Only Retro Timepieces, Reappearing The Gentleman’s Style, Watch The Legendary Zenith Fully Start The Retro Gentleman Journey

When we are talking about ‘retro gentleman’, what are we talking about? In the early morning wandering on the tree-lined road with a delicate oil head, or in a three-piece suit drinking whiskey and hitting snooker late at night; or the finely polished Oxford shoes in the evening, or it may be nesting in the cigar room The afternoon time that is private here … no matter at which moment, these extremely charming scenes are indispensable to re-engraving those watches of the good times-it is the medal of the spirit of the retro gentleman, but also a pass through the times.
   For watchmakers with a long history, a strong historical heritage is a powerful cornerstone for the brand to reproduce the classic. Back in 1865, a visionary watchmaker, Georges Favre-Jacot, built an independent watchmaking factory in Lillac, Jura, Switzerland. More than 150 years of watchmaking legend. In 2016, Zenith once again reprinted the splendid classic watches in the history of watchmaking with sincerity, leading people to experience the charm of retro wave that can pass through time and last forever.

The Zenith brand founder Georges Favor-Jester
Retro: Reminiscent of the best and worst times
   In this ‘everything is old and good’ now, maybe fashion is not so difficult. You can be avant-garde, but you must not be retro. Retro is a nostalgia and a tribute. Dickens said: ‘This is the best era, but also the worst era.’ This is true of every era worthy of remembrance and salute, especially in the 1920s, full of elusive and intoxicating temperament.
   At that time, the United States entered an unprecedented era with the promulgation of the ‘Prohibition Order’, which also created a ‘confused generation’ in the history of literature. As Fitzgerald, the author of The Great Gatsby, put it, ‘This is the most indulgent and gorgeous era in American history.’ At that time, the gentlemen all wore smooth hair and dressed smartly. The three-piece suit, wearing a trendy watch, smoking a cigar, driving a classic car in the fantasy city.
   These hair styles and suits, these watches and vintage cars, snookers and locomotives, and even whiskeys and cigars, are all extracted by the people now, just like retro footnotes, they have become symbols of people’s projected feelings. So when it comes to retro, one can always imagine a scene with multiple symbols: three or five gentlemen in a club, or whiskey in one hand, and a COHIBA cigar in one hand; or staring at the snooker table, thinking What to do next … The timepieces on their wrists are immobile, but the inner core is vibrating at a high speed-perhaps it is just the extremely simple ELITE 6150. The second hand sweeps silently across the surface of the disk to record the time. Charm.

Zenith Elite Series ELITE 6150
Gentleman: Free and easy after the time has settled
   Trends are perishable and styles endure. Time is the best tester of trends and the best witness of the style of the times. For men, the return of gentleman style in the last century seems logical. They have independent aesthetics and taste, and pay attention to the fit between appearance and personality. A vintage tweed suit and a pair of high-quality and durable Oxford shoes are regulars in the vintage gentleman’s wardrobe, and they are also the best portrayal of British style.
   In the 1950s, a very interesting phenomenon appeared on the streets of Britain. A group of young people advocating freedom and freedom created a new type of motorcycle culture-Cafe Racer. They wore jackets, ordered a cup of coffee at the cafe, then set off on their locomotive from Ace Cafe at 160 km / h to the reservation place, and then returned to this cafe. This new type of locomotive movement is not only full of passion, but also lets people see the free and easy and fearlessness beyond the times. It has gradually affected all aspects of locomotive culture, and has also become a classic retro spirit.

Cafe Racer’s locomotive culture is not only full of passion, but also makes people see the free and easy and fearlessness beyond the times.
   This spirit of the time is inherited by Zenith. The Pilot series of coffee knight watches is the best endorsement-the large dial with a large crown, the magnificent momentum is just like the coffee knight’s free and easy, huge The onion-shaped lugs bring a sense of heavy equipment and machinery unique to that era. This calmness and ease are not only resonating with the roar of motorcycles, but also freely flowing in the elegant curve of antique cars. In 2016, with the help of many partners, Zenith has participated in more than 50 events and thousands. Thousands of antique car fans meet. These freedom-oriented antique car enthusiasts love leather with years of luster, excellent power performance and elegant curves of legendary cars. The El Primero 36’000 VpH Classic Car watch born from this is a masterpiece of timepieces that pays tribute to the world of antique cars. Every detail of the design makes people see the luster soaked in the times.

Zenith Pilot Coffee Rider Watch

Zenith El Primero 36’000 VpH Classic Car pays tribute to the world of glorious antique cars

Zenith El Primero 36’000 VpH Classic Car Watch
Manner: Pioneering spirit of the era
   Retro is not a blind imitation of the past. Only those styles that have gone through the times are worthy of re-engraving. Therefore, whenever we talk about retro, we cannot escape from a certain era, and it is those pioneers and heroes who mark the era. Zenith has gone hand in hand with the world’s pioneers for 150 years and has witnessed the most shining moments of each era.
   The pioneering spirit of the era is rooted in Zenith. Since its establishment, Zenith has participated in many great human explorations. From the father of aviation, who successfully flew over the English Channel in 1909, Louis Blario, to the Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen who discovered Antarctica in 1911; in the 1970s, a true The Lishi sterling silver pocket watch accompanied Mahatma Gandhi to lead India to independence and break away from British colonial rule … Zenith has witnessed the legend of almost every era. At the time of the unprecedented prosperity of the world economy in the 1960s, the Concorde aircraft made a successful test flight in 1969, and mankind first landed on the moon in the same year. At the time, Zenith, with its legendary El Primero, The movement has created a legend in watchmaking history and also made the El Primero watch a milestone of the pioneering spirit of the times.

Zenith flagship 1969 Rolling Stones commemorative watch
   Times are constantly changing and legends continue to evolve. In 2012, Felix Bougartner jumped from a space capsule suspended by a helium balloon into the stratosphere and successfully landed, setting 3 records-and the Zenith flagship, which was firmly bound on his wrist. The series Strato flyback 1/10 second watch also witnessed this feat; in 2014, the Rolling Stones teamed with Zenith to launch the EL Primero Chrononaster 1969 watch, allowing the wearer to experience the combination of two contemporary wonders at close range …… Every era has the resonance of Zhenli excitement. With the never-ending vibration frequency, it interprets the spirit of exploration that leads the times and radiates from the bones.

Zenith flagship series witnesses the jump of Felix Bogatner
   When the unceasing movement pushes time to 2016, Zenith’s legendary watchmaking spirit, which has surpassed 150 years, remains unchanged. The retro style of the timepiece at this moment not only pays tribute to the spirit of the past, but also bravely explores in the next second. Zenith’s Retro Gentleman’s Journey is about to begin in full-how to use the retro timepiece to reproduce the gentleman’s style, it is worth the breath of every era’s witnesses.