Showing Extraordinary Taste The First Choice For The Social Freshman Mechanical Watch Entry

The bright sun was sprinkled on a black square hat, the square where the sound of cicadas and laughter intersected, the phoenix flower on the ground became the most beautiful red carpet, and finally came the graduation of phoenix flower season. A group of enthusiastic graduates with dreams and ideals has emerged from all over the place. In the current interview, in addition to clear speaking, logical thinking and professional skills, how to make the interviewer make a good first impression, punctuality is even more important. A ring.
   Tissot, a Swiss professional watchmaker, has been repeatedly designated as the official designated chronograph manufacturer for international sporting events. It has continuously launched numerous high-quality and exquisite watches of ‘gold and silver prices’ for 162 years. In the summer of 2015, Tissot watch carefully prepared a simple and elegant TISSOT Tradition classic automatic watch for fresh people. The exquisite design and affordable price make it the first choice for fresh people to buy mechanical watches.
Exquisite taste, professional and punctual good impression
   The rigorous interview set, if matched with accessories that can show their own characteristics, will not only increase self-confidence, but also greatly increase the overall shape. Tissot launched the TISSOT Tradition classic automatic watch in the summer of 2015. It is equipped with an automatic movement 2892-A2 and is exclusively listed in the three markets of China, Hong Kong and Taiwan at a great price.
   Elegant and elegant ultra-thin case design, with the classic sword-shaped scale and the softness of the scales 6 and 12, the dial has no other complicated designs except the date window. The time is clear at a glance, and every moment is accurately grasped, which makes the society new to the workplace fresh. People can maintain the virtues of punctuality and show respect for others and themselves.
   Tissot watches adhere to the spirit of combining innovation with tradition. The curved lines of the TISSOT Tradition classic series automatic watches further show the open-air shuttle watch’s nostalgia for traditional nostalgia. The black and white simple dial is staggered with a stainless steel strap and a leather strap to add vitality to a stable atmosphere. Together with professional watchmaking technology, it is a classic that allows fresh people in the society to easily highlight their own style and taste. Watches.

Immortal Legend Athens Freak Tourbillon Watch

Ulysse Nardin (Athens watch, hereinafter referred to as UN) produces only 30,000 watches per year, which is indeed not surprising in size, but it is such a Swedish company whose novel design is frequently Outside surprises. The founder Ludwig Oechslin (Ludwig-Oklin) inspired by his wild imagination, Freak series of watches is an immortal legend of UN. Stunning listing

AkFreak is a tourbillon watch that appeared in 2001. It abandoned the traditional ‘single-axis escapement’ and adopted the ‘bidirectional escapement’ for the first time. The case has also become an integral part of the watch’s operation, because the mainspring of the watch covers the entire case, and the winding mechanism can be driven by the rotation of the case. Although the mechanical device is complicated, it is hidden under the simple shape design. In the next few years, UN will use Freak watches as a platform to showcase its innovative craftsmanship, and will launch Freak DIAMonSIL and Freak Diamond Heart. Today, the new Freak Diavolo, based on Freak, is a testament to UN’s creativity. Freak Diavolo’s hairspring is made of silicon, and the newly developed excellent material LIGA (deep electroforming molding technology) nickel is used in the core part. Unlike the oscillators used in other Freak watches, Freak Diavolo is equipped with a flying tourbillon device with a seconds display. The flying tourbillon can be centered every 60 minutes with the support of two ball bearing devices. Rotate around.
Driven by UN’s continuous creativity, I believe there will be more and more fantastic Freak watches coming out one after another, let us wait and see.