Geneva: The Core Of Time-the Source Of Swiss Watch Culture’ Exhibition Won The 13th (2015) National Museum Top Ten Exhibitions Exhibition Promotion International And Hong Kong, Macao And Taiwan Cooperation Awards –

The winning results of the 13th (2015) National Museum Top Ten Exhibition and Exhibition Selection Awards organized by the China Museums Association and China Cultural Relics Press were held at the opening ceremony of the ‘International Museum Day’ in 2016 ——Inner Mongolia Museum announced.
   [May 18, 2016, China] The results of the thirteenth (2015) National Museums Top Ten Exhibitions Exhibition Selection Awards were announced at the opening ceremony of the 2016 International Museum Day. The exhibition ‘Geneva: the core of time-the source of Swiss watch culture’ selected by the Capital Museum won the International, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Cooperation Award.

   The 2016 International Museum Day was sponsored by the State Administration of Cultural Heritage and the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Government. At the opening ceremony, the winners of the 13th (2015) National Museum Exhibition Exhibition Top Ten Selections were all announced. The exhibition ‘Geneva: the core of time-the source of Swiss watch culture’ stands out from 82 application exhibitions, becoming one of 24 candidate exhibitions, and finally won the international, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan cooperation awards. The award further affirms the successful hosting of the exhibition in China and its extensive influence.
   Organized by the Capital Museum and the Geneva Museum of Art and History and co-organized by Vacheron Constantin, the exhibition ‘Geneva: The Core of Time-The Source of Swiss Watch Culture’ was held in Beijing from April to August 2015. As the first time since the opening of the Capital Museum, it is also the largest Swiss watch theme event in China. This exhibition showcases about 350 exquisite exhibits including antique clocks, pocket watches, watches and clock making tools and equipment. , And reproduce the 18th century Geneva Loft Workshop watchmaking scenes restored from the oil paintings of Christophe François von Ziegler in the Geneva Museum of Art and History. The watch culture exhibition attracted more than 500,000 visitors on a journey of timepieces across time and space (average of more than 5,000 people per day), to experience the cradle of Swiss watch culture-Geneva’s rich and diverse and long history of fine watchmaking culture.

   Vacheron Constantin assisted in organizing the exhibition ‘Geneva: the core of time-the source of Swiss watch culture’. In addition to exhibiting many dazzling collections of watch collections, the brand’s artisans, including watchmakers, sculptors, machine engraving masters, jewelry inlay masters and enamel masters, were invited to the exhibition site, allowing visitors to have a chance From the experience of the masters of the art masters, appreciate the endless charm of watchmaking arts and crafts that have been passed on in the production workshop for centuries.

   The exhibition ‘Geneva: the core of time-the source of Swiss watch culture’ reflects Vacheron Constantin’s persistence in inheriting Swiss watchmaking culture. At the brand’s historical headquarters in the Geneva Centre, Vacheron Constantin has always protected the tangible and intangible assets that the brand has accumulated over 260 years. It is responsible for the preventive protection and improvement of these valuable historical assets in order to increase the public’s understanding of relevant history. Opportunity of assets. In addition to the collection of handwritten and picture files, there are many antiques and tools that have witnessed the brand’s centuries of baptism.
   The award-winning exhibition ‘Geneva: the core of time-the source of Swiss watch culture’ underscores the great appeal of Swiss watchmaking culture and Geneva’s fine watchmaking tradition. Vacheron Constantin, as a watch manufacturer that has been continuously producing for more than 260 years, has played a pivotal role in the long history of watchmaking in Geneva. Its spirit and tradition of pursuit of superb technology and high quality will also be in the long history of fine watchmaking. Continue to shine bright light.

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