Emphasis On Developing Entry Product Lines Visit Mr. Gu Jitao, Executive General Manager Of Montblanc China

At the 2014 Geneva Watch Fair, Watch House was fortunate to interview Mr. Gu Jitao, Executive General Manager of Montblanc China. Through this interview, I believe that everyone will have a deeper understanding of this brand of watches .

Question: In recent years, Montblanc has made great progress in complex watchmaking processes. Does this mean that Montblanc will focus on the high-end market in the future?
Answer: Montblanc has two watch factories. The more historical one was established in 1858 and has a history of more than 150 years in watchmaking. Back to this question, we do have some complicated movements, hand-polished or 95% homemade watches, but Montblanc’s future development will mainly focus on mid-priced watches of 20,000 to 50,000, rather than high-end watches. . Because there are many brands in Richemont Group, more than 50,000, 100,000 and 200,000 are for other brands. As for whether we want to make high-end watches, of course, we will still develop. This is to give our consumers a message. If high-end watches can be made, then the lower-level ones can be done well.
Question: How did Montblanc perform in the Chinese market in 2013?
Answer: If you ask us, we will always be dissatisfied with our performance, just like you ask the actor that he will always say ‘the next movie will be better.’ So in 13 years, strictly speaking, we can do better, but many external factors and internal factors are also adjusting the company’s footsteps, so 14 years will definitely be better than 13 years.
Question: Many people know that Montblanc comes from fountain pens and leather goods. Will Montblanc focus more on watches in future marketing?
Answer: In fact, most of Montblanc’s energy in the past was promoting watches. We are one of the few companies that have a complete writing instrument in a watch company and are the only one. We also have leather goods, but we have all the marketing resources of the entire company Are tilted to the watch, and will not be out of focus because of our company’s many items. In comparison, writing instruments and leather goods have been made for more than a hundred years, and watches may be shorter, but we have spent a lot of time in promoting the professionalism of watches and luxury watches. Actually we do n’t do pen marketing, but it Always a leader.
Question: What do you think of the impact of Internet media on luxury users?
Answer: I think the big trend is like saying Singles’Day, No. 1 Store or Tmall, and that Chinese people have spent more than the United States on the Internet in 2013, so this is a trend. If you asked me three years ago that boutiques and luxury goods would be sold on the Internet, I would have a skeptical attitude, but now we have adjusted our pace and direction and joined this camp, so we will have ourselves in July of this year Montblanc China will be the first brand of Richemont to go online, so there will be many resources to support this project.
Question 5: What is the annual output of Montblanc movements?
Answer: In the past few years, we have always produced our own movements, including the fact that we have developed at least four movements a year in the Villeret watch factory and used them on different models. Series, each series will probably only produce 244 pieces. In the past few years, we have several series, such as timewalker series, 100 series, which are all movements tested by our watch factory after 500 hours. The production volume and sales volume of the movement are not positively related. On the one hand, we are not very convenient to talk about specific numbers, but we have been trying to find ways to make breakthroughs and improvements in the proportion and production of homemade movements.

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