Chao Faner Walks Up: From Star-chasing To Watch-watching, No One Can Be Less

The word ‘fashion’ is very popular. Fashion in English is almost always hanging on the lips of some people and appears frequently in the press. The pursuit of fashion seems to have become commonplace, and when the general public is at a loss, they will focus the visual focus on the stars. Each type of male star will have a lot of followers, whether it is a pure young man or a mature man control. The following will let the Watch House take everyone to take a look at the types of watches that these male gods like, which is convenient for star chasing little whites to choose.

  Andy Lau: TANKMC Hollow W5310026 Watch

  Andy Lau is the perfect male god in countless hearts. Fashion, maverick, continuous innovation but loyalty to his own make Mr Andy Lau the best performer of Cartier timepiece series. He has the courage to break through the limitations and get rid of a single acting style, which confirms the motto of the Tank series-Tank, which never stops. Mr. Andy Lau has participated in more than 130 films and has won many awards, fully showing the brilliance and power of the Asian film industry.

  Cartier never follows the rules. While everyone used it as a trend vane and speculated about its new exotic orientation, Cartier unexpectedly turned his attention to the battlefield: the most powerful new weapon in World War I, the French Renault tank, inspired Inspired by Louis Cartier, in 1919, he created a revolutionary watch-Tank, with a perfect square. At this time Cartier Shanghai time art exhibition, Andy Lau attended the event again, showing his perfect fit with Cartier.

TANKMC skeleton W5310026 watch
  Cartier TankMC skeleton watch is a classic in Cartier’s work, using a palladium case, classic sword-shaped blue steel hands are elegant and unique, accurate time. This watch combines a masculine case with a contemporary hollow skeleton movement. Through the sapphire crystal glass surface, the wearer can feel Cartier’s superb watchmaking skills. After this innovative design, the hollow structured bridge interprets the Roman numeral time scales with exquisite methods, with a retro charm. The octagonal crown is set with a sapphire, and every detail of the case is unparalleled. In terms of power, the TankMC skeleton watch is equipped with a refined manual winding mechanical movement created by Cartier Watch Workshop-9611MC type movement, achieving rare treasures.

  Yifeng Li: Rolex Submariner Calendar Series 116613LN Watch

  Li Yifeng, known as the ‘National School Grass,’ won high popularity with his clean campus temperament and warm, jade smile on his debut on the national stage. Since the launch of ‘Gu Jian Qi Tan’, Li Yifeng’s popularity has been high, and his fans have grown tens of thousands. The young boys of that year are now increasingly becoming male gods. At the meeting, Li Yifeng made a handsome appearance with a red shirt and black trousers, with a simple and stylish style. In the interactive part, Li Yifeng was a quiet and quiet image of Baili Tusu in the anti-drama. Not only was the smile full, but also the ‘cold humor’ carried to the end, and the endless stream of cold jokes caused the scene to burst into laughter. The combination of its appearance and watch attracted more attention from fans.

(Picture from the web)

  Compared with niggas, more elegant than green ghosts, Jinjin Lao is a model of sturdy, reliable and comfortable sports timepieces, whether on the sea floor or at a dinner party. It will add a lot of color to the wearer on any occasion. Rolex continues to innovate on the submersible type. The new triangular pit bottom cover is tightened by Rolex watchmakers with special tools to completely seal the case. Added rotating scale outer ring for accurate calculation of diving time. The black dial of this watch contrasts with the luminous hands and hour markers, making it easier to read. The pure and elegant design and excellent functions quickly made it a classic.

Rolex Submarine Calendar 116613LN

  The submersible watch has a water-resistant depth of 300 meters. The rotating outer ring is the main feature of the watch. The specially designed pit pattern allows the wearer to easily operate even when wearing gloves or in water. Its progressive scale allows divers to accurately calculate dive time. To ensure safety, the outer ring can only be rotated in a counterclockwise direction, so miscalculation of the watering time and the remaining oxygen consumption can be avoided. In addition, the bright markings on the scale’s outer ring provide some visibility, even in any environment that lacks a light source. The textured 18K yellow gold-steel strap is integrated into the overall design, injecting a touch of dignity and elegance into the watch, while also highlighting the men’s exquisite quality pursuit.

  Nicholas Tse: Oris Time Master Calendar 0176176914054

  Swiss century-old watch brand ORIS is proud to announce that the well-known Asian actor and entrepreneur Nicholas Tse will continue to be the spokesperson for Greater China. The two sides will work together to inspire more sparks. In the new advertising image, Nicholas Tse explores his innermost self in the restless Hong Kong city, and all kinds of images directly point to ORIS ‘brand concept of loyalty to himself.

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  Perfectly presenting the bustling and gorgeous light and shadow flow of the city of Hong Kong, Nicholas Tse and ORIS launched a brand new advertising shoot, wearing the latest Artix analog moon phase watch this year. Capture the delicate balance of pulling between ambition and loyalty; showing the endless pursuit of perfection and authenticity for brands and actors. Nicholas Tse is not only an outstanding actor, but also has multiple roles such as singer, director and producer. Regardless of his role, Nicholas Tse is full of self-confidence, and maintains a professional spirit of perseverance and perseverance, which is echoing the brand philosophy of ORIS.

