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Dior Horlogerie Dior watches celebrates the Dior brand with enthusiasm, launched 10 unique watch treasures, watch numbers from 6 to 15, continue to change the colors from 2010 fairy tale.
The Dior Grand Soir watch blends Dior’s vocabulary with the watchmaker’s professional vocabulary, such as the rotor, movement, dial and precious strap. It is like an ode to femininity and color. Its elegance and elegance Delicateness reveals their secrets.
The gold case is equipped with Zenith’s Elite self-winding movement, carefully crafted dials and baguette-inlaid bezels, which show its preciousness everywhere, and the back is equally delicate and sophisticated: mother-of-pearl pendulum, setting Ingenious dial, hand-stitched ‘Christian Dior Paris’ label on the back of the pleated taffeta strap.

From left to right: Dior Grand Soir 6-7-8-10

 ‘Dior Grand Soir n ° 6’ The gradient from cinnabar red to deep red highlights the shimmering effect of gray moire silk. The bezel and lugs are set with carefully selected baguette rubies and spinels, and the inner ring of Tahiti black mother-of-pearl dial is set with diamonds.
The ultra-elegant ‘Dior Grand Soir n ° 7’ bezel alternates with dark blue sapphires and diamond-set ice-blue carved mother-of-pearl dials.
 The dial of ‘Dior Grand Soir n ° 8’ is like a corolla composed of 6 petals superimposed with finely cut white mother-of-pearl and scattered diamonds, exuding a soft and clear charm, highlighting the inlay on the bezel Of five different shades of rectangular aquamarine.
 “Dior Grand Soir n ° 10” is like a soft monochrome palette. The diamonds on the dial highlight the lavender rectangular amethyst on the bezel. The smoked quartz complements the pink mother-of-pearl and agate dial to create a Elegant and beautiful ensemble.

From left to right: Dior Grand Soir 11-12-13-14-15

 ‘Dior Grand Soir n ° 11’ sparkles green and yellow with jade and tsavorite garnet inlaid with diamonds, sapphires and emeralds, and dazzling yellow taffeta straps.
 ‘Dior Grand Soir n ° 12’ Reminiscent of the brilliant color combination of Dior, the turquoise dial is set with concentric white and yellow diamonds, the bezel is set with rectangular pink sapphires, and the black taffeta or crocodile leather strap In sharp contrast.
‘Dior Grand Soir n ° 13’ is warm and harmonious in green and blue-the white mother-of-pearl dial highlights-sapphire and emerald inlaid on the dial.
 ‘Dior Grand Soir n ° 14’ The brandy brown mother-of-pearl dial is strewn with smoky quartz and diamonds, the bezel is set with rectangular brown garnet, and the immaculate white taffeta strap forms a dialogue between fire and ice.
‘Dior Grand Soir n ° 15’ condenses the freshness of green, light pink and white. The pink sapphire on the dial and the chrome-bearing tourmaline crown on the bezel highlight the ethereal beauty of the floral motif of the pink, green and white mother-of-pearl dial.
Source: Dior