Baucherie Marie Dragon Perpetual Calendar Chronograph Is A Model Of Timepiece Art

In 46 BC, the Egyptian astronomer Sosigenes formulated the basis of the modern calendar: a year is divided into twelve months, of which seven months have 31 days, four months have 30 days, and one month has 29 days, or 365.25 days a year, one day in four years. Later, the Roman Emperor Nishizawa extended the Julian calendar to all parts of the world, but the disadvantage of this calendar is that there is still an error of 0.0078 days per year. By 1582, Pope Gregory XIII proposed reforms, and any year that was a multiple of 100 but not a multiple of 400 did not have a leap year, which resolved the problem of errors; the Gregory calendar, named after it, still measures time. this.
    In this calendar, the number of days in different months is different. Normal mechanical calendar watches will only jump from day 30 to day 31. If the next month is less than 31 days, manually adjust to day 1.
    However, not only can the perpetual calendar watch automatically handle the days of the month and month, but also the leap year is accurate, which involves extremely complex mechanical structures, so the perpetual calendar is also known as one of the most advanced watchmaking technology. Today’s perpetual calendar system does not need to be manually adjusted until 2100. Although 2100 is a multiple of 100, it is not a multiple of 400, so it is not a leap year.
   For watch enthusiasts who love the perpetual calendar craftsmanship, the Bucherer Marie Long Perpetual Calendar Chronograph is a model of the art of timepieces: a date display at 12 o’clock, a week display at 6 o’clock, a month and leap year display at 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock The moon phase of the position is accurate for 100 years. This unique Bucherer movement also has a flyback timing function. The outer edge of the dial has a speedometer scale, which is consistent with the brand’s philosophy of focusing on practical functions. The Maliron Perpetual Calendar Chronograph is based on a movement developed by the Vaucher movement factory, but the details are modified in accordance with the original nature of Bucherer.
    Although the Marly Dragon Perpetual Calendar Chronograph is multifunctional, it has been carefully arranged by the designer, using different levels and modifications to make the layout and display clear and easy to read: for example, the hour timer at 6 o’clock and the minute timer at 9 o’clock And the small seconds at 12 o’clock, which are respectively embedded in the slightly concave calendar display, with black lines to delineate different scales.
    The central chronograph seconds hand, three-dimensional hour markers, the unique characters and numbers of Bucherer, the sword-shaped luminous hours, the minute hand, and three implicit black chronograph indicators put a new look on traditional perpetual calendar functions. The elegant silver dial is matt-finished in the central part, and the timer and minute scales are matte-treated to present a pleasing gloss contrast; the moon phase is lined with a silver moon on a carbon black background, and it also sees a rich contemporary design touch.
    The noble rose gold or stainless steel case has a timeless beauty. The satin-finished and polished finishes are pleasing to the eye, and the lugs are more contoured; the bezel is inlaid with a curved sapphire crystal; the crown and polished. The chronograph button is simple and elegant; from the back of the sapphire crystal, you can see the exquisite craftsmanship of the mechanical movement and the 22K rose gold rotor.
    The Mali Long Perpetual Calendar Chronograph stainless steel model is limited to 150 pieces, and the rose gold model is only 100 pieces worldwide, which is even more valuable. Watch collectors place the most emphasis on traditional craftsmanship, practical functions and unique and timeless appearance. The outstanding new work of Marcellon Perpetual Calendar Chronograph by Bucherer will surely win the connoisseur’s favor.

Maliron Perpetual Calendar Chronograph Technical Specifications

Movement: CFB 1904 self-winding movement, diameter 30 mm, thickness 7.6 mm, 49 stones, power reserve 50 hours
Function: timing, flyback, perpetual calendar, date display, week display, month display, leap year, moon phase display
Case: 18K rose gold, double-sided anti-reflective sapphire crystal, sapphire crystal back, water-resistant to 30 meters, diameter 42.5 mm, thickness 14.3 mm
Strap: Hand-stitched Lewis Anna alligator strap, 18K rose gold pin buckle
Limited edition: 100 pieces