At The Helm Time, Inheriting Precision Tag Heuer Aquaracer Competition Diving Series

Since 1860, TAG Heuer has always enjoyed a good reputation in the field of professional watches. AQUARACER is a very representative work, adhering to professional design, professional technology, and professional craftsmanship. AQUARACER’s diving series was founded more than thirty years ago. It was originally named Aqua and Racer. As its name implies, it has faithfully interpreted the TAG Heuer water sports tradition. Once launched, this series of watches has swept the world and has become a must-have for many professional events and professionals.

500 meters waterproof guarantee
Passed the most stringent and demanding test in the world-Swiss watch industry manufacturing and operation test.

Unidirectional rotating bezel
Rugged iconic design accessories and core safety features make it a recognized standard model for diving watches. Unidirectional rotating bezel can accurately measure diving time and protect user safety

Easy-grip knob and oversized screw-in crown
The 43 mm matte steel case is equipped with 6 knobs for easy operation when wearing diving gloves. High-grade frosted color coating, screw-in crown with double safety washers, dust-proof and waterproof.

Vertical striped dial
The special fluorescent markers on the hands and scales and the orange-tipped seconds hand make this watch readable even in dim light or underwater. The ‘500M’ mark is a large date display window next to 9 o’clock, which is prominent and easy to identify.

Automatic helium exhaust valve
Provides the necessary features for professional divers to operate at extreme depths for extended periods of time.

Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal mirror and case back
Visibility is better, the inner layer of crystal glass is anti-reflective.

AQUARACER 500m series

The new AQUARACER 500m series is the latest breakthrough of TAG Heuer. For the first time, high-tech precision ceramics have been incorporated, which is tough and durable, and has no fear of color even in the face of harsh environments; it is also noble and elegant when used in watches as it is light and moist. In terms of design, this series of watches pay more attention to the wonderful use of color, such as the red element used in the limited edition of the Oracle team; in the dial, hands and other details into the water sports blue, yellow, orange, making the dial design more eye-catching And diving is fun. At 10 o’clock, a polished stainless steel automatic helium exhaust valve is provided, which can help professional divers to work long hours in the deep sea.


Inspired by past masterpieces and collaborations with the Oracle team, the AQUARACER dive Calibre 72 countdown chronograph incorporates stunning modern technology to perfectly reinterpret the history of the Heuer rowing watches of the past, mastering type and pleasing to the heart . It is worth mentioning that the name Calibre 72 is also closely related to water sports, because the American team AC72 sailing in the 2013 sailing competition is exactly 72 feet in length.
The low-key and elegant black dial is equipped with a jumping red second hand and a 30-minute countdown hand, and a window countdown dial at 12 o’clock is easy to read. The countdown function can use three different colors to correspond to three 5-minute intervals, which can be used for 5, 10 or 15 minutes countdown, practical and pleasing to the eye. The black ceramic unidirectional rotating bezel is engraved with silver numbers and red lacquer ‘COUNTDOWN’.

Retail Price: RMB 42,000

AQUARACER 500M Calibre 5 Automatic Blue Ceramic Bezel

This watch is equipped with Calibre 5 mechanical movement. The blue dial with elegant horizontal stripes effect is also the most unique highlight of this model. Blue is like the vast deep sea and the magnificent sky, showing the free and free side of water sports. The diamond-shaped hands and hour markers inlaid by hand have fluorescent marks, the blue unidirectional rotating ceramic bezel is equipped with engraved silver paint numbers, and the automatic helium valve at 10 o’clock is finely polished. The waterproof depth of 500 meters is guaranteed, the design is elegant, and the color is bright. It is not only the first choice for water sports, but also suitable for daily fashion.

Retail Price: RMB 19,500

AQUARACER 500m U.S. Oracle Team Limited Edition

 AQUARACER’s ‘U.S. Team’ limited edition, which is the watch worn on the wrist of the Oracle team members in this competition. It integrates various professional-grade safety functions and combines with special red racing elements. Powerful and colorful, the design is unique. AQUARACER watches and chronographs pay tribute to the Oracle team in red. The red ‘TEAM USA’ or ‘DEFENDER’ engraving, the red helium valve, and the red chronograph hand jump out of the black wavy black dial. Water-resistant to 500 meters, black unidirectional rotating bezel for measuring time limit, and a sapphire crystal back cover. The logo of the fleet is dotted with black lettering on the back cover.