  Oris Time Master Calendar 0176176914054
  This watch perfectly matches the temperament of Nicholas Tse, showing the masculinity of men. Viewed from the outside, the black dial with a black leather strap, the moon phase display on the outer ring and the calendar display ring on the inner ring form a concentric ring, chic and elegant. At the same time, the nickel hour hand and minute are embedded with fluorescent material.

  In terms of power, the Oris Master’s analog monthly calendar uses the independently developed 761 movement, which is a witness of Oris’ technological innovation and continuous improvement of watchmaking technology. In addition to the traditional calendar display function, the watch hands can also display the moon’s operating cycle. The monthly calendar pointer moves every half a day, which can accurately indicate the moon’s running position, which is different from the previous moon phase display, allowing you to experience the sky on your wrist at a close distance.

  Qi Qin: Fiyta Aerospace Series GA8602.WBW

  This summer, the third quarter of the highly anticipated ‘Good Voice of China’ finally made a strong appearance on the screen. Qi Qin, a pop music senior from Treasure Island Taiwan, joined the camp of good voices as the audience expected. As one of the longest acting mentors, Qi Qin has a wealth of stage experience and a clear and round voice. On the journey of good sound music, Qi Qin and his students have brought countless unforgettable excitements to the audience. time. On the stage of good sounds, the oldest Qi Qin still maintains the youngest mentality. The watch he wears is also a sports model, and it is also Fiyta’s Chinese space watch!

  Since the show was broadcast, Yang Kun’s white vintage printed suit, Na Ying’s luxurious embroidered shawl, and Wang Feng’s black shirt have left a deep impression on the audience, while Qi Qin has been appearing in white short T, and careful audiences are not difficult to find, Qi Qin spent his mind on both hands. Various dazzling bracelets and simple appearance Fiyta watches won the favor of love song masters. When the song resounded on the stage of ‘Good Voice’, the Fiyta aerospace watch that entered the world that year was silently on Qi Qin’s wrist, recording this emotional moment he brought to us.

  Fiyta Aerospace series GA8602.WBW, this watch looks quite tough, the bezel and case are made of titanium alloy material, the surface is dark gray, and the small seconds dial at 3 o’clock is carved There is a ’10’ in honor of the successful launch of Shenzhou 10. The mirror is made of single-sided anti-glare sapphire glass, which makes it better for reading. At 3 o’clock is the AM / PM display and calendar display frame of the watch. Its timekeeping function is also very unique. It uses 45 minutes as a unit, supplemented by blue and green arcs as a warning to achieve ‘feature timing’ to meet space. Task’s need for time control.

  The GA8602.WBW watch is equipped with a Fiyta automatic multi-function mechanical movement that supports the watch to achieve powerful functions. At the same time, this watch can also withstand the test of high temperature difference, strong radiation and instant vacuum in space, as well as a water resistance of 100 meters, which is very practical. This watch is a ‘Shenzhou Ten Commemorative Model’. It is limited to 999 pieces and was launched on the launch of the Shenzhou 10 spacecraft. The market reference price is 13,800 yuan.
  Gu Tianle: Photographer Series GA8482.WCW
  In July, Fiyda’s new season advertising campaign once again invited Gu Tianle, the brand spokesperson, to shoot, and the love of time quietly bloomed on the wrist. In the filming, Gu Tianle repeatedly ran up and down the stairs in order to achieve a pursuit shot. This not only reflects Fiyta’s pursuit of perfection, but also reflects Gu Tianle’s dedication and persistence in his career. He was promoted from adolescent idols to be a star of strength, and joined hands with Fiyta in a series of acting films such as ‘Antidrug’ and ‘Escape from Born’.

  Gu Tianle is wearing a photographer series, model GA8482.WCW, with classic red, black and gray tones. The watch’s special black inner circle design is inspired by the shape of the edge of the camera lens. The three lines aligned at 1, 5, and 9 are like the bayonet lines on the camera lens. The surface of the disc is made of straightened sand to increase the mechanical metal texture. In the design, a double ring structure is used, and Arabic numerals are embedded in the gray ring to present the three-dimensional effect of the camera lens. As if wearing a miniature retro camera on your wrist. For a long time, Fiyta has continued to pay attention to the photography culture and explore everything related to time. The elegance of this watch reveals its sharp edge, revealing the stability after years of ups and downs.

Photographer series GA8482.WCW

Summary: With the trend of fashion, more and more stars like to wear accessories, watches are a very eye-catching match, not just for men, many female stars also like to bring watches, the style of watches can always be in To some extent, it reflects the temperament of the wearer. Each watch brand upholds different ideas and different corporate cultures, just like everyone has their own aesthetics and styles, so different brands will look for stars that fit the company as spokespersons, and different stars will also be based on their own Style to choose the right watch, the two will always reach a meeting point. It is undeniable that many brands now have a star effect, but this is not the only selection criterion. As long as you like it, the one that suits you is the best. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)