA 7001, containing more than 60% of its own parts), to Epsilon, which announced its own production ( Although it claims to be all self-produced, the shadow of ETA7001 can still be found.) On the one hand, Nomos fulfilled his original ‘commitment’ by using actual actions, and on the other hand, expressed his affirmation of ETA 7001 with his determination.
In the field of watches, there are countless models that have used or used ETA 7001. Someone once said that most of the small three-pointers below 40 mm in the market are ETA 7001. Although this statement is difficult to support with actual data and cannot be counted, it also tells from the side that this movement is widely used in the industry and has a profound impact. Finally, it may wish to list some brands: Blancpain, Omega, Athens, Zunda, Le Méridien, Nomos, Movado, Baume & Mercier, Ruibao, Merrill Lynch, Paco, Fiyta …