Talk To Jacques Rodriguez, Vice President Of Hong Kong And Macau, Wen Jiahui

Wen Jiahui: Customers’ understanding of the brand is getting deeper, and the service requirements of specialized stores are higher than five years ago. Therefore, we must introduce more intimate services to make customers feel that in addition to special stores Besides shopping, I also remember to meet up like friends every time I come to Hong Kong.

   When did Jacques Dro’s first store in Hong Kong open? How many stores are there now?
   In November 2010, the first Jacques Delo store opened in Peking Road, Tsim Sha Tsui. In August this year, it opened a second one on Russell Street, Causeway Bay.
   How do you see the changes in the Hong Kong retail market in recent years?
   In terms of sales staff, because of the rapid growth in watch sales over the past few years, and the addition of many international brands to open specialty stores or even flagship stores in Hong Kong, many young people are eager to enter the industry, and the industry has become younger. Because of the rapid growth of the retail industry, the brand of traditional shopping districts has also been upgraded. I remember when I attended the company’s global retail conference in Switzerland last year, the big boss described Hong Kong as China’s super large shopping mall. I think this is a very concrete illustration of the development of Hong Kong’s retail industry in recent years.

Interior view of Jacques Dro Causeway Bay Russell Street store
   What else do you think the Hong Kong retail market needs to do to get a more engaging and satisfying shopping experience?
   If Hong Kong is likened to a super-large shopping mall, it can be a lot more concrete to develop the retail industry. For example, for street planning, you can refer to the design of the shopping mall, more casual pedestrian areas, and take a break with food and retail. Take a break and stroll again. You wo n’t be too tired. You can return to the hotel early. We often emphasize shopping experience, but the level is not only smile and politeness, but more importantly, customer relationship maintenance. Imagine what customers haven’t imagined before, so that they will feel that there is always a surprise in your store and an urge to return to the store.
   How do you think Chinese customers are different from Western customers?
   In fact, it is not possible to classify Hong Kong and domestic customers across the board, because the north and south of the river are very different. North China alone, there is a clear difference between central and southern China. Columns are the same size as watches, and some customers say they are too big like men’s clothing, and some customers say they are too small like women’s clothing. Another example is our classic large second hand series. Some customers think this is a classic, but others think it is too fashionable. The biggest difference should be the material of the watch. Hong Kong customers like the platinum or steel style, but domestic customers prefer the rose gold watch.

Jacques Russell Street Store
   Any suggestions for customers visiting Hong Kong for the first time?
   I am afraid to use the word ‘blood fight’ to describe shopping, because I think that shopping is not only a comparison of quantity or cost-effectiveness, but also quality. Enjoy the shopping environment, talk to the store staff about the characteristics of the brand, so that every time you use the goodness you bought during your trip, you will have a happy memory. Therefore, if you are shopping for the first time in Hong Kong, you may wish to go to those large shopping malls with specialized stores first. In addition to the goods, the furnishings and special edition designs there are also very attractive.
   (Apart from your own brand) What are your favorite shops or your favorite shopping places in Hong Kong? why?
   Causeway Bay and Admiralty are popular shopping areas, and recently Prada and Miu Miu shoes and bags.
   When was the last purchase?
   Cream for autumn and winter, last week.
   What is the most precious purchase?
   A pair of Tahiti black pearl earrings I bought on my honeymoon with my husband are now worn out every year on their wedding anniversary.
   What is luxury?
   Extravagance is the icing on the cake of life and a little reward for yourself.

Oris Ruf Ctr3 Limited Chronograph Stopwatch

Oris is proud to be the official watch partner of German supercar manufacturer RUF. This partnership has set a key milestone for the Oris racing series, and it is expected to release two new 2009 limited edition watches that are highly anticipated.
New Oris RUF CTR3 Limited Chronograph Stopwatch: Lightweight and aerodynamic perfection.
   The RUF CTR3 is one of the fastest road sports cars in the world, and the Oris RUF CTR3 astronomical watch is an exclusive limited edition watch specially created for sports car buyers. Each watch will be engraved with the same number as its sports car number. And this watch will be carried in a special sports car set, which is only available to a handful of hand-crafted sports car owners who are lucky enough to drive a value of 500,000 euros!
   In addition, the second limited edition model: Oris RUF CTR3 chronograph stopwatch, debut simultaneously! The original model of CTR3 is reduced in proportion to the original size, and is presented in a special combination with a limited watch certificate. And only 3,000 RUF fans will have the opportunity to experience moving dream moments with Oris.
Both models are equipped with the finest and finest materials: titanium alloy case, carbon fiber dial, and exquisite leather strap.
   In addition, in order to launch two new dynamic watches, Oris held a unique preview presentation last week at the German RUF car factory. At the scene, the VIPs had the opportunity to witness the production process of CTR3 and experience the top car-making technology.
   Oris CEO Ulrich Herzog said, ‘Oris has been introducing racing series models for almost 40 years. We are confident that we can bring the highest technology and design elements to Oris-RUF watches. These sophisticated limited edition models have won the wrist. The support and love of watch collectors also reflects the most prestigious craftsmanship aesthetics of both parties. ‘