Brand History: Swiss Amy Long Watch

Emile Chouriet founded the Swiss Amy Long watch from 1685, is one of the oldest watch brands.

 For more than 300 years, Amy Long has been in the ranks of famous watches for its superb clock decoration art and accurate and reliable timekeeping. From the beginning, Amyron has been committed to the special color enamel decoration of the case, and its decoration technology reached the forefront of the time, which also created a watch that is not only a simple timer, but also an elegant and perfect decoration history. At that time, Emilon’s small watch accessories became a feature of Geneva, which was loved by the Swiss nobility and the Chinese and Turkish courts at that time.
 At the end of the 17th century, Amyron produced a precision pocket watch, calling it an ‘oignon’ pocket watch, which created a history of watch accessories.
 At the beginning of the eighteenth century, Emilion began to manufacture watches with hand-engraved patterns on the dial and case. Emilon began to become the world’s top watch accessories.
 In the eighteenth century, Emilion used the gems mainly used for movement bearings for watch case decoration through breakthrough inlay and cutting technology.
 To this day, Amyron’s designers have been adhering to the master’s exquisite technology, designing unique ‘wings of time’ series models, which sell well in domestic and foreign markets.
 At present, Emilon Watch is a member of the Swiss Watch Association in Geneva, and its company headquarters is located in Geneva, the watch capital. In recent years, Amy Long watch adhering to the Swiss watch industry’s exquisite watchmaking technology and meticulous, excellence watchmaking spirit, relying on the company’s deep history and culture for more than 300 years, combined with modern advanced processing technology, continue to introduce new ideas. The works on the market are unique and self-contained, such as ‘EC2000’, ‘Wings of Time’, ‘Contemporary Luxury’, ‘Royal Pearl’, ‘Architect’, ‘Odyssey’ and other series are classics. Behind the design is either a moving legend, or a classic story, or a theme. At each moment, the flash of eternity is engraved on each Emilion watch forever, creating the extraordinary appearance of the Emilion watch, and it is the most elegant interpretation of the brand charm of elegance, vitality and taste.

Emilion ‘EC2000’ Series Watch
 Design implication: In 2000, to commemorate the coming of the new century, Aimi Long Company only named its products under the company name (EC) to commemorate a brand new moment in great history and pray for new vision and new hope.
 Structure and characteristics: The men’s watch uses the Swiss E-TA2892 movement, with a power reserve of about 40 hours. This movement has the characteristics of stable travel time and small error. EC2000 series models are stable and generous, simple and classic, with 18K gold bezel, which can better reflect the luxurious style, is a great choice for successful people to show their identity.

Emilion Wings of Time
 Design implication: Time is like a eagle soaring in the air, spreading its wide wings slowly across the distant sky. The Emilion ‘Wings of Time’ series watch condenses the human dream of flying freely with artistic modeling language on the appearance design of the watch, creating a unique Emilon ‘Wings of Time’ series watch. This series incorporates innovative elements on the basis of the brand’s traditional elegance. It is full of imagination and symbolic meaning, which not only gives the watch a thick humanistic connotation, but also makes it unique and irresistible.
 Structure and characteristics: In appearance, the curved design of the lugs and strap connecting parts of the ‘Wings of Time’ series watch is slightly curved, like a flying eagle flying up in the sky, giving people elegance and vitality. Embodiment. The ultra-thin movement is combined with a soft and smooth strap. The entire watch is designed to fit closely to the wrist to achieve a comfortable wearing effect. Particularly suitable for those who pursue a simple and calm lifestyle.

Emilion ‘Contemporary Luxury’ Watch
 Amyron’s ‘Contemporary Luxury’ series models are grand and magnificent. The barrel-shaped appearance shows the aristocratic temperament. It retains Amyron’s unique streamlined wing design, like an eagle soaring with wings. The outer shape of the connection of the shell breaks the dull style of the traditional barrel watch, with a little uninhibited and playful, full of vitality. The delicate texture of the dial, the elegant steel blue hands and the three-dimensional Roman numeral dial show the classic charm of the European court. The Renaissance civilization and the aristocratic grace and luxury meet here, and luxury condenses here. The entire watch exudes the luxury of Geneva’s first-class timepieces, which is stable but not dull, and fashionable but not frivolous. Centennial classics condense here, and contemporary luxury is displayed here.

