Domineering ‘military Watch’-panerai 2019 New Design

At the 2019 Geneva International Watch & Clock Fair, the most eye-catching men’s attention is the overbearing Panerai watch. Its orthodox military watch blood is undeniably hot. The Submersible Marina Militare Carbotech ™ stealth series carbon fiber watch pays tribute to the historical partnership between Panerai and the Italian Navy commando, and re-enacts the most breathtaking heroic legend in watchmaking history. This watch is made of only 33 pieces, which is the same number of gold medals of courage awarded to the members of ‘Comsubin’ by the Italian government.

Panerai Submersible Marina Militare Carbotech ™ Stealth Carbon Fiber Watch

  Those lucky enough to own this watch will have the opportunity to participate in the training session of the Italian Navy diving commando ‘COMSUBIN’ and enjoy a unique experience, and this rare and precious opportunity Panerai will only present to its heroic loyal supporters Stingy
  For more information on the 2019 Geneva International Haute Horlogerie Show, please pay attention to the live feature of Watch House:

Glashütte Original Opens The First Local Glashütte Boutique In Daqing

Glashütte Original will open the first local Glashütte boutique in Daqing, a city of hundreds of lakes. As the inheritor of German watchmaking craftsmanship in 165, every minute part of the Glashütte watch movement is carefully polished by hand, decorated with exquisite artificial carvings handed down for centuries. Each movement is 100% self-made, bearing the history of German century-old watchmaking and superb watchmaking skills.

 At present, there are very few top watch brands in the industry that can meet such strict requirements and tests. Glashütte, with its unique German watchmaking style, truly belongs to the niche luxury watch maker. It is one of the top watch brands in the world with 100% of its own mechanical watches equipped with its own mechanical movement. Glashütte is a symbol of original and high-quality watches, and a natural reflection of Germany’s outstanding achievements in engineering and manufacturing.
 Glashütte’s boutique opened in Daqing Department Store in the heart of the city. Established in 1938, the old-fashioned department store is full of years, blending with the rhythm of the modern city, and providing the most advanced consumption to every customer who aspires to fashion life. The Glashütte boutique is located in a building. Its world-class watchmaking technology and outstanding timepieces will add a superb beauty to the Daqing Department Store.
 Glashütte’s opening and location not only means that the brand attaches great importance to the development of Daqing’s luxury goods industry, but also shows that the brand has gradually set its sights on the northern market, and is determined to make Daqing a key market in the northern region. In this land, the development of top German luxury watches has been expanded.
 The perfect timepieces and exquisite structures in the boutique are clearly displayed in front of the people. Its simple design inherits the rigor and pragmatism of the Germans. Under the warm light, Glashütte timepieces show the beautiful beauty. Here you can get in touch with the world of German culture and art represented by Glashütte.
Explore the Glashütte Store for yourself:
Dalian Dashang Jinhua Daqing Department Store
Address: No. 22 Huizhan Street, Saltu District, Daqing City
Phone: 0459-6662218

PanoGraph interprets modern classics
The evolution of modern chronographs
 The release of PanoGraph heralds a classic resurgence, and is an outstanding representative of the development of horology today. Twelve years ago at Baselworld, Glashütte launched PanoRetroGraph. This watch showcases the essence of German superb watchmaking technology, the asymmetrical dial design is amazing, the novel ‘flyback’ chronograph mechanical technology, thirty minutes accumulated, immediately won praise from critics and customers. Limited editions of 50 platinum watches will soon be sold out. After the release of this watch, the rest of the Pano Eccentric series were also listed as hand-made mechanical watches, of which PanoGraph was first exhibited at the Baselworld in 2002.
 Today, Glashütte launched PanoGraph, as brilliant as ever. PanoGraph uses a larger case (40 mm in diameter) and a larger dial, highlighting the unique asymmetric visual effect of the Pano Eccentric series that leads the modern trend. The new design concept favors a larger round case. On the left side of the dial is an interactive hour / minute dial and a small second dial. The large Glashütte date display is as striking as the previous model at four o’clock. . This watch’s extraordinary thirty-minute flyback chronograph features three scales every ten minutes and three separate hands, a modern interpretation of the original design. The two buttons of the chronograph function are located at the four and two o’clock positions of the case, and the dial is marked with ‘Start-Stop’ and ‘Fly Back’ in black font. The latter is used to reset the chronograph hands and the former is used to count .
 PanoGraph uses a red gold case. The hour dial, hour hand, and flyback chronograph hands in the main dial are rose gold, and the second hand is also rose gold. The visual effects of this watch are simple and clear, reflecting the beauty of simplicity and harmony; like all dials of the Pano eccentric series, this design is based on the golden section ratio, which has been respected by artists from ancient times to today and is used in their excellence Art, music and architecture.
 At the center of this extreme watch is a manual winding movement 61-03 designed by Glashütte. The manual winding timing device in the traditional conversion wheel controls a variety of timing functions, including start, stop, zeroing and flyback functions, and can be reset to zero without stopping first. All these functions can be controlled with two timing buttons on the right side of the dial. Through the sapphire crystal case back, the classic features of the collection and the craftsmanship of the Glashütte movement are clearly visible, including the three-quarter splint decorated with Glashütte’s traditional threads, gold sleeves, balance screws and gooseneck trim. PanoGraph comes with a black Louisiana alligator strap or brown frayed alligator strap that is slightly wider than previous models.

Montblanc Star Classic Automatic Watch Introduction

Reliable, precise and durable, these are the three main criteria for evaluating the performance of advanced mechanical watches; all manufacture watches from Montblanc watch factory in Le Locle, Switzerland, are strictly tested. ‘500-Hour Test’ (500-Hour Test), to ensure that the quality meets the three indicators of reliability, accuracy and durability. Reliable, the performance of the watch is trustworthy; the accuracy, the accuracy of the travel time reaches the level of precision timepieces, such as the travel time error will cause users to miss the time to bring inconvenience; durability and longevity are also critical, because of the purchase of expensive high-end machinery Watches are expensive, like investing in collectibles.

 The beauty of the star classic rose gold automatic watch is that it is mature and elegant, the size is the same, and the simple functional layout-just like exquisite cufflinks, patterned and implicit tie, elegant pocket towels and shiny leather shoes, It’s all the must-have elements of gentle and elegant Jun Yan. In recent years, the classic gold watch is much less powerful than before, and often retreats from the second and third tiers, but many enthusiasts have never diminished their enthusiasm for subtle elegant watches. It is naturally overjoyed to see the Montblanc star classic automatic surface world. .
 The star classic automatic watch is available in 18k rose gold and gold models, as well as a gold and steel case with an 18k rose gold bezel and crown model. There are also two stainless steel models with a black alligator leather strap.
 Star Classic Automatic Watches will be on sale at Montblanc stores and designated dealers from June 2012.