Watches Are Not Just Porters Of Time

A watch is really an interesting object. Sometimes it will give you an illusion. The mechanical movement of every minute and every second seems to be alive but it is silent. They seem like a bystander, but one day, it will Tell you with your proud voice that it is also full of tenderness and tenderness. They are not time porters but tellers of time stories.

Visionary, build a school for a watch

   With the growth of China’s luxury consumer market, over the past ten years, top global watch brands have entered China one after another. Chinese consumers have changed from simply “owning” a watch to “appreciating” its unique taste. And stories, up to the ‘investment and collection’ of its brand value. As consumers mature in the consumption of complex-function watches, the requirements for after-sales service have become more important. Patek Philippe believes that the technical requirements for maintaining and repairing a watch are tantamount to making a brand new watch. Only Patek Philippe-trained professionals can maintain and take care of Patek Philippe watches. For this reason, Patek Philippe decided to build a talented school for her watches in Shanghai, China, just like the Swiss Watch Academy, only dedicated to training watchmakers.

   Since the establishment of the Talent Center, Patek Philippe has planned a long-term development plan. Recruitment of the second phase of the trainees officially began in February of this year and lasted two months. Firstly, through the recruitment of local talent resources companies to publish recruitment information in major cities, and went to three universities in Beijing, Suzhou and Tianjin for campus recruitment, and received more than 750 resumes. Different from the first phase of recruitment, in the first round of interviews, tests to test the dexterity and stability of the students’ hands were added. After preliminary screening, a total of 34 people entered the written and operational examination stages. Through the final interview, the students of the second period were identified. As in the first period, the male to female ratio is 1: 1.

Patek Philippe Talent Center Phase 2 Trainee and President Mr. Terry Stein, Director of International Customer Service Center, Mr. Lauren Kantin

   In conjunction with the establishment of the Talent Center, in 2012, Patek Philippe’s Shanghai Customer Service Center was newly upgraded. From the original No. 18 Bund store, it was relocated to a new independent site of Yifeng Bund Source covering an area of ​​nearly 1,000 square meters. The interior space is strictly in accordance with the global uniform standard of the Geneva headquarters, creating a completely transparent and dust-free repair room, which provides the best ‘medical’ environment for watchmakers and each watch. All maintenance and inspection equipment of the service center are imported from Patek Philippe’s Geneva headquarters, and the Geneva professional team in Shanghai completes the installation and testing in person.

Patek Philippe Shanghai Customer Service Center

   Patek Philippe’s customer service team in China is composed of a professional team of watch technology from China, Switzerland and other countries, and has received a rigorous and complete watchmaker’s multi-level training system from Patek Philippe-each at least 4 weeks, and level by level Increase the difficulty of the course. All professional training is held at the Patek Philippe Geneva Training Center, designed to give every Patek Philippe watch technical professional a high degree of control over every watch skill.

   Patriz Philip, President of Patek Philippe, said, ‘As a family-owned company, we always adhere to the highest quality customer service experience. Only Patek Philippe-trained professionals can maintain and take care of Patek Philippe watches.’ Following the requirements of Patek Philippe’s mark, the brand will always provide the most sincere customer service as its highest purpose. For each consumer, while owning the ultimate quality of Patek Philippe watches, they will also enjoy the guarantee from a professional customer service team to adhere to the heritage of the Patek Philippe brand.

No thoughts, ‘only for her’

   When the watch announced that the obscure treatment of gender consciousness was a trend, more and more watches no longer have sex. Men’s watches and women’s wear have even become the love of many girls. But recently, BVLGARI Bulgari launched a new watch series specifically designed for women-LVCEA series in her 130th anniversary. At the new product launch conference of the series, Shu Qi became the spokesperson for Bulgari Greater China with her absolute feminine charm.

Behind the scenes of Shu Qi shooting BVLGARI Bulgari LVCEA ‘best time’

   When the goddess of charm Shu Qi wore the new LVCEA ladies’ watch, she made a stunning appearance, showing a charming temperament and a strong aura. At the same time, she displayed an extraordinary unique personality. Her words and manners showed her personal charm. ‘Bulgari has always been my Favorite brands. What attracts me most to Bulgari watches is the integration of jewellery design concepts, just like the newly released LVCEA today. I also appreciate the concepts of ‘time’ and ‘light’ conveyed by LVCEA . For me, a beautiful watch can light up the best time for a woman at all times. ‘And Shu Qi’s absolute image of a woman also shows that Bulgari’s new LVCEA series is only for women. Thoughts.

Bulgari’s new LVCEA ladies’ watch

   The name LVCEA is derived from the combination of Italian ‘luce’ (‘light’) and Latin ‘lux’ (‘luxury’). This new watch series is inspired by the power of light and interpreted in the beauty of beauty. The rich and charming connotation of contemporary women-full of power, elegance, sensuality and energy. Its glittering round case symbolizes the passing of time, meaning the past and present are continually condensed, and the bracelet draws inspiration from Bulgari’s classic Serpenti serpentine series, and the scales on the winding bracelet show architectural geometry Aesthetically polished metal instead. Each bracelet is seamlessly linked together. In Bvlgari’s classic style, the powerful lines of the bracelet perfectly balance the gorgeousness of the round case.

   And Bulgari, who is renowned for high jewelry, still has not forgotten her original intention as a high jewelry maker, and a clear gem is embedded in the crown of each LVCEA work, which has become The iconic features of the LVCEA watch symbolize the fascination of women from the inside out, while also highlighting the brand origin of Bulgari originating from high jewelry.

   This theme’s diverse watch collection is a tribute to women’s subtle yet rich personality. Like the same mirror, LVCEA shows the femininity of femininity, but at the same time highlights the extraordinary personality charm. Bulgari, with a 130-year legendary history, constantly tells the world about its classic artistic legends with rich Italian aesthetics. Today, LVCEA once again demonstrates Bulgari’s creative magic of turning endless inspiration into a tangible gem, demonstrating Bulgari’s unique and bold style. This style of work will surely become another classic of Bulgari, continuing the beautiful legend of the charm brand from ancient Rome.