Emilion ‘Artist’ series watches (including pianos and architects) ‘Piano’
 Design implication: The ‘Artist’ series is a watch collection specially made to commemorate the art masters since the European Renaissance. The piano poet was inspired by the works of the great 19th-century romantic artist Chopin. Chopin is one of the most original musicians in the Romantic period. He dedicated his entire imagination to the keyboard and created a rich world in piano performance. Chop sheet music is used on the dial. The product emits rich music and The humanistic atmosphere brings infinite reflection and reverie to those who love art.

Structure and characteristics: The dial and keyboard strap decorated with Chopin’s sheet music, the more prominent is the integrated structure of the head and the strap, which can better reflect the artistic effect of the entire watch. Selecting this watch is like admiring a great work of art.

The ‘Artist’ series of watches breaks through the conventional visual effects, uses a unique asymmetric design style, uses the back plate of Chopin’s sheet music, and uses a keyboard-shaped ergonomic arch design, which can better reflect the designer’s Humane care. In addition to wearing this watch, it has a unique personality.


The moral of the design: The design of this style is inspired by the ancient European Colosseum. The shape of the circular arch is subtly integrated into the shape of the watch. The watch as a whole shows a neoclassical style. Although the fine texture of the dial, the traditional blue hands and the three-dimensional Roman numeral scales show a classic charm, the overall shape of the watch The industrial style that is different from the era of manual decoration injects the symbol of modern civilization into the watch. The name of the style DEDALE is the name of the first great architect recorded in Europe. This watch is designed to express modernity. A tribute to European classical architecture.

Structure and characteristics: This series of watches is a unique top cover hollow set structure, which comes from the designer’s ingenious creativity and exquisite and complicated processing technology. The 4 screws on the bottom cover must be removed, and then the hollow ring ring mouth is removed. This unique structure is also a highlight of this watch.
 Architect series models are full of sportiness and classic charm. The fine texture of the dial and the use of special blue hands are the highlight of the entire model. The arched strap is ergonomically shaped and fits naturally on the wrist.

Other series: ‘Flowing Emotions’
 The moral of the design: More than 300 years ago, Mr. Emile Chouriet was famous for producing ruby-inlaid cases in Geneva. Today’s Emilion watches follow the tradition of the masters and present this collection for modern women. The simplicity of steel and the gorgeousness of zirconium diamonds echo each other. The whole watch reveals a bit of mystery and nobility in elegance. It is an indispensable pet on the wrist for fashion women.
 Structure and characteristics: one is the traditional setting diamond technology of the upper and lower circles; the other is an asymmetric design that breaks the traditional setting diamond technology, which is very innovative and individual. Flowing emotion series, the entire watch is full of fashion and rebellious taste. The strap is designed with the same wide edge as the head, and the design of the strap is like a bracelet. It is small and exquisite. Show your unique charm.

 Design implication: The magnificent ancient Greek art masterpiece, Homer’s epic ‘Odyssey’, admires the world through hard and dangerous hero Odyssey and unswerving description of love. This series of watches uses Homer’s epic Odyssey as the theme to celebrate the theme of true love. In terms of modeling, there are delicate diamonds and fine carving plates; the luxurious and noble publicity reveals the noble and elegant classic temperament.
 Structure and characteristics: Odyssey series models, the entire watch in soft tones, showing enduring shape, the dial in a delicate and touching background lined with the natural color of mother-of-pearl, the gentle design of the strap, showing noble Elegant classic temperament.

