Treasure Of The 213th Anniversary Of The Invention Of The Tourbillon By Breguet

On June 26, 1801, Mr. Abraham-Louis Breguet registered a patent for the tourbillon he invented. This invention has forever changed the watch making process. As a testament to the complexity of this craft, Mr Breguet produced only 35 tourbillon watches in his lifetime. Not long ago, a Breguet 1176 tourbillon watch just sold for a high price of nearly 1 million US dollars (according to Breguet’s records). For two centuries, Breguet has developed 32 different tourbillon watches on the basis of Mr. A.L. Breguet’s craftsmanship, which is more than any other watch brand.

To commemorate the anniversary of this tourbillon technology, I think we can take a look at a tourbillon watch that Breguet recently produced. 5377 is the thinnest tourbillon watch ever made by Breguet, only 7 mm thick. Breguet launched the rose gold 5377BR ultra-thin automatic tourbillon watch in 2013, and this year it introduced the platinum version of this watch-5377PT.

The 5377BR rose gold case uses Breguet’s classic coin-shaped case. The gold dial is engraved with four different machine-engraved patterns, and the interwoven asymmetric elements present a harmonious aesthetic. The Breguet hands in blue steel sparkle with charming colors, and the power reserve display at 8:30 on the dial. This watch can provide a power reserve of about 90 hours.

The second hand embedded in the tourbillon frame is dazzling. This watch uses a Cal. 581DR movement with a patented ball-spring barrel, and is equipped with a lateral lever escapement made of silicon and anti-magnetic steel, a silicon hairspring and a movement frequency of 4.0 Hz. .

Why Do I Buy A Watch?

Why buy a watch? When I asked this sentence, my friend who loved tearing down the station replied, ‘You said I bought a watch last year.’
I said to my brother, what year is your stalk … Don’t make trouble, such a serious topic.
 Just like 呗. . .
 Well, when I didn’t say. . .
 Why should we buy a watch? Is it the mystery of the machine that rotates the gear, or is it passed on for the ancient skill, or is it the collection of the beautiful art. . .
 Of course, each family has its own reason. . . Come here, everyone is seated, all the seeds are popped up, happily watching the watch with the bowls, watch friends are talking about it ~
Little S classmate: The watch is the only machine I think can explain time and eternity, and it represents people’s memory of the lost time.
 Go straight to the theme. I bought a Gondolo 5109J some time ago. I chose this one. First of all, I like the watch with a square dial because there is already a disc. Secondly, I like PP. I ca n’t say I like it, but I love it. Secondly, this watch is the ultimate in square. Perfect interpretation of all the advantages of the 215PS movement, minimalist and stable. It has the reputation of ‘the king of bracelets’, and its structure is reasonable and unforgiving. In the basic models, most watches use this movement, such as the calatrava series 5119.7119.5116.5196, which also shows that it can best represent this series Soul–Classic! Why did I buy a watch? Because the watch is the only machine that I think can explain time and eternity, which represents people’s memory of the lost time.
 When I talked to Xiao S again, he threw out such a small title. I piled up another basket of photos for me, I must say, you read that right, the bottom right corner is definitely a fairy shoe!
Little S: Is this okay?
Bowl bowl: OK!
Little S: Not bad, right?
Bowl bowl: Sao!

donyxia: I like the feeling of being stuck on my wrist!
 When I saw ap26320, I felt right, and the stainless steel texture and rough appearance were suitable for me. The white dial has a kind of thickness and fineness, elegant and firm feeling. I have thinner wrists, and the steel band can be free. Stuck on your wrist!
 Bowl Bowl: Prudent friends will spend about half a year in the Watch House, look at the articles and posts of various experts, choose the desired model, try it on and consider before they can start. This dear is very handy, and the size of 41 mm is just right.
levicn: From the joy of life, from the heart.
 At first I just wanted a piece of fat sea, and then I fell in love with IWC’s Dafei, a man’s watch, and handsome. Until one day my friend said to me, why don’t you look at Baodi. The joy of life is that you never know what will happen next. What is Breguet? At that time, I had no concept at all. I knew Blancpain, 6654, a hot and beautiful style at best. I also like it very much. I very much agree with the words of the old Shanghai brother in the jar. Looking at a watch is good or not, and aesthetic is noble and noble, so remove all his extra functions. Calendar windows, complex displays, all removed, just look at the three hands and dial Breguet, the simplest to achieve the ultimate beauty, people can not extricate themselves.

