The Watches That The Big Names Have Taken In Those Years

Today, I will take you to take a look at the watches that the old big names have taken. Although they are far away from us, they are an eternal classic in our hearts.
Elvis: Can’t Help Falling In Love

 Elvis is the most influential singer in the history of American rock. His low and charming voice, coupled with the restless dance steps, can make people not love? The song ‘Can’t Help Falling In Love’ is Elvis Presley The movie ‘Blue Hawaii’ was sung based on classical melody, which almost became a wedding song of that era, and in the sixties or seventies, Elvis concerts almost ended with this song.
 Hamilton revisits the golden age

 In 1961, Elvis retired starred in the Hollywood film ‘Blue Hawaii’, in which he wore an early Hamilton two-tone belt adventure series watch. In 2010, it was Elvis Presley. In honor of his 75th birthday, in honor of the legendary superstar, Hamilton Watch specially launched the Music Time-Elvis Presley Collection, and also launched the Adventure-Elvis 75th Anniversary Watch.
Teresa Teng: There is a beauty on the water side

 If I did n’t meet you, where would I be? No matter whether you grew up in Teresa Teng’s year, you must have heard her song, you must be touched by the lyrics in the song, imagine the beautiful woman on the water side. For many people, Teresa Teng is the last classical of this era. Since her time, few people have been able to interpret the tenderness of ‘Sweetness’, the dazzling spirit of ‘The Moon Represents My Heart’, and the ethereal spirit of ‘I Wish You Long’ As the sentence said, this song should only exist in the sky, and the world can hear it a few times.
 Cartier tank witnesses the legend of the beauty

 Careful people will find that there is a watch Teresa Teng for a long time, and that is Cartier’s tank series. Cartier’s classic watch series has a wide variety. Although each generation has many nuances, the vertical lugs are equal to the watch body. The traditional elements such as silver dials and Roman numerals will not change. The tank series is elegant and simple in design. It can perfectly match with various styles and clothing. It is very suitable for Teresa Teng’s elegant temperament. No wonder she wears this watch on almost every occasion.
 The indissoluble bond between Teresa Teng and Cartier

 In addition to the Founder’s tank series, another Cartier watch is also a favorite of Teresa Teng. The same leather strap, gold bezel, Roman hour markers and blue steel sword-shaped hands, but the Founder’s dial is less rounded and looks more rounded. . From these three watches, we seem to be able to read Teresa Teng’s expertise, always choosing only one brand, always asking for a style.
Leslie Cheung: Why don’t we start from scratch

 In ‘The Spring Breaks’, one of He Baorong’s favorite words is not as good as we have to start from the beginning. This sentence is very destructive to Li Yaohui. After saying this, Li Yaohui will always come with him again.
 In fact, time is a sly fox, thinking that it will be okay when it passes, but in fact everything is recorded in time. In order to start again, they walked to Argentina, the last one returned to Hong Kong, and one was lost in Argentina. From the beginning, this sentence is still lethal, but Li Yaohui no longer gives He Baorong a chance to speak up.
 Peerless Hermes wrapped around the wrist

 The eclectic charm of his brother is why many people love him. He sings and sings away from the sound of his voice. He dances gracefully and always has strong lethality. My brother’s favorite Hermès watch comes from designer Martin Margiela. The slender black strap and the silver square dial are chic and beautiful. This watch is elegant and elegant, just like his dual charm. Only a man like his elder brother can control it.
 Silver Bulgari with my brother

 Bulgari’s Chrono watch appeared in many pictures of his brother. It is said that he wore this watch before his death. It seems that this watch means a lot to him. Bulgari’s Chrono was available in gold and silver at the time. My brother chose the latter. The silver bracelet and black surface. The only prominent thing is the Bvlgari brand on the bezel. This is just like the elder brother’s low-key and pragmatic person, quiet and well-developed.
Anita Mui: I only care about having

 No matter in career or emotion, Anita Mui is a person who likes to give completely. Efforts to make a complete emotional relationship are actually like a gamble. It is good to win and lose nothing, but Mei Yanfang lives seriously and loves every minute of her life, even if the final result is not satisfactory. Just like what she said in the advertisement of Tie Da Shi: don’t care about eternity, only care about having once, life may be a process of continuous letting go.
 Tie Da Shi’s interpretation of women like flowers

 Remember when you did n’t care about eternity, just that you used to have this sentence? This sentence was a classic line printed in our heads when we were still quite ignorant, from the advertisement of Tie Dashi filmed by Mei Yanfang in 1988. The watch worn by Mei Yanfang in the advertisement is exquisite and small, the leather strap conveys the texture of time, and the oval dial describes the weight carried by the four words, eternal. Love and knowledge, love drunk and strong wine, Mei Yanfang is a true temperament woman outside and inside the play, but the helpless woman is like a flower, a dream, and flowers are empty.
 JacobCo Five Time Recording Time Color

 At the auction of “The Youth and the Time of Mei Anfang Jewellery Watches”, a total of 43 jewellery watches of Anita Mui during auction were auctioned, including this stainless steel and diamond quartz five-time three-hand watch produced by JacobCo. Four small dials of different shapes and colors. The bezel is inlaid with a circle of diamonds. This big dial watch with a male masculinity injects a touch of femininity. This watch is often worn by Mei Yanfang, and she It’s just a woman who is soft in the middle.
 Sri Lanka is dead, let us remember these artists living in our hearts together.

Emmey Watch Elegant And Traditional Series Reflecting Superb Art

Elegant Traditional Watch
Embody superb Swiss watchmaking art

 Timeless design, first-class workmanship, showing the artistic taste of Swiss Le Méridien: the four new watches in the Tradition series are evidence. For many years, the elegant series of watches has been deeply rooted in people’s hearts. Tradition is its sub-series.


                   MAURICE LACROIX

 The watches in the series are calm and reveal their sharpness, reflecting the heritage of centuries-old tradition. The slim case and simple and beautiful dial highlight the restrained elegance of the watch and highlight the taste of the wearer.

 There are four models in this series, including men’s 38mm and compact women’s 28mm. The exquisite 18K rose gold ultra-thin case, covered with delicate hour, minute and second hands, highlights the essence: time. The only additional feature is the date display at 6 o’clock, which is solid and low-key. Round gradient silver or black dial with rose gold-plated hands, beautiful;  also available in black or white lacquered dial with gold or black Roman numerals. As beautiful as it is, seeing. The model is equipped with ML 155 / ML 132 (men’s and women’s) automatic movements, with a thin shell and accurate timing, which symbolizes reliability, and combines classic and modern design styles to complement each other. The curved sapphire crystal case back reveals every detail. The decoration uses the highest level of traditional craftsmanship-the Geneva-decorated automatic hammers, snail and circular pattern splints, and rhodium-plated rotors, all pleasing to the eye.

 The new model of the Tradition collection perfectly reflects the harmony and consistency of Swiss quality and style.