Jaeger-lecoultre Diane Kruger’s Mysterious Light

JAEGER-LECOULTRE Diane, the perfect spokesperson for Jaeger-LeCoultre women’s timepieces. Kruger (Diane Kruger) elegantly appeared in Met Gala wearing Jaeger-LeCoultre “mysterious” antique jewelry watches. Met Gala (The Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Gala) is a charity ball held annually by the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Fashion Hall. Founded in 1971, it is the most solemn party in the fashion industry and is known as the ‘Oscar in the fashion industry.’ The theme of this year’s Met Gala is ‘Charles James: Beyond Fashion’, a tribute to the famous fashion designer Charles James in the 1950s. Diane Kruger wore a sequined long dress with JAEGER-LECOULTRE platinum “mysterious” antique jewellery watch on her wrist, she has “beyond fashion”, showing endless elegance.

Fashion lady Diane Kruger uses a silver and white dress with JAEGER-LECOULTRE white gold antique jewelry watch, elegance and elegance become the focus of the media

1945 JAEGER-LECOULTRE High Jewelry Watch, Classic and Gorgeous

Since the sixteenth century, JAEGER-LECOULTRE has continued to innovate in the field of women’s watches and has become more attractive. From low-key to dazzling, from mysterious to publicity, it has been trying to find the best balance between aesthetic design, refined appearance and functional display. JAEGER-LECOULTRE has carried forward the traditional concept and made watches with top covers, flip and swivel watches, ring watches, necklace watches, from pure art deco style to lifelike floral patterns. The unique combination of unique watchmaking techniques and fine jewelry techniques makes these timepieces full of temptation and elegance.

 1958 JAEGER-LECOULTRE Duoplan watch, with white gold, elegant and gorgeous shape, loved by women

1960 JAEGER-LECOULTRE haute jewellery watch is designed like a work of art, which makes the watch sparkle on the wrist, and the classic design shows its unique value

The Blancpain Sprint Series Moscow Passionate Opens Bentley Htp Team No. 84 Brings The Blue Of The Only Watch To Shine All

At the fourth stop of the 2015 Blancpain Blancpain Sprint Series in Moscow, Vincent Abril drove the No. 84 Bentley Continental GT N ° decorated with Only Watch blue The car shined throughout the show, expressing his strong support for the Only Watch charity auction.
   Blancpain has been relentlessly supporting Only Watch for the past fifteen years. This year, the brand has presented the Villeret series of Chinese calendars, which are unique in the world, at the auction. In this way, racer Vincent Abril joined the charity of the Monaco Muscular Dystrophy Association in partnership with Blancpain to support the prevention and treatment of Duchenne muscular dystrophy.
   In the fierce battle this weekend, Vincent Abril and co-pilot Maximilian Buhk led the Moscow circuit from beginning to end, raising the banner under the name Only Watch and Blancpain. , To win the throne, to win their first victory of the season.
   Blancpain and Vincent Abriel are convinced that the success of this round of the game indicates that the sixth Only Watch auction in Geneva on November 7, 2015 will be a complete success.

Bryce Launches The Latest Limited Edition Of The Instrument Series

The essence of Bell & Ross watches is to transplant the aircraft cockpit dashboard timer into the watch, taking aviation technology instruments as reference objects to ensure that the timepiece has a clear display, excellent performance and reliability and durability. And other characteristics, this is the background of the BR01 Instrument series. Bell & ROSS INSTRUMENT BR 01-96 / 97 COMMANDO 500 pieces each
     The two models of the Instrument BR01 Commando series are new products that Bell & Ross dedicatedly created for the elite assault forces: Assault units function, often leading soldiers to penetrate enemy hazards and carry out tracking and infiltration tactics. Advanced equipment must be difficult to detect to avoid Exposing whereabouts. Instrument BR01 Commando models are specially tinted and coated to perfectly match commanders’ requirements for military uniforms and equipment.
     The Instrument BR01 Commando series is available in two models with a large calendar and power reserve display. It comes in a matte black case and a gray dial with outstanding cover color effects; the mirror is treated with anti-reflective treatment inside and outside, and with the luminous dial design, regardless of day and night All are displayed correctly.
     Commando series, which is simple and triumphant, wins with pure functions. It is designed for commando who is brave and resolute, without fear of challenge, and puts a new look on the Instruement BR 01 series. The performance is accurate and reliable, regardless of the time, the professional performance is consistent.