Yun da: It’s because of its tyrant gold. Maybe after all, it’s because of my soil. . . I do n’t need a formal watch at all, so I usually do n’t bring it with me. Why did I fancy it? It is because of its tyrant gold. Maybe after all, it’s because of my soil. . . In the past, the watch with a hollow surface must be expensive, let alone Breguet, and it is still pure gold! But after understanding the true price of this watch, I found it completely acceptable, so I can make up for the problem that I don’t have a formal watch.
 Bowl bowl: Brother Yun da, I think your perception is wrong. What happened to the gold watch and how it got soiled. When a certain age reaches the gold watch, it really is not the deputy mark of the soil.

The ideal of blue: wearing a watch usually means a strong sense of time and rigorous style. We do n’t want errors in the watches we buy or donated by others, but the errors are inevitable. Even the parts with clear division of labor, after all, Machine gears are just like the human body. If there is a problem with an organ, it may affect the whole body. Sometimes I wonder if we are too harsh on ourselves, and we are too imposing on the watch. It’s time. Looking at the mobile phone with a watch, we can pretend to be Sven, and taste the joy, sadness, nostalgia and thoughts brought by the passage of time during the ticking of the second hand.
 Finally, in social occasions, wearing a watch usually means a strong sense of time and rigorous style; people who do not wear watches, or people who often ask others for time, will always make people sneer because it shows that Its concept of time is not strong. In the workplace, remember to wear a suitable watch for yourself, don’t take out your mobile phone to watch the time; also remember that the price of the watch you wear does not exceed the price of your boss’s watch.
 Bowl: This is the benefit of the watch. You can not only enjoy the beauty and charm of mechanical gears and parts, but also change yourself in the eyes of others. People often neglect their own omissions and demand too much from others, so they always struggle with the size of the error value. In fact, whether it is for people or things, it is more important to be confused.

tomken25: In the middle of the night, a cup of tea quietly winds up. The process of buying a watch is actually very simple. Has been struggling with IWC Portugal 7 and GO home 66-06. Portugal 7 has a long storage time, 7 days. The clothes are also versatile, and the back is very beautiful. But it really doesn’t have any major features, 66 does show. The double goosenecks are flipped over, and the golden barrel is exposed. Please ask after the queen. Decidedly chose GO. But 66 is a bit inconvenient for me. It’s manual winding. And the basic energy storage time is estimated to be only about 30 hours. Usually I’m full, and basically only 1/3 of it is left after 24 hours. This is a little depressing, but with the energy storage indicator, it is basically stress-free. Ha ha. . . . In the middle of the night, a cup of tea quietly winds up. It is also a pleasant thing.
 Bowl Bowl: Lord Queen is really good. The photos of the landlord are intoxicating. I have always felt that the gray dial GO66-06 is the most beautiful, because he is low-key, restrained and difficult to hide.

Butt fat: the time passed by tonight, the glamorous 90-degree appearance of the vicissitudes of the Glashütte watch, the double-symmetrical double-G logo, which is said to be derived from its brand’s initial letter G, which represents Glashütte Tie’s past and future have both a geometrically beautiful design and a pin on the brand’s continuity … and the pano moon phase serial number “90” is just closer to the Glashütte English alphabet A transformation of the abbreviation ‘go’
 Bowl bowl: See the fat picture beauty of fart again, GO under the mirror, elegant lines, it is really fascinating.

Telepathy: A tempting photo of more work! In the Watch House Forum for a while! I found the popularity here and the atmosphere harmonious! Seeing the continuous appearance of new watches, I couldn’t help looking through the boxes and finally found the previous 18K white gold DD and my wife’s gold and silver run. Although it was a few years ago, I have a glorious taste, so I took it Out of the camera, there are three big pictures of the Rolex family. Although the photography technology is not yet at home, it is still deeply attracted!
 Bowl Bowl: First of all, welcome to watch home, secondly this is really the home of watch lovers ~ why buy a watch? I feel really poisoned. Only Rolex can make a style enduring and popular.

 This is the end of this survey. Do n’t forget to reply directly to the topic you want to see in the next issue. Have all the seeds gone? Hurry to the supermarket! See you next time!

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