Event Carnival In The Pobst Endurance Series: Spa Track 24 Hours Endurance

The Carnival of the Blancpain Endurance Series: ‘Spa Track 24 Hours Endurance Race’, the race time from July 26 to July 29, ended successfully, many brilliant GT3 cars in The Ardennes in Belgium is racing fast and furiously, winning the hottest gold cup in the car industry in one fell swoop.
     The Blancpain Reiter team was raced by Blancpain President and CEO Marc A. Hayek, the Dutch duo Peter Kox and Jos Menton, and the German Albert von Thurnund Taxis in the 24th car Lamborghini LP600 +. The rigorous schedule finally won the 11th overall ranking on the extremely difficult Spa-Francorchamps circuit in Belgium.
As for the PRO-AM amateur pairing level, it ranks 6th in the group of four.
     A total of 67 cars gathered on the starting line to compete in this competition, breaking the record of the most vehicles in a single race in the classic endurance classic. The heavy rain in the early part of the race brought more severe tests to the drivers and logistics maintenance personnel. To cope with treacherous weather changes, safety cars are also on standby at the race track to support participating vehicles.
     The No. 24 car of the platinum team started from the 7th pick. It is the 3rd pick in the PRO-AM amateur pairing level. Under the leadership of the driver Kox, it took a solid lead. The black Lamborghini continued to take the lead in the PRO-AM amateur pairing level, and it was not until the 7th hour after the start that the wheel was briefly pitted for maintenance. But in the middle of the race, he immediately returned to the championship competition and played the counter-offensive horn with the cooperation of four drivers. The all-round performance was impressive.
     As is the tradition of the past few years, VIP guests from Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg can be invited to the Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo race village to visit the treasure watch brand appreciation tour. The weekend’s exploration schedule includes visiting the event site as a distinguished member, visiting logistic maintenance stations, timing stations and event monitoring stations, and enjoying Lamborghini VIP seats and top food feasts on the legendary Spa-Francorchamps circuit Feel the charm of the 24-hour continuous race scene at the Blancpain Endurance Series Spa.
     Blancpain’s VIP guests also have the opportunity to participate in the famous starting line driver interview time (gridwalk). In these rare moments, VIPs swam among the many competition vehicles, drivers and technicians, and experienced the blood before the race on the starting line. In addition, under the blessing of DJ Faithless’ live performance, it will leave a memorable and perfect memory for the whole event.
2012 schedule
Round 1 | April 13-15, Monza, Italy
Round 2 | June 2 – 3, Silverstone, UK
Round 3 | June 29th-July 1st, Paul Ricard, France
Round 4 | July 25th – 29th, 24 Hours of the Belgian Spa
Round 5 | September 22-23, Nurburgring, Germany
Round 6 | October 13-14, Navarra, Spain

Seiko Sportura Fc Barcelona Chronograph Watch

Seiko SEIKO has reached a three-year global partnership with FC Barcelona, ​​the most successful football club in the world football, and has started a worldwide promotion focusing on the image of the team and star players. activity.
    As the current champion of the Spanish League and the UEFA Champions League, FC Barcelona FC can be described as the king of the crown, and since its establishment, it has won numerous championships in various major events. Seiko Seiko launched a chronograph watch with the club’s main color and emblem as the main theme. At the beginning of the new season of 2011/12, everyone will often see this timepiece with Barcelona characteristics in the hands of Barcelona players. .
    Seiko Sportura FC Barcelona Chronograph was created by SEIKO Seiko, which has always been at the forefront of sports timekeeping, and FC Barcelona FC, the world’s best football team. With their team spirit, in the future SEIKO Seiko and FC Barcelona will continue to share their beliefs in order to continue to write world-class glory.
    It is worth mentioning that the commemorative booklet included with the watch contains pictures and signatures of Barcelona stars, and of course there is also an emblem in the watch box, which is very collectable. As the new season begins, every FC Barcelona player will have its own Sportura FC Barcelona watch.

The Well-known German Watch Agency Group Pebeide ‘german New Watch’ Media Tasting Will Be Unveiled In Jingcheng

At the beginning of the Year of the Goat, as a well-known independent German watch brand agency group in China-Perpetual Germany has recently held the theme of ‘New Power of German Watches’ in the Oriental Wine Cellar, a private club where Beijing Chaoren stars gather. Tasting event. This event invited a number of well-known media people in the industry to interpret the “new” dynamics of 2015 German watches from a new perspective, to appreciate the new 2015 products such as Langkun and Qibolin, and to appreciate the superb craftsmanship of German watchmaking. The BASEL Global Watch and Clock Feast in Switzerland is ready to warm up.

 As the first official appearance in the beginning of spring 2015, Perpetual Group took the “new” as the main line and presented the new dimensions of the German watch classics in the multi-dimension of new markets, new brands, new products, and new eras. beauty of. On the day of the event, Ms. Yao Tian, ​​President of the Perpetual Group, and Mr. Andreas Guente, President of Kunlun Brand Representative Lang Kun, dressed up. Fashion time editor-in-chief Pan Jian and well-known media person in the watch industry Bai Yingze were also invited to attend the event and delivered speeches as special guests.

   Germany Long Kun is the ancestor watch brand born in 1925, known as the classic aviator watch. Lang Kun was a participant in the world-famous B-Uhr German pilot watch program during World War II. He is still customizing watches for German active SEK special police and Afghan troops. At this tasting, Andreus, the president of Langkun, not only traveled thousands of miles, introduced the past and present life of Langkun brand to the guests in detail, and also displayed the new products of Langkun 2015 on site, so that the invited guests present at the BASEL exhibition Can be lucky to grab ‘fresh’ appreciation.

Experience School • Meet Superb
   At the tasting session, in addition to presenting rare watches for guests and preparing delicious dinners, the Pebeide Group also carefully prepared watch-based magic performances to interact with the guests, and equipped media friends with professional eyepieces to allow guests to Watch the mechanical beauty of German watches up close.

   Most of the watch brands belonging to the Perpetual Group have a century of history, from inspiration inspired by centuries airships, German Züblin wrist watches certified by the German Glashütte Observatory, to the favorite of German Chancellor Merkel and the spirit of German F1 racing legends. The Elysee brand, as well as the Niefu brand, the originator of Germany’s second question watch, inherited from the largest jewellery watch store in South Germany, although they are different styles, they all show the rigorous watchmaking spirit of German watchmaking. During the event, guests at the scene took pictures and tried on their watches, showing great interest.
Visionaries • Sharing extraordinary

    As a wise and enterprising visionary, Perpetual Group has already become a well-known German watch expert. Since entering the Chinese market, we have been committed to sharing the German watch brand with Chinese watch fans and introducing German watch culture. Among them, German watch brands represented by Langkun, Qibolin, Elysee, and Nevere have been recognized by Chinese consumers in just a few years due to the high-end quality and good reputation made in Germany. In Qingdao, Chengdu, Xiamen, Dalian, Zhengzhou and other cities opened brand counters. Last year, the Group’s flagship store named “German Gallery”, which specializes in German-made mid-to-high-end brands, opened a new store in Henan. At the same time, the collection brand store “Sheng Shidian”, which mainly deals with European luxury luxury watches, is also low-key in Fuzhou. The appearance indicates that the Group will make full efforts in these two product lines in 2015.
   In 2014, B & D Group also established the German-Chinese Watch and Jewellery Association in Hamburg, Germany, in conjunction with the Chinese Watch Association, Shenzhen Watch Association, German Watch and Jewellery Association, etc., in order to better promote the exchange of watch culture between Germany and China. Although German watches are slightly unfamiliar to Chinese consumers, with the popularity of German manufacturing, I believe that in the near future, German watches will be highly recognized by Chinese consumers like German cars and German appliances. In 2015, B & D Group put forward the marketing theme of “hundred years of watch and glory return”, and its brand Lang Kun will also celebrate the 90th anniversary of the brand celebration. A series of cultural activities will be held around these two themed groups, hoping to promote the development of German watches in China and allow more Chinese consumers to appreciate the outstanding style of German watches.

2017 Basel Watch & Jewellery Show Jacques Droe Loving Butterfly Automaton

Jaquet Droz has launched a new automatic doll watch, which presents a moving picture of love and Chimei nature. It is a masterpiece that combines superb watchmaking skills and superb craftsmanship.

   This brand new work called ‘Loving Butterfly Automaton’ has a unique historical origin. The talented watchmaker Henri-Louis Jaquet-Droz created an automatic puppet work 242 years ago. This installation is capable of depicting stunning pictures, one of which shows Cupid On the scene of the butterfly-drawn car, praise and love. The designers, master craftsmen and watchmakers of Jaquet Droz decided to use this painting as inspiration to create modern works, which were successively performed with micro-painted enamel and engraving techniques. Shine. The watchmaker develops and carefully assembles unique mechanisms, while passionate craftsmen engraving and engraving each part of the moving picture by hand. Jaquet Droz continues to amaze the world with extraordinary masterpieces.

   Loving Butterfly Automaton is included in Jaquet Droz’s prestigious automatic doll watch series-Bird Repeater, Charming Bird, Elegant 8-Flower 8 (Lady 8 Flower), realizes a new technological innovation and demonstrates outstanding aesthetic accomplishments. The well-known Petite Heure Minute dial is carefully laid out to present a naturalistic drama. The batting sound of the opening seemed to be close to the ear: the plot began in a clear forest, echoing the beautiful scenery of La Chaux-de-Fonds. The forest recreates the drawings drawn by The Draughtsman, an 18th-century European sensation: angels and butterflies. Today, this scene has inspired the same shock. Just press the crown button, and the poetic scene is vividly staged under the mirror. The elegant butterfly fluttered lightly, pulling the angel driving the car past. The ingenious combination of fixed and movable spokes creates a wonderful visual scene of wheel rotation. The love is always moving, and the dreamlike and delicate decoration scene is breathtaking.

   The details come to life. Forty pieces of white or red gold are hand-carved and meticulously assembled, ranging from the arms and face of the little love god Cupid with expressions to the extremely fragile feet and tentacles of the butterfly. Trees with a thickness of only 0.2 millimeters are embedded one by one like pointers, creating art with superb watchmaking techniques. This innovative technology has been applied for a European patent. The thin, three-dimensional gold inserts are in sharp contrast to the onyx or Polynesian black mother-of-pearl dials, adding a magical power to this scene that travels through time and space, dazzling.

   The unique automatic doll mechanism has been developed for three years and has applied for two European patents. Three barrels ensure power reserve and can be manually wound with the help of a crown, allowing butterflies to spread their wings gracefully, inciting 300 times in about two minutes. Since the picture uses side composition, its realistic effect is even more amazing.

   The hourly movement is equipped with a 22K gold oscillating weight, which is also decorated with a wheel pattern that symbolizes life. The two 43mm diameter models are luxurious and glamorous, with a hand-rolled alligator leather strap. Each watch is limited to 28 pieces and is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity signed by the master craftsman Jaquet Droz. It is a pleasing creation for watch connoisseurs. Loving Butterfly Automaton dedicates a nightmare to precious time. Butterflies flutter their wings, and watch lovers will be intoxicated.
   ‘Some watches tell time, some tell a story.’