Panarai, The Personality Choice Of Sportsmen

The story of Stallone and Panerai began as a chance encounter. For the first time, Panerai, who was in love, appeared in Stallone’s movie for the first time. After that, he asked Panerai to make the film ‘Daylight ‘The underwater lens makes a watch called Submersible. After two successful collaborations, he once again asked Panerai to make 200 limited edition Luminor watches with white dials and named them Daylight Slytech, and Sly is Stallone’s nickname. Once launched, these watches were immediately sought after by collectors. Today, this watch is already worth a staggering amount.
Panerai vs Stallone, chance encounter is not accidental
经典 The birth of this classic watch should also be attributed to Panerai’s impressive watchmaking technology-the traditional heritage of officially designated watchmakers that has been favored by the Royal Italian Navy for more than 50 years. In 2004, Panerai modified the Daylight series and equipped it with an accurate chronograph movement. Since then, this 44mm Luminor Chrono Daylight has been one of Panerai’s most prestigious high-end sports watch series.
Character, derived from quality
众多 Among many famous watches, Panerai does not have a gorgeous appearance, nor does it have a rooted Swiss descent, but these cannot hide his pragmatic and unique qualities. Although he is not inconspicuous, his followers are a group of pragmatic pursuit of inner strength, coupled with his royal identity derived from the Italian Royal Navy, making Panerai more trustworthy.
The starting point of every detail design of the watch comes from the wearer himself. For example, the chain links are smooth and angleless in both vertical and horizontal directions. The complex technology is difficult to recognize at a glance, but the wearer can feel unparalleled comfort. degree. As for its waterproof and shockproof performance, it has been fully interpreted in Stallone’s movie ‘One Thousand and One Hundred Days of Fire’. Whether it is gas, landslides, seawater immersion or explosives, it is just a breeze for Luminor Marina.