New G-shock X Eminem 30th Anniversary Limited Edition Chronograph Watch

According to Watch House, Eminem is an American rapper. Its style type is: Hardcore Rap. Eminem’s biggest breakthrough is to prove that white people can also intervene in the world of black rap (RAP), and have achieved great success. At the same time, his rebellion has not only been loved by American teenagers for a long time, but also has been criticized in public opinion. Eminem’s total number of trophies has reached third place in history, behind Madonna and Peter Gabriel. G-Shock has launched a new 30th anniversary limited edition chronograph watch, which can be described as tailor-made for Eminem.

 According to the House of Watches, the biggest fashion event in the world recently must be the G-Shock 30th Anniversary Party hosted by Casio. We have invited celebrities from all walks of life and well-known media from around the world to bring this G-Shock 30th Anniversary Party to Higher visibility.

 The most popular part of the audience must be the performance of Eminem. It seems that one person can support the entire Party. Those familiar songs will definitely make you feel passionate. Eminem has also been a supporter of G-Shock, and he has been seen wearing G-Shock in many shows.

 The venue was selected in New York. We can see many familiar faces, such as ERIC HAZE, JOEL CENTEIO, STEVIE WILLIAMS, PEDRO BARROS, Chinese celebrities KEVIN POON, EDISON CHAN, etc., some of them are with G-Shock 30 Anniversary special launch. On the scene, you can see the product wall of G-Shock’s special display for the 30th anniversary, from which you can feel the watch culture of G-Shock.

 According to the watch house, G-Shock released a commemorative model in collaboration with rap superstar Eminem at the 30th anniversary celebration. The model is GDX6900MNM-1. The dial is printed with the Eminem letter ‘E’ and the strap is printed with The outline of Eminem’s hometown Detroit, with Eminem’s signature ‘Shady’ printed on the dial, will go on sale in December for $ 180.

Amy Watch Releases ‘only Watch 2015’ Ingenuity Watch

Le Méridien presents an exceptional blue timepiece for the Only Watch 2015 charity auction. This unique ingenious gravity watch incorporates Le Méridien’s many well-known designs, including watch factory-made machines. Core, silicon escapement, eccentric time-division display, vivid color layout, main bridge decoration “Vague du Jura” Jura tide pattern, all in the eye-catching POWERLITE® alloy (titanium, aluminum, zirconium, magnesium and ceramics Alloy, strong and light).
   This watch is unique in its design, showing the oscillator and escapement on one side of the dial. Through the ‘box-shaped’ double-sided anti-glare sapphire crystal, the movement parts are even taller; the small seconds dial is set at 5 o’clock Position, spanning two areas, part of which lies on the open balance wheel, clever use of depth and curve, to give the dial a layered three-dimensional look.
   For the first time, Le Méridien’s Gravity watch series is equipped with an all-silicon escapement system. The escapement system is independently developed and manufactured by the brand.
   Through the sapphire crystal case back, you can admire the ML230 automatic movement inside. This is an innovative masterpiece that is an inspiration and challenge to tradition. It not only accurately displays the time, but also communicates with the wearer in a creative way.