Retail Price: RMB 34,300

AQUARACER 500M Calibre 5 Stainless Steel Rose Gold

This is another diving watch not to be missed in the AQUARACER camp. The precious 18K rose gold material makes the overall performance more luxurious. The black dial with straight lines, the large second hand with the orange arrow echoes the solid rose gold unidirectional rotating bezel, revealing a vivid and dynamic style. With a black rubber strap and stainless steel buckle, it is safe and comfortable to wear. It is a durable and high-performance diving equipment, as well as a design with high-end luxury style.

Retail Price: RMB 39,200


In the 1980s, AQUARACER diving watches have been highly sought after by water sports enthusiasts, but for women at the time, their AQUARACER diving watches were more like downsized male diving watches. In 2013, TAG Heuer luxuriously presented the latest AQUARACER LADY women’s watch. Changes in time, technological leaps and aesthetic changes have witnessed the more elegant and feminine process of AQUARACER LADY women.

The new Aquaracer Ladies Watch with its sparkling surface and rounded curves pays tribute to the eternal resonance between women and water. Using the most exquisite and precious materials-coral rose gold, sparkling diamonds and sensual mother-of-pearl, they present a perfect match. AQUARACER’s inspiration for scuba diving is the muse of Bo Derek in the 1980s. The American movie star Bo Derek became famous for starring in the movie ‘Perfect Beauty’ and ‘Tarzan’. At that time, she almost became the embodiment of scuba diving. Since childhood, she has always loved beaches and water sports, and she was hailed as a perfect woman with a perfect score of ten. Bo Derek still loves today’s diving watches. She believes that diving watches can also have powerful functionality and elegant appearance, which can be worn when attending various major occasions, and it is suitable to match all kinds of jewelry and dresses.

AQUARACER LADY Women’s Diamond Watch 27MM

18K 5N Rose Gold, 47 Top Wesselton Diamonds (0.48CT)

For the first time, stainless steel and rose gold were applied to the AQUARACER series, with more rounded curves and ingenious designs that set off a strong feminine feel. Distinctive elements and exquisite design complement each other in the ‘H-Link’ bracelet: the wide bracelet is embedded with rose gold in the middle, and is surrounded by narrow curved edges and polished stainless steel. The fixed bezel has three facets and six diving bolts unique to the diving series, all made of 18K 5N rose gold. The lines on the two-way textured dial are transformed into rippling blue waves, sparkling under the reflection of mother-of-pearl, making the theme of water diving series sublime again.

The submersible women’s watch is exquisite, delicate and elegant, and the integration of elements such as the screw-in crown adds a little calmness to women, which is a professional performance of luxury diving watches.

              Retail Price: RMB 50,700

New AQUARACER LADY Women’s Automatic Watches 34MM and 40MM Automatic Watches
Stainless steel rose gold watch with automatic movement

These two more luxurious diving watches, made of 18K 5N rose gold, are equipped with an automatic movement, which makes elegant and charming women become beloved partners of men who love diving sports. It is undoubtedly swimming in the ocean of love. It is a moving interpretation of eternal love.

This Aquaracer ladies’ watch is equipped with Calibre 5-the first self-winding movement, clearly visible through the scratch-resistant sapphire crystal case back.

Retail Price: RMB 29,000 RMB 16,200

AQUARACER LADY Women’s Watch with Diamond Dial 34MM

The 34MM Submersible Watch with diamond dial creates dazzling charm for you. The two-way textured dial is set with 11 top Wesselton diamonds set on the hour marker position. The submarine watch takes into account the practicality of sports while emphasizing the beauty of decoration. The Calibre 5 automatic movement is visible through the sapphire crystal case back.

Retail Price: RMB 32,700