Swiss Radar Chengdu Hendry Flagship Store Reopened

In the early summer season, the world-renowned watch brand Swiss Rado watch Chengdu Henderly flagship store reopened with its new store image, leading the fashion city in southwestern China to welcome the Swiss Thin Real Thinline The new lightness of the watch from the collection. At the opening ceremony on June 14, Mr. Michael Wan, Vice President of Swiss Rado China, and Mr. Wan Jianfei, a well-known Taiwanese artist Chen Jianzhou (black), appeared together to witness the wonderful moment of reopening; at the same time , Swiss radar also showed its latest True Thinline series, with its ultra-thin and light-weighted thickness of only 4.9 mm, it shared with Rongcheng the fashionable summer without burden.
Swiss radar design pioneer highlights Rongcheng style
   Swiss Radar Chengdu Hengdeli flagship store’s transparent and bright, neat and simple space is the perfect performance of Swiss Radar’s unique forward-looking design. Swiss Radar was the first Western watch brand to enter Chengdu. At that time, the first store was this exclusive store created with Chengdu Hendry. It has gone through 17 cold and hot days so far, not only witnessing the prosperity and development of Chengdu It also shared the creative spirit of Swiss radar and Chengdu Hengdeli, who dared to be the first and fearlessness of each other, showing the significance of the flagship store reopening. Mr. Michael Wan, Vice President of Swiss Rado China, said in a speech at the scene: ‘The use of high-tech materials to achieve forward-looking design is the essence of the Swiss Rado brand. In this spirit, Swiss Rado watches continue to innovate and establish the watch industry repeatedly. Milestones, like Chengdu with both historical accumulation and modern thinking, are always facing the future and writing future history. ‘
Taiwan’s well-known artist Chen Jianzhou perfect interpretation of RADO Swiss radar watch thin series light and fashionable
    Chen Jianzhou, a famous Taiwanese artist who specially visited the event, not only witnessed the important moment of the re-opening of the Swiss Radar Chengdu Hendry flagship store, but also generously shared his love for the Swiss Radar with the watch and his experience with the watch: ‘ Swiss Radar True Thinline series of light and comfortable features not only suitable for summer wear, simple and neat design whether with business, formal wear, leisure, sports and other occasions are eye-catching. The extreme lightness of only 4.9 millimeters and the weight of only 35 grams is even more admirable for the pioneering attitude and breakthrough spirit behind it. ‘