Watches-sparks From F1 Performance Tires And Fine Watchmaking Roger Dubuis Excalibur Spider Skeleton

Roger Dubuis’s current major Excalibur Spider series has been cooperating with supercar maker LAMBORGHINI since the launch of the co-branded model in 2017, but the topic brightness has not fallen, but the time is a little bit further, In fact, the inter-industry alliance strategy of the Excalibur Spider series has been launched as early as SIHH in 2017. At that time, the brand launched the Excalibur Spider Pirelli double tourbillon watch on behalf of its partnership with Italian tire manufacturer PIRELLI.

Pirelli has been the exclusive tire supplier for the Formula 1 race since 2011. It can be seen that PIRELLI tires have also played a vital role in the highest-level racing world, so the cooperation between the two parties can be said to complement each other’s current positioning and development. The current ‘Pirelli’ joint version of the Excalibur Spider series, in addition to the aforementioned dual tourbillon, Roger Dubuy has also successively launched versions with more colors and automatic winding hollow models, such as the recent SIHH 2018 and Geneva not long ago The DBEX0705 (black DLC case with white rubber), which was once unveiled at the auto show, is one of the latest members of this joint series.

Pirelli gene
The Excalibur Spider series ‘Pirelli’ joint versions are all shown in a black DLC titanium case, which highlights the cool design of motorsport and the lightweight design concept pursued by the car industry. When it comes to PIRELLI, the first material to be associated with is of course the rubber of the tire. Therefore, it can be found that the crown of this watch is covered with a layer of (white) rubber. On the one hand, it is connected with PIRELLI. The use of rubber material also has substantial effects such as anti-slip, convenient use, etc. This new Excalibur Spider Skeleton Automatic Pirelli is different from the previously released blue, red, yellow and other color schemes in the color of the bezel and the scale ring on the outside of the dial. The new change is the grooved bezel The contour and hour markers are filled with the same color as the rubber crown (the previous version did not include color), and the scale ring on the outside of the new dial is also changed to black (the previous version echoes the color of the rubber of the crown). ), The adjustment of this adjustment makes the minute scale of the new work more clearly, and the disk space has the effect of magnifying the visual sense.

Star hollow concept
Since the launch of the Excalibur Spider series, this series has not only established Roger Dubuis as a sporting style that was relatively rare in the past, but also used the brand’s good hollowing technology to make it more thorough. This self-winding watch is equipped with the RD820SQ machine. The hollow effect of the core and face plate penetrating through the case and back is incomparable with the highly complicated dual tourbillon. Among them, the fixed bridge with the barrel as the center is made much like a The stars on the dial are charming, and the bridges are treated with carbon gray rhodium plating, which echoes the DLC case. Another advantage of this model is that it is self-winding, with a 60-hour power reserve, there is no need to worry about daily use, and Roger Dubuis flips the miniature automatic disk to the side of the face disk, and the automatic disk is surrounded by a bridge The surface of the plate has tire-like texture, which can strengthen the sports personality of the watch; the hollow design makes the watch’s micro-automatic dial appear to have a deeper vertical space (that is, if it looks from a side angle, the automatic dial Quite thick), which may also take into consideration the efficiency of the watch on the chain. Another point that must be mentioned is that this watch continues the brand’s tradition and obtained the Geneva Seal certification, which is different from the common form. The model is engraved with the Geneva Seal at about 3 o’clock on the faceplate, without turning to the back of the watch. You can see at a glance the technical level of fine workmanship and stable quality.

Brand the victory on the field
There must be some attractive selling points for the joint models. In this case, the rubber cover alone is certainly not enough to bring out the F1 imperial pedigree of PIRELLI tires. Generally, racing watches equipped with rubber straps are not lacking. The surface of the strap has some decorative patterns similar to the tread pattern. However, the collaboration between Roger Dubuis and PIRELLI is more than just a surprise. The rubber strap with the model is dual material-the frame and back are generally used as watches. The rubber material on the belt, and the rubber on the front is not small. PIRELLI provided the tires that have been used in the F1 victory. The irregular undulations on it are as bright as a medal of merit. You can imagine this. Of the 88 works in limited editions, each ‘Victory Tire’ texture and the part taken from the tire will be unique. Rotating to the back of the strap, as before, Roger Dubuis embossed PIRELLI’s classic tire pattern, and the groove was filled with white that echoed the crown (the color of the stitching of the strap itself also follows the crown. The color of the rubber changes). The exclusive design of the strap highlights the value of the joint collection of the two brands, and it is also a rare case in which the strap is as topical as the watch itself.

Faster and faster release systems
Changing the strap is a way for the owner to show his personality. However, the traditional watch design makes it difficult for the owner to remove and replace it by himself. It often depends on the assistance of professional stores and masters. This has been gradually improved in recent years. The optimization trend, such as the Excalibur Spider Skeleton Automatic Pirelli, has a very convenient strap quick release system. There is a closing switch in the center of the back of the lug. You can remove the strap just by pulling the switch and pulling it up. ; Similarly, as long as you press the strap straight back into the groove of the lug, you’re done. It’s quite easy to operate. And it’s not just a strap. The buckle also has a quick-release design. The watch owner can turn the buckle counterclockwise first and then pull it up to separate the buckle from the strap. There is no need to rely on any tools during the process. Disassembly and assembly can be completed with bare hands inside, which is a big plus for the practicality of the watch.

Black DLC titanium material / RD820SQ automatic winding movement / hour and minute display / Geneva mark / sapphire crystal mirror, transparent bottom cover / waterproof 50 meters / table diameter 45mm / limited 88 / reference price: 490,000 RMB