Explore The True Meaning Of Time Cartier Watch Masterpiece Debuts At The ‘clocks And Miracles’ Exhibition

As the first high-end watch industry event in Asia, the ‘Watches and Miracles’ exhibition will be held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from September 25-28, 2013. Palace jewelry brand Cartier will also participate in it, and present a number of latest watch masterpieces.

The ‘Clocks and Miracles’ exhibition gathers more than a dozen fine watch brands including Cartier. With its outstanding craftsmanship and remarkable achievements in the field of watchmaking, Cartier will be one of the most focused spots in the exhibition.

In this exhibition, Cartier will display classic timepieces, fine jewelry watches, fine watchmaking, master craftsmanship series and the newly launched men’s watch series. These unique timepieces reflect Cartier’s long and rich history of watchmaking, unparalleled watchmaking craftsmanship, and innovative watchmaking concepts.

Each Cartier watch series showcases the brand’s achievements and insistence on watchmaking technology and art with unique designs: The fine jewelry watch series embodies Cartier’s ‘Emperor’s ‘Jeweler, jeweler’s emperor’ status; the master craftsmanship series presents the world’s unparalleled creativity with rare and rare traditional craftsmanship; and the fine watchmaking series shows the amazing master of watchmaking with sophisticated and sophisticated mechanical structure Creativity and ingenious craftsmanship.

 In addition to the latest watch collection, Cartier will also share the brand’s more than 100 years of watchmaking history and unique style legends in this exhibition, and explore the source of its design aesthetics and the fine craftsmanship of fine watchmaking with guests. As its name suggests-‘Clocks and Miracles’, Cartier will unveil the mysteries of time and explore the true meaning of time in this representative event of the watch industry.

Earl Grey Launches A New Mythical Journey Series

Some journeys will change our lives, and some journeys are like reincarnation. All the bits and pieces in the journey will be deeply engraved in my mind, and I will pay attention to it. The journey is always full of adventures, adventures, surprises and unpredictable things. Piaget’s A Mythical Journey series is inspired by the most wonderful journeys and the most famous routes, leading everyone away from reality, walking in the dream country built on the Silk Road and the Spice Road, and enjoying in the poetic world full of beauty, charm and enthusiasm. soar.

 This amazing and obsessed collection brings together the enthusiasm, commitment, talent, creativity, expertise and whimsy of watchmakers, jewellers, designers and craftsmen, and begins between Asia and India An epic marvelous journey. The Piaget A Mythical Journey series, which was born under the full cooperation of the masters, opened the door to art and sensuality for us. Adhering to Piaget’s consistent tradition of excellence, the bold and perfect combination of art and top craftsmanship made this unique And an unforgettable adventure.