A Watch That Makes You Can’t Help Moving At A Glance

Best Sports Watch Award
Seiko Spring Drive Spacewalk Commemorative Edition
Laureate: Shu Yoshino, General Manager, Seiko
A watch that can’t help moving at a glance.
Model SPS005J
Titanium case, size 53 × 48.7 mm
Electromechanical movement with 72 hours power reserve
Limited to 100
Reference price: 24,000 Euros
    On November 18, 2010, the 10th Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève was held at the Grand Theatre in Geneva. It is said that the sword has been sharpened in ten years. The ‘Geneva Watch Award’, the industry’s premier benchmarking watch selection, has gone through ten years of hard work. Has it now grown into a ‘shangfang sword’ in the watch industry?
    The Geneva Watch Awards has been held for 10 sessions. You sing me on stage. At the end of each year, the Grand Theater of Geneva has become the focus of attention around the world because of this selection. As the most influential watch selection award in the watch industry today, the Geneva Watch Awards was once considered to be the most comprehensive award selection with the most complete selection mechanism. However, following the selection of the Geneva Watch Awards for several consecutive years, no trace of the Swatch Group’s watches was found, and many friends around him also questioned it. Checking the results of previous selections, there is no record of winning the Swatch Group’s brands, and even the candidate seats are not available. Some even began to question whether the Geneva Watch Awards did not include the Swatch Group’s ‘consideration’. There are also doubts as to whether the Swatch Group and the ‘Geneva Awards’ have a ‘unclear’ relationship like the Geneva and Basel exhibitions? In this regard, I contacted the organizers of the Geneva Watch Awards.
    Sebastian Whitestone, chair of the Geneva Watch Awards and a historian and watch expert, said: ‘The Geneva Watch Awards is open to all watch brands worldwide, without any nationality and price restrictions, and for all candidates It’s free. ‘This kind of content also clearly appears in the first article of the’ Selection Regulations. ‘ In addition, the ‘Selection Regulations’ also has a provision that every candidate must submit detailed product information to the organizer within the specified date. As a result, two possibilities arise: one is that the Swatch Group’s brands do not meet the award criteria; the other is that the Swatch Group as a whole is not very cold about this award held in a ‘foreign country’, Refuse to participate. In my opinion, many models of the Swatch Group have enough strength to participate in various awards. For example, the Breguet Naples small self-sounding watch, with its wonderful engraving of the ‘flying dove’ shape, is definitely a strong competitor of the ‘Best Female Watch Award’. However, in the end, she was not even in the ‘candidate’ column, so it was difficult to make people wonder. In addition, the Sport Evolution Impact series launched last year by Glashütte uses four shock-absorbing brackets made of special rubber to ‘overhead’ the movement. Based on this design concept, it can also compete for the ‘Best Sports Watch Award’ one by one. Fan. In the same way, this watch has no trace in the entire selection. There are many more examples I want to list, such as Blancpain’s Three Questions Caruso, Omega Disc Coaxial Escape Tourbillon, and so on. These styles with far-reaching influence in the industry have never been selected for the Geneva Watch Award. Of course, I am not saying that the relevant awards must be selected in these tables, but even nominations are unavoidable. It needs to be stated here that I have not at all questioned the meaning of the results of the Geneva Watch Awards, and the watches that won the awards are also excellent enough. For example, Seiko Spacewalk, who won this year’s ‘Best Sports Watch Award’, is good, gratifying.
    An important aspect of this year’s Geneva Watch Awards is the emergence of non-Swiss oriental brands-Seiko Spring Drive Spacewalk watches won the best sports watch award. When Mr. Shu Yoshino, General Manager of Seiko, stood on the podium with many Swiss watchmakers, the small body was the focus of the audience. This is not the first time Seiko has won the Geneva Watch Award (Seiko won the ‘Best Electronic Watch Award’ in the 6th Geneva Watch Award with its first-generation E-Ink watch in 2006), but it is the first time that Seiko has jumped out of its Good at quartz and electronic technology, and the recognition of the Geneva Watch Award through design and manufacturing strength, it also shows that Seiko is maturing in watchmaking.