Wonderful Continues The Watch House Interview With The Famous Watch Expert Conway Kai

On September 30, 2015, 2015 Watches and Miracles-Grand Opening of Asia’s High-end Watch and Clock Fair. This is the third time for the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre to host the Asian High-end Watch and Clock Fair. At this show, the Watch House interviewed Converse, a senior watchmaker.

Watch House: Can you talk about Vacheron Constantin 57260 at this exhibition?
Conway: The appearance of this exhibit has enhanced the status of this exhibition. 57260 is a very significant exhibit. Looking back at the history of humans making complex movements and watches, the last shocking work was Calibre, the 1989 150th anniversary of Patek Philippe
89 pocket watches. And this Vacheron Constantin 57260 broke the Patek Philippe Calibre
89 pocket watch is the most complicated record! But the watch has another record, which is still held by Patek Philippe 5175. So simply calculate from 1989 to 2015, 26 years apart. It’s such a long time before such a shocking watch appeared, is n’t it full of expectations? On the other hand, look back at the Patek Philippe Calibre
The causes of 89 and Vacheron Constantin 57260 are slightly different. They were born for different reasons, Patek Philippe Calibre
The birth of 89 was to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Patek Philippe, and Vacheron Constantin 57260 is another sequence meaning.
   There are many rich people in the world who like watches very much, and they will exchange most of their savings for the most complicated watches of their time. This has happened many times in history. For example, Queen Antoinette of Louis XVI found Breguet and made the most complicated watch at the end of the eighteenth century. But this watch did not finish for decades, until Queen Mary went to the guillotine. But Breguet insisted on finishing the most complicated timepiece at the time. And in the 1930s, there was a banker in the United States named Graves. I also paid a lot of money to find the most complicated watch made by Patek Philippe. This watch was the later ‘Henry Grafors ultra-complex pocket watch’! This is the case with the birth of Vacheron Constantin 57260. 57260 was custom-made by a Jewish giant who wanted to reflect their own nationality on this watch, so 57260 is a watch that reflects the Hebrew calendar particularly.
   The owner of the watch and Vacheron Constantin also have an agreement that this watch cannot be photographed under any personal name. And this 57260 came to this watch exhibition is likely to be the only show, after the show will be delivered to the owner of this watch. Therefore, 57260 adds a bright color to this watch exhibition! Everyone is very concerned about the price of 57260, the factory price of this watch is estimated at about 100 million yuan!
Watch House: There are more new watches on display at this exhibition than in previous years. Does this indicate that it will be held in Hong Kong next year?
Conway: On the second day of the show, all kinds of news are available. Don’t dare to add comments. However, I am more sure that the format of Asia’s fine watch exhibition will always exist. But whether it will be held in Hong Kong depends on how the agreement between FHH and Richemont Group and the organizer is signed. The agreement of the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre is three years. This year is the last year. Of course, there are different opinions. In some cases, Hong Kong will continue to host the event, and business will continue as usual. Others said that Hong Kong would not host a conference in Singapore. But no matter what, Asia’s fine watch fairs always exist!
Watch House: As an expert, what other activities are you participating in besides watch-watching this time?
Conway Kai: Actually, the day before the show opened was the 260th anniversary of Vacheron Constantin, and I happened to be lucky enough to participate. At this celebration dinner, I first met Vacheron Constantin 57260.
Watch House: Which one of the exhibits are you most impressed with at this show?
Conway: So far, I am very impressed with Jaeger-LeCoultre and Panerai’s exhibits. Especially the Jaeger-LeCoultre geographer real second watch, although this watch is a mechanical watch, but made a second hand of the quartz watch hop by hop. Very few brands will do this feature now. Jaeger-LeCoultre presents the revival of this ancient tradition. Panerai is more targeted at the market. The new models are perfect from the shape of the case to the arrangement!
Watch House: Do you plan to continue working as a media player in the future?
Conway Kai: Because of his passion for watches, he has been doing watch distribution for 12 years. In this atmosphere, everything is calm and comfortable. So in the future, no matter what the carrier is. Wherever my audience gets information on haute horlogerie, where will my voice and opinion appear? Since the media is now a boom, and can accurately monitor the number of people reading, I have always insisted on doing this. In the future, I will appear wherever you get the information of the clock.
Watch House: Since there are many media, do you think that one batch will be eliminated in the future?
Conway: This is inevitable. Everything has to go through the process of rushing into the sand, not that everything can be seen immediately.
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