Langer Table Time Explorer

It is often the new faces who lead the times. One example is LANGE 1. After years of repairing the divisions in various European countries, the Lange watch factory returned to the watch industry under the leadership of this watch. Fifteen years ago, LANGE 1 added a new dimension to the field of horology with a new concept of timepieces and unprecedented watchmaking technology. This model is a model of design, and has long been on the top of the watch’s classics. Today, Lange presents another landmark: precise and clear mechanical hours and minutes display. The watch world is once again led into a new era by new faces. The name of this new face is: Lange Zeitwerk. ‘I close my eyes to see.’ Lange’s movement engineers and designers also used the famous French painter Paul Gauguin’s creative motto when exploring and delving into unknown areas. They conceive and design from a comprehensive perspective in order to create a watch that has developed and refined in all aspects. Progress is often the result of curiosity. At Lange, people often ask, ‘Can the principle of a mechanical watch be convincingly combined with modern time display?’ The answer is: the first truly convincing mechanical watch with a jump-type display. This is a watch that interprets time in a new way in the era of great change. It not only gives time a new look, but also lays a new way for watchmaking. It embodies and transcends the essence of time. More precisely, this watch allows its owner to have a completely new understanding of the concept of time. The renewed design concept just rightly reflects the transformation of the watch’s appearance: the ‘time bridge’ in German silver spreads its wings across the entire dial, framed by large numbers in the horizontally arranged hour and minute windows. Then it extends downwards to surround the small seconds dial, harmoniously combining the three time measurements of hours, minutes and seconds. The convex crown points upwards, as if looking forward to a movement that swings upwards, and has a beveled groove that is easy to hold. The power reserve indicator on the upper third of the dial tells the owner exactly when to rewind the movement. Lange ZEITWERK has a symbolic name, a watch that is absolutely clear and easy to read. Unrivalled size, time can be read clearly with a quick glance. With a slight tick, in an instant, the minute display moves forward step by step, until the whole time, the watch will take a big step forward. At this time, all three digital disks immediately jump to the previous unit at the same time. Here, the recording time has become a noteworthy ‘event’. 11:59 is the perfect moment for the finale-announced the arrival of ‘noon’ in the form of a wide screen. The second hand started slowly along the track of the second dial. Seeing its calm pace, time seems to slow down. There are thirty seconds left. Hold your breath. Next: 10 …. 3, 2, 1 — tick–12: 00. A small step in a watch is a big step in horology. Underneath the extraordinary surface is an equally revolutionary movement. The diameter is 33.6 mm, which occupies the entire interior space of a gold or platinum case with a diameter of 41.9 mm. The watch must advance all three dials at once every hour at the same time. This action requires sufficient energy to push. The energy of this watch comes from a new barrel with a special mainspring. This patented design simply reverses the sacred winding / unwinding principle. When the watch is wound, the barrel bearing with higher friction power is involved, but when the mainspring gradually loosens, the barrel gear will turn to the bearing with the least friction. This allows more torque to drive the watch and push the hour and minute dials. The constant power escapement (also patented), mounted between the barrel and the balance of the barrel, acts as a regulator before the hour and minute jump-such a tiny device is also likely to be unprecedented. When the digital disk is accelerated and stopped, the force generated is far beyond the strength normally encountered by the movement. In order to absorb these forces, a wind wheel regulator is installed in this mechanism. When it rotates, the blades expel air like a fan; this resistance consumes most of the power, ensuring smooth and smooth switching. At the same time, the constant power escapement also plays a significant role in stabilizing the movement time of the movement. During the entire 36 hours of autonomous watch operation, no matter what the winding condition of the mainspring is, and it is not affected by the energy-consuming switching process every minute, it can drive the balance wheel with almost the same power throughout. In addition, the balance wheel is equipped with an eccentric balance weight and a balance spring made by Lange Watch Factory to precisely control the vibration frequency. Like the name of ‘A. Lange & Söhne’, this watch is a mark of innovation and progress, but it also adheres to the value of classic horology. Through the sapphire crystal case back, you can watch the meticulously crafted L043.1 movement. In addition to many new technological devices, of course, 3/4 plywood, hand-carved balance wheel plywood and screw-fixed gold sleeves are indispensable — every Lange watch has an enviable noble character. With an elegant appearance and outstanding connotation, Lange Zeitwerk is not only a timepiece with potential and can be handed down, but it also strongly reflects the personality and taste of its owner. Whether you open or close your eyes, it can give you a new time experience.