Martyn Pawelski Wins The Future Tennis Championship At The 8th Longines

The wonderful victory of Martyn Pawelski put an end to the 8th ‘Longines Discovering the Future Tennis Championship’ Tour. This muddy match brings together young rookies for three days and is held in the heart of Paris, the French capital.

   Four new national representatives were added this year. A total of 20 young tennis players under the age of 13 competed for the final seat. As a result, Polish representative Martyn Pawelski and Hong Kong representative Huang Zelin successfully reached the final. In this morning’s final, Martyn scored 2-4 4 -3 defeated Huang Zelin 7-6 and won the championship.

   The two finalists will have a chance to compete in the exhibition with Alex Corretja, the patron of this competition, and Andre Agassi, who has been the Longines Elegant Ambassador for the 10th year.

Breakthrough Of The Anti-magnetic Limit-omega Successfully Developed The World’s First Truly Anti-magnetic Movement

On March 5, 2013, the famous Swiss watch brand Omega held a grand press conference in Shanghai Science and Technology Museum, announcing that it had developed the world’s first truly anti-magnetic mechanical movement. Watch House is honored to be invited to attend the event, and personally felt the unique charm of this anti-magnetic movement, the following is a detailed report of the event.

 The event was held in the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum. The reason why it is held here, I think Omega is to tell us how powerful the technology content of this movement, before the event began, major media across the country began to orderly enter.

 There is no gorgeous decoration, no dazzling lights, and some are only the simplest and purest Omega red back panel on a white background. All of this indicates that this is a simple but not simple press conference.

 Stephen Urquhart (Mr. Okewa), the global president of Omega, who enjoys high prestige in the field of watches and clocks, is preparing before the event. From his eyes and movements, we can see more of the confidence and determination of this watchmaking predecessor. .

 There is also a small booth next to the rostrum. What exactly does she do? We will reveal it later.

 The event officially started, and all four Omega leaders came together, from left to right: Mr. Thierry Conus, ETA R & D Director, Mr. Stephen Urquhart, Omega Global President, Omega Mr. Jean-Claude Monachon, Vice President and Director of Product Development, and Mr. Michel Willemin CEO (ASULAB), Mr. Michel Willemin, are not difficult to see from their Title The four are all the same technology and strength, which also indicates the extraordinary strength of this anti-magnetic watch.

 At the beginning of the event, it was natural that Mr. Om delivered a speech. He said, ‘The advent of this anti-magnetic movement is not only significant for the Omega brand, but also represents a major breakthrough for the entire watchmaking industry. Since its inception, it has been a pioneer of innovation in the field of professional watchmaking, and this new antimagnetic achievement has once again fully demonstrated the pioneering spirit and innovative connotation of the brand. ‘

 Then, Mr. Monashan, Vice President and Product Development Director of Omega, added that Omega created this anti-magnetic movement, not only because of the actual demand for magnetic watches that have an increasing impact on mechanical watches, but also a continuation of the brand’s proud tradition ——In fact, the iron bullion watch launched by Omega in 1957 has always been the antimagnetic classic that is praised by the watchmaking industry. Mr. Monashent also pointed out that building a movement that can withstand a strong magnetic field of 15,000 Gauss has been considered an impossible task by industry insiders. Omega’s ultimate success will eventually become impossible and achieve brilliant results. Strong support from Woqi Group.

 Then, Mr. Wei Liming, CEO of the Swatch Group Research Lab, mainly explained the ‘magnetism’ problem in our daily life. Through the explanation by Mr. Wei, we know that it is not only called magnetism when we put the watch beside the magnet, but It is because magnetic fields are everywhere in our lives, and our watches are subject to magnetism at any time.

 Finally, Mr. Connors, ETA’s director of research and development, focused on the ways in which ‘magnetic’ issues were dealt with in the previous watchmaking world, revealing the importance of antimagnetic and the innovative advantages of Omega antimagnetic movements. To put it simply, the previous watch was magnetically shielded with a soft iron sleeve, and this watch was magnetically resistant to the movement itself.

 Now I will tell you what the previous small booth was for. This booth is the second protagonist of today’s event. We are going to conduct today’s big antimagnetic watch test on this booth. The purpose of this experiment is to simulate the wrist of daily life. The way the watch is magnetized, the experimental supplies are: ipad, a large cylindrical magnet and some small magnets, a quartz watch, an ordinary mechanical watch, and a bag opened and closed by magnetic force.

 President Wei first picked up a small magnet and placed it under the quartz watch, and the quartz watch stopped.

Then, Mr. Mai put this watch on the smart cover of our commonly used iPad, and the result was the same.

 In the end, President Wei put a mechanical watch on a bag that was opened and closed magnetically (this is the easiest scene in our daily life), and the second hand of the mechanical watch stopped working.

At this time, the proud Mr. Mai picked off the today’s absolute protagonist Omega antimagnetic watch on his wrist and showed it to everyone.

 After the display, President Mai actually attracted the biggest magnet to the watch. This miracle appeared. The watch still went on as usual. Everyone made a sound of admiration.

 Then everyone experimented with pleasure, making it difficult to use various postures, but this watch is just fine. When you see this, you must ask, is this a magnet? What I tell you responsibly is that this metal block is not only a magnet, but also has a very strong suction force. For this reason, I specially conducted an experiment. I sucked it together with the same magnet as it, let alone one hand, two hands. It is difficult to separate them.

 At the end of the experiment, I started to enter the question-on-site scene. On behalf of the watch family, I asked two questions from President Ou: ”Ironba’ has been the representative of Omega’s anti-magnetic watch models, and has been attracting attention. Will Omega use this anti-magnetic movement Continue to write the legend of Iron Bull? ‘Said Ou Ou.’ ‘Iron Bull’ is a symbol of Omega’s cooperation with the railway field. We have been paying attention to the antimagnetic performance of this series, so we will continue to improve by all means in the future. ‘ Tieba’s antimagnetic performance. ‘
 The second question, ‘We know that this anti-magnetic watch can withstand strong magnetic fields up to 1.5 Tesla (15,000 Gauss) or more, and when the magnetic field strength is greater than the specified value or even infinite, this watch will operate normally ‘?’ The watch itself has exceeded the prescribed magnetic resistance, and we can hardly encounter such a strong magnetic field in our daily life, but we will definitely watch with a higher antimagnetic strength. It’s like no People can dive to 600 meters underwater, but we still launched a 600 meter water-resistant watch, which is actually the spirit of Omega constantly challenging itself and challenging the limits. ‘

 Different from the previous standard anti-magnetic method of magnetic shielding in the watchmaking industry, Omega took a unique approach and selected a variety of non-ferrous metal materials to create anti-magnetic movements, thereby fundamentally protecting the movements from magnetic fields. The hands of this watch are colored in black and yellow. Some people call it the ‘bee’ needle, and some call it the ‘warning needle’. You can call it whatever you like.

 Because this watch has no restrictions on the inner case, while resisting up to 15,000 Gauss or more, it can also be equipped with a calendar display function, and it can also use a sapphire caseback to enjoy the beauty of the movement. If you haven’t read enough about this watch, don’t worry, we will publish the tasting article of this watch soon, so stay tuned!