Apparatus 51 Metal Series Is Newly Listed, Join Swatch’s Mechanical Revolution Together

Swatch device 51 launches metal series. As the starting point of the general public’s exposure to high-end mechanical watches, the new device 51 metal series watch is designed by Swatch for those who advocate simple, classic style.

   The difference between the device 51 metal series and the device 51 series is the application of a large number of metal materials. The device 51 metal series uses high-performance and durable metals to bring Swatch fans and new users an innovative mechanical watch created by Swatch with a modern design. Especially designed for business meetings, art exhibitions, weekend adventures and other occasions, the new installation 51 metal series watches still have all the characteristics of the installation 51 series, a mechanical movement made of 51 parts, using a center screw Has an extraordinary 90-hour kinetic energy storage and 17 patent applications. Only this time, its design is more modern and modern.

   The design of each of the 51 metal series watches is like a high-value work of art, and the modern and modern temperament is self-evident. The 51 metal series watch is the first mechanical watch to be produced using a fully automated assembly line. Each watch is assembled in accordance with the excellent quality and precise timekeeping made in Switzerland, delivering unparalleled innovation value.

   Each of the 51 metal series watches uses a 316L stainless steel case and excellent dial processing technology, which is playable on both sides and has an extraordinary temperament. Viewed from the front, it is simple and atmospheric; from the back, you can find its true charm. The see-through watch back looks like a mysterious window, showing the wearer a charming picture of the inner workings of the watch: printed with personality The patterned 51-piece mechanical movement, a central screw, and a ring-shaped automatic tourbillon and balance wheel are all installed very precisely and automatically wound without batteries.

   For Swatch, the device 51 metal series is an important step to bring high-quality Swiss-made mechanical watches to millions of consumers at affordable prices. The entire collection incorporates more metal materials. It consists of 7 exquisite models, using a more textured rubber strap, high-grade cushioned leather strap and metal strap, and ultra-bright luminous hands.

   The appearance design of the device 51 metal series is mature but not luxurious. At the same time, the modern back perspective design embodies Swatch’s iconic creative design. For Swatch, the core of the device 51 metal series is still ‘Swatch’, and it also opens the door for the general public to contact luxury high-end mechanical watches.