Burber Fifty Fathoms Conquering The Deep Sea Continue To Write Legends

Blancpain’s unique technical features and product characteristics have steadily established its pioneering position in the diving watch industry, with both safety, reliability, ruggedness and readability. Many leading advantages such as anti-magnetic and aesthetics make its achievements in the industry still unmatched by others. The Blancpain series of Fifty Fathoms is not limited to the original achievements, but has conquered one after another steadily. The pinnacle of diving watch development.

   Its handsome design has created the outstanding appearance of the Fifty Fathoms watch, and has been rated as the most fashionable wild watch by fashion magazines at home and abroad for several years. Every step forward, every technological innovation, every innovation and achievement is a shining pen in the development process of Fifty Fathoms, and it is also a glorious legend in the development history of human diving watches.

   Blancpain knows ‘only real understanding can stimulate passion’. Blancpain has long supported many important marine scientific research projects.
National Geographic
Geographic) jointly implement the ‘Primitive Ocean Expedition Plan’ that combines exploration, research, and protection. It aims to continuously explore the vast and mysterious underwater universe, show people the mystery and magnificence of the primitive ocean, and let more people Feel the extraordinary charm of the ocean, thereby guiding people to spontaneously respect and protect this azure territory belonging to all humankind.

   After several generations of innovative research and development, Fifty Fathoms, with its unique technology, has been deeply imprinted with the industry’s first, most professional, and most luxurious modern diving watch in terms of movement and appearance from the day of its birth. It has achieved historical achievements that are hard to reach and has an unshakable industry status.