Eiffel Tower Tribute To Outstanding Contribution Scientist

Every change in the era is accompanied by the development of science and technology. Looking back at history, we can’t help but lament the greatness of science. In the timepiece, the rotation of the hands represents the flow of time, and the delicate timing mechanism is condensed into the square inch of the wrist. I have to lament the legend that the complex structure is contained in mustard seeds. Breguet, as a legend in the watch industry, its development is inseparable from science, and the birth of each timepiece is no different from a scientific crystallization. Today, the Watch House is here to share with you the story of Breguet and science.
  The four faces of the Eiffel Tower are engraved with the names of 72 French scientists, engineers, and other celebrities. Gustave Eiffel remembers their contributions. Abraham-Louis Breguet’s grandson Louis-Cremont Breguet (1804-1883) became one of the commemorated scientists for his outstanding contribution to the telegraph system. He has invented countless electronic instruments. For example, the telegraph machines used in many countries at that time were designed and developed by Louis-Crémont Breguet. In addition, he also created a series of remote communication systems, which effectively improved the safety of railway operations. Facing La Bourdonnais, the last name of the Breguet family member can be found. He was appointed to the Longitude Committee in 1843. Received the Medal of Honor from the Paris Army in 1845 and a bachelor’s degree from the Paris Academy of Sciences in 1874. It was promoted to the Office of the Legion d’Honneur in 1877. His son Antoine Breguet (1851-1882) graduated from the Polytechnique. The most promising engineers at the time were all alumni of this school, and Anton Van Breguet was the first person to introduce a Bell telephone to France.

  All greatness deserves respect, and every step of scientific progress keeps us away from ignorance. The Eiffel Tower engraved the names one by one, and only the weight of the tower can bear their weight.

Lange Lange 1 Tourbillon Perpetual Calendar Handwerkskunst Watch

Lange LANGE 1 Tourbillon Perpetual Calendar Handwerkskunst limited edition watch, limited edition of 15 pieces. This watch fully demonstrates the Saxony watchmaking skills of the Lange Manufacture, which is extraordinary.

   LANGE 1 TOURBILLON PERPETUAL CALENDAR HANDWERKSKUNST combines two classic and complex devices with the classic design of Lange’s famous watch LANGE 1. The perpetual calendar display is cleverly arranged on the dial, and the watch has date, week, month, leap year and moon phase display functions.

   The dial is crafted in white 18K gold and incorporates rare tremblage carving and relief technology. All the hand-made details are meticulous, and this is the first time Lange has used hand-painted methods. The blue numbers show the big calendar.

HANDWERKSKUNST is also suitable for the decoration of the brand’s homemade L082.1 movement. The traditional decoration contrasts with the new movement design.

   The highlight is the platinum 950 case with a diameter of 41.9 mm. The Lange logo and version number on the case back are engraved by hand. This rare collection will be unveiled at the Haute Horlogerie “Clocks and Miracles” in Hong Kong in September 2013. This model is limited to 15 pieces and is only available exclusively at 11 Lange stores worldwide. For more watch details, please stay tuned for Watch House.

Watch parameters:
Movement: L082.1 movement produced by Lange, self-winding
Parts: 624
Jewels: 76
Screwed gold sleeve: 5
Escapement: lever escapement
Power reserve: 50 hours
Function: time display hours, minutes, seconds; patented seconds stop device, tourbillon and big calendar, week, month, leap year, day / night perpetual calendar, moon phase display
Case size: diameter 41.9mm thickness 12.2mm
Strap: black hand-stitched crocodile leather strap
Buckle: Lange platinum folding buckle
Limited edition: 15 pieces