Lange Will Add Two New Boutiques In Autumn

Lange will open two new boutiques in New York and Moscow. For Lange CEO Wilhelm Schmid, the two upcoming boutiques reflect the international success of Saxony Watchmaking, ‘these two stops are important cornerstones of our global distribution strategy . This is an important way to achieve our goal of becoming the world’s most influential brand. ‘Lange successfully found top real estate in well-known locations in these two cities, thereby guaranteeing the watchmaking hobby in these two key markets They can get a real and in-depth brand experience. By the end of this year, Lange will have 13 major boutiques and sales points in 62 countries around the world.

New York boutiques will open on Madison Avenue, one of Manhattan’s most lively shopping streets, and watch lovers will be able to get up close and personal with these micromechanical masterpieces in this two-story boutique, this boutique It will officially open in early September. This is Lange’s second boutique in the United States, following Palm Beach.

In the same month, Lange’s first boutique in Russia will also open in Stoleshnikovpereulok, one of Moscow’s most exclusive shopping districts. Warmly welcome guests and Lange watch fans. Since Lange’s entry into the Russian market in 2000, Russia has now become one of Lange’s important strategic markets with a growing group of brand enthusiasts. This boutique will officially open on September 23, 2014. The location is Near Stanislavsky Theatre.

Since Lange opened the brand’s first boutique outside of Germany in 2008 in Shanghai, Lange has become the benchmark for Saxony precision watchmaking in Germany. All boutiques have one thing in common: the interior design concept reflects the colors and materials of the brand’s logo-carved panels and sandstone elements. Representative collections and highly qualified in-store consultants will show customers: this is a place full of Lange’s history and brand philosophy, showing the home of the brand’s unique innovative technology combined with traditional craftsmanship. (Picture / Text Watch House Xiao Sen)

There Is An Escapement Called Double In History

In the field of pocket watches, they can often be heard to mention the two escapement mechanisms common in the big eight watches: ‘seconds and a minute and a half seconds’, ‘seconds and a minute’ is ‘beating seconds’ Meaning, the second hand jumps by one second; ‘second and half minutes’ means ‘shoot half a second’, the second hand jumps by half a second, but according to my actual measurement, it is not a real half-second, run for one minute, the second hand jumps 140 times, that is Jump for 3/7 seconds, slightly less than half a second. The official Chinese name of ‘second and half minutes’ is ‘duplex wheel escapement’ and English name is Duplex Escapement, commonly known as ‘tangle escapement’, because the static teeth of the compound wheel are slender triangular tines. The double wheel escapement is a type of non-free escapement. It was invented by Baptiste Dutertre around 1730 AD. It was improved by the famous French watchmaker Pierre Le Roy in 1759 and became a type of watch Escapement.

   The compound wheel escapement consists of two components: a compound wheel and a balance wheel. The balance wheel assembly is composed of the balance wheel 1, the impacted column 2, the grooved cylinder 3, etc .; the compound wheel is composed of the stationary teeth 4, the impact teeth 5, etc. The impact teeth were originally designed as another gear stacked on the stationary gear. That is, the compound wheel was originally called the ‘compound wheel escapement’ because the two gears are superimposed on each other. Later it was improved to the status quo. The compound wheel has steel or copper products. Copper products are commonly found in British clocks and watches.

   When the balance wheel swings counterclockwise, the A stationary tooth slides out of the groove of the grooved cylinder 3, and the compound wheel rotates clockwise under the driving force of the spring through the gear. The impact teeth 5 of the compound wheel impact the balance wheel. The strut 2 (a ‘beep’ sound is emitted at this time), the balance wheel gains power to maintain swing.

   When the stationary tooth B impacts the impacted column, after the stationary tooth A slides out of the grooved cylinder, the stationary tooth B rotates clockwise by a certain angle, and collides with the grooved cylinder to stop (at this time, a “click” sound is issued. ), After the balance wheel swings into place, it rebounds under the action of the hairspring and swings clockwise.

   After the balance wheel swings clockwise into position, the balance wheel returns to counterclockwise swing under the rebound of the balance spring. When the B stationary tooth enters the groove of the grooved cylinder, it completes a cycle of movement. The compound wheel escapement oscillates back and forth once on the balance wheel, and then the power is transmitted from the compound wheel to the balance wheel once. Because the two sounds of ‘click’ and ‘click’ are separated for a short time, the sound heard is similar to ‘嚓 — 嚓-嚓’ — ‘. Duplex wheel escapement is commonly found in big eight watches and other simple function pocket watches of the same period. It is also found in two-minute or even three-minute watches of the same period. Of course, the two-question and three-minute watches with compound wheel escapement are combined. It is rare and is a rare treasure. Duplex wheel escapement is also commonly found in clocks. It is easier to see it appear on our ‘national treasure’-Su Zhong.

   It is worth mentioning that, in order to reduce friction (the relative sliding friction between the stationary tooth and the grooved cylinder), the advanced method of the grooved cylinder is made of ruby. In the Chinese market, eight regular enamel watches and It is easier to see in the gold case pocket watch in the non-Chinese market, but it is difficult to find traces in the eight-piece silver case, which was a large commodity in the Chinese market at that time. Generally, cheap and easy-to-make steel products are used. I have encountered a large eight-piece silver watch with a silver case with a double-wheel escapement made of a rubbed cylinder with grooves. Please cherish it. Everyone should pay attention when collecting. (Text / picture watch home think time)