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Breguet, the top watchmaking brand, will hold a month-long theme exhibition of ‘Beauty and Time’ at the boutiques in Xintiandi, Shanghai from September 4th to September 30th, 2014. The majority of Chinese watch enthusiasts show Breguet’s important watchmaking inventions and innovations for more than two centuries. To celebrate the grand opening of the theme exhibition, the famous conductor Mr. Tang Muhai will bring the Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra to the stage of the ‘Bao Di. Chuang Shi Ji’ theme concert at the Shanghai Concert Hall.

The Louvre Museum is renovated in the exhibition halls of Louis XIV to Louis XVI

In the long history of timepiece art, Breguet is not only a model of fine watchmaking, but also a heritage of history and culture. The Breguet brand has been committed to various cultural and artistic sponsorship activities for a long time, while protecting and inheriting human history and cultural heritage, it has continuously enriched the brand’s cultural and emotional value. In 2004, Breguet exhibited a series of exquisite antiques and rare timepieces at the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, celebrating the close connection between the brand and Russia for centuries. In 2008, Breguet financed the repair of Petit Trianon, the outstanding representative of French neoclassical architecture in Versailles, and was successfully completed in 2014. This is a precious visit to Mary Breguet. The most sincere tribute of Queen Marie-Antoinette. In 2009, some of Breguet’s precious timepieces were exhibited at the Louvre in Paris. These collections were exhibited at the Swiss National Museum in 2011. In June 2014, as the main sponsor of the renovation work of the Louvre Museum’s Louis XIV to Louis XVI exhibition halls, the renovated countless precious collections were once again presented to the world. In addition to its commitment to the preservation of historical and cultural heritage, the historical connection between Baodi and classical music has a long history. Many famous musicians, including opera master Gioachino Rossini, pianist Arthur Rubenstein, composer Sergei Rachmaninoff, and pianist Lola Astanova, are loyal fans of Breguet. Music sponsorship is also an important part of Breguet’s public welfare. Breguet has sponsored the Geneva International Music Competition for the 12th consecutive year. This sponsorship project is dedicated to supporting talented and unknown young artists to start their international music career.

Little Tyannon Palace — Mary. Beloved residence of Queen Antoinette

In order to celebrate the opening of the theme exhibition ‘Bao Di. Time’, on the opening day of the exhibition, the famous conductor Mr. Tang Muhai will bring the Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra to the Shanghai Concert Hall to play wonderful timepieces and music art. Mr. Tang Muhai was born in the art family, under the direction of conductor Herbert. Feng. Karajan has conducted many famous world orchestras including the Berlin Philharmonic. The first movement of the ‘Beauty. Time’ concert-Bach’s ‘Double Violin Concerto in D Minor’ will be performed by Mr. Tang Muhai and his beloved daughter, Su Susan, to Bach and Mr. Breguet’s outstanding achievements in classical music and fine watchmaking respectively A tribute to status and outstanding contributions; the second song ‘William. ‘Retirement’ is the work of Breguet’s distinguished patron, the famous Italian composer Rossini, which will bring us back to the era of heroes; the concert will be one of Beethoven’s most famous masterpiece ‘Symphony No. 3 in E major’ ‘Hero’ is the finale, paying the highest respect to the outstanding figures and their great innovations throughout human history.

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From September 4th to September 30th, 2014, you can go to the Breguet “Creation Times” theme exhibition in Shanghai Xintiandi boutique, where not only will the century-old rare antique timepieces be displayed, but also the greatness of Breguet Innovative inventions, you will have the opportunity to get a closer look at Breguet’s legendary history and outstanding innovations in the field of fine watchmaking.