Omega Strongly Supports International Orbis And Its Ophthalmology Flight Hospital

Since its establishment in 1982, Orbis International has launched projects in 90 countries to provide local partners with medical training, equipment, and technical support to compensate for preventable blindness. Come unfortunately. Benefiting from these programs, more than 23 million patients have been treated, and more than 250,000 ophthalmologists have received professional training.

  At the only flying eye hospital in the world, Orbis brings many dedicated eye specialists and pilots together to send the gift of light to the world. Local doctors, nurses and staff members and Orbis medical team exchange medical knowledge in the cabin operating room, laser treatment room, aseptic sterilization room and rehabilitation room to improve the technology and level of treating blindness. In a classroom that can accommodate up to 48 people, doctors gathered to hold lectures, seminars, and observe the ongoing operations in the operating room of the Flying Eye Hospital.

  OMEGA cooperated with Daniel Craig, a famous movie star and brand celebrity ambassador, to let more people understand the efforts made by International Orbis in treating preventable blindness and eye diseases.

  To celebrate the cooperation with the International Orbis Organization, Omega has launched four special edition watches: the disc flying series HourVisionBlue ‘Bright Blue’ watch, HourVisionBlue ‘Bright Blue’ calendar and two different size constellation series Star watch.

  Omega promises to donate a portion of the proceeds from the sale of these special edition watches to support the charity of International Orbis and its Eye Flying Hospital. The move also provides an opportunity for watch lovers, especially Omega enthusiasts, to do their part for charity and help this humanitarian agency fight preventable blindness worldwide.

  ‘We are very excited to continue our cooperation with Omega’, said Jenny Hourihan, President and CEO of International Obis, ‘We are very pleased to introduce a special edition watch, which will help strengthen the Awareness of preventable blindness. With the support of Omega, International Orbis will be able to reach and treat more patients with eye diseases, reduce the number of blindness worldwide, and add color to more lives. ‘

  ‘Bright Eyes’

  A documentary about international Orbis work

  Omega has collaborated with the International Orbis Organization to produce a documentary, “Ther Eyes” (ThroughTheirEyes), which records the trip to Mongolia by internationally renowned movie star, Omega ambassador Daniel Craig and Orbis’s professional medical team. In this 26-minute video, Craig visits the Eye Flying Hospital, witnesses the great work of these medical volunteers, meets with patients, and feels the tremendous changes that the extraordinary Orbis organization has brought to their lives .

  The Eye Flight Hospital was parked on the runway of Ulaanbaatar Airport, the capital of Mongolia. In the cabin, Craig watched the eye surgery that restored the patient to a new life. The film presents a strong contrast to Mongolia through the pictures of Mongolians racing on the grasslands and riding a motorcycle through the crowded streets of Ulaanbaatar. The most touching thing is the relieved expression of the family after the children recovered their eyesight, and the local nurses’sincere thanks to the Orbis team-the professional training of the Orbis team has enabled them to provide treatment services for local patients.

  Omega Constellation Special Edition Star Women’s Watch

  According to the cooperation agreement, Omega promises to donate a portion of the sales of each Constellation Star Women’s Watch to support the international Orbis and its eye hospitals to continue their outstanding cause worldwide.

  The Omega Constellation Star27mm women’s watch uses a distinctive blue dial, which is polished by the sun’s rays to shine uniquely. The dial is decorated with 18K white gold elements, and the hands are coated with SuperLumiNova white luminous coating. The stainless steel case with the stainless steel bracelet and the diamond-studded bezel give the eye-catching and timeless look to this special watch.

  This outstanding timepiece is equipped with Omega’s unique 8520 coaxial movement. With the wear-resistant sapphire case back, the subtle operation of this self-winding chronometer mechanical movement is clearly visible. The Constellation Star27mm model is also equipped with a Si14 silicon hairspring, which can minimize the impact of vibration or the external environment on the watch’s travel time.

  The Omega Constellation Star24mm female watch is slightly smaller in size, and its dazzling design is the same as that of the 27mm model, while it is equipped with an accurate and reliable Omega 1376 quartz movement.

  Omega HourVisionBlue ‘Bright Blue’ Watch

  The Omega HourVisionBlue watch is a special member of the extraordinary HourVision watch family. It has a 360-degree see-through case body that is embedded in the extremely tough 41 mm stainless steel case.
  The Omega HourVisionBlue watch is equipped with the Omega 8500 coaxial movement, which is an innovation in the field of mass production mechanical watchmaking. This self-winding watch has been awarded the Swiss Official Astronomical Observatory (COSC) certification for outstanding timekeeping accuracy. The three-layer coaxial escapement allows the hour hand to be adjusted independently without affecting the movement of the minute and second hands. It is very suitable for those who often travel long distances and need to adjust the time zone frequently.

  Through the polished screw-in sapphire back, the perfect operation of the Omega 8500 coaxial movement is clearly visible. The Omega HourVisionBlue watch is water-resistant to 100 meters (100 meters / 330 feet).

  The sun-polished blue dial has been specially designed to make this watch more attractive, and HourVisionBlue’s name ‘Bright Blue’ is truly worthy of its name. The arched hour, minute and second hands are made of 18K white gold. The date window is at 3 o’clock. The Omega HourVisionBlue watch comes with a black leather strap.

  Recently this special watch series gloriously launched a new HourVisionBlue ‘Bright Blue’ annual calendar, and equipped with Omega 8601 coaxial movement. This watch has an annual calendar function, and only needs to be manually adjusted once a year on March 1. At the 3 o’clock position of the dial, there is a month and a calendar window.