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I am optimistic about the development of the high-end watch market in Asia in 2014. As a Japanese watchmaking crown, SEIKO launched its 2014 new models for Grand Seiko on the eve of the spring. Limited to 200.

2014 Grand Seiko Limited Edition Asia (SBGH031)

The 2014 Grand Seiko new watch, which is exclusively launched for the Asian region, uses GS classic ocean blue as the overall dial color, symbolizing the vast ocean world, allowing wearers to view the blue world map with a macro view. ; In response to the uniqueness of the Asian limited edition, the dial is designed with diamond-shaped lines and wavy lines interlaced, delicately depicting a diamond-like luxurious atmosphere; in addition, the brand’s lion logo, which represents the king’s breath, is more rare and is decorated with diamond On the dial of the watch, the reflection of light and shadow swinging between the wrists makes the sleeves elegantly present the ultimate and timeless taste.
Grand Seiko Asian limited edition Lion logo remakes extraordinary style
The Asian limited edition Grand Seiko is launched with the classic GS blue as the overall dial color. The dial uses diamond-shaped patterns and wavy lines, symbolizing that Grand Seiko shines like a diamond on the world stage; and it has a king-like lion. The logo is exquisitely engraved on the cross-lined dial, showing the ultimate timeless taste.
Continuing the traditional style of ‘Seiko Style’, the metal of the bezel and the body is specially matched with matte and mirror textures to present a multi-layered three-dimensional texture. Both the hands and the time are made with multi-angle delicate carvings, and the 12 o’clock scale is in accordance with the classic and unchanged tradition. It is doubled in size compared to other times, highlighting the beauty of conflict and contrast. To improve visual recognition.
Hi-Beat 36,000 rpm Pursuing extraordinary achievements in watchmaking craftsmanship and technology
As one of the few watch factories in the world with 100% movement capability, Grand Seiko is one of the few watch brands in Asia that can keep pace with Europe and is also one of the few watch factories that are continuously improving the basic movement. This limited edition model is equipped with a 9S85 movement. It is a high-speed frequency movement that can vibrate up to 36,000 times per hour (10 times per second). ‘36,000 revolutions’ is the ‘balance wheel’ that determines the accuracy of mechanical watches for 1 hour. The number of vibrations, through the high-speed vibration to strongly block external interference, suppress the difference in accuracy caused by posture changes, and achieve a more stable and high accuracy.

2014 Grand Seiko Limited Edition in Asia (limited to 200 in Asia)

In order to achieve this goal, Grand Seiko uses the latest technology MEMS (Micro-Electro Mechanical Systems) ‘Micro-Electro-Mechanical Casting Technology’ developed exclusively by SEIKO for many years to improve the surface smoothness and hardness of the parts; and creates a special storage on the escape wheel. Oil grooves, so more gear oil can be stored, which solves the problem of oil retention that is difficult for general high-speed mechanical watches. In addition, the escapement fork and escape wheel use hollow-out technology to achieve a lightweight design of 25% of parts, which greatly improves the efficiency of power transmission. Grand Seiko watches exceed the basic requirements of high specifications, making the movement more flexible, showing more stable accuracy, the new Spron material spring makes the released torque more average, energy is more abundant, so under high vibration conditions It still maintains a 55-hour power reserve, and only with the quality and precision of parts can the high frequency technology be demonstrated.
2014 GS new masterpiece, the masterpiece of exclusive Asian market
Half a century ago, Grand Seiko created the legend of Grand Seiko with the simple idea of ​​’creating an ideal watch.’ For half a century, watchmakers have used the finest and finest materials to design and manufacture the most advanced movements, and hand-crafted to create simple and perfect watches. And achieve precision, legibility, durability and wearing